Unmasking the Comedic Talent: Abby Boom’s Real Name Uncovered

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abby boom real name
abby boom real name


Abby Boom is a well-known comedian hailing from Australia who has gained significant popularity through her association with the renowned YouTube channel YeahMad. She has garnered attention for her hilarious appearances on Dad Jokes episodes and the Charades series. Abby charms her fans on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok by regularly sharing humorous videos. In addition to her age, height, real name, net worth, and boyfriend, let’s examine her bio and wiki.

Abby Boom Real Name

Abby Boom, born Abigail Boom on October 24, 1997, in Australia, proudly claims her homeland as her own. Being a Scorpio, she has carved out a niche as a prominent digital figure, making waves as a YouTuber and online sensation, all while staying true to her strong Christian beliefs. Abby’s deep connection to her Australian roots shines through her work, especially in her collaborations with YeahMad that have catapulted her to fame. Beyond her digital persona, Abby nurtures an adventurous spirit, often indulging in her love for travel. Her journey not only encompasses content creation but also reflects the diverse narratives within the realm of online fame.

Who is Abby Boom?

With her youthful energy and proud Sydney origins, she’s quickly building a reputation for herself in the entertainment sector. Even at her young age of 26, Abby’s adventure has been fascinating so far. She has not only won over audiences with her charismatic yet gifted performance, but she has also distinguished herself as a unique talent.

What’s particularly striking about Abby’s career path is the fusion of natural talent with sheer hard work. It’s not just her captivating on-screen presence that grabs attention; her forays into business showcase a sharp and strategic mind. This combination of intelligence and diligent effort has yielded significant success, extending her influence well beyond the realms of entertainment into the business domain.

Even with her growing celebrity, Abby never loses sight of her roots because her family is her rock throughout good times and bad. She is, all things considered, the perfect example of the modern woman—talented, wise, and devoted to her family.And while her story continues to unfold, one thing remains certain—Abby’s journey promises even greater achievements on the horizon.

Abby Boom Biography

Born and raised in Kansas City, United States, this social media entertainer shares her hometown with her brother, Austin Berner. Abby went through her formative years attending Piper High School, where she successfully completed her high school education in 2019.

Real NameAbigail Boom
Nick NameAbby Boom
ProfessionYouTuber and Social Media star
Age (as of 2023)26 years old
Date of BirthOctober 24, 1997
Place of BirthAustralia
HometownSydney, Australia
Zodiac SignScorpio
School / CollegeLocal High School in Sydney
Known asYeahMad YouTube Channel

Abby Boom Education

Abby’s academic journey mirrors the dedication she brings to her career. She attended prestigious schools in Sydney, showcasing her early academic promise. With a deep-seated passion for the arts evident since childhood, Abby naturally gravitated towards pursuing a degree in performing arts.

Choosing a well-known Australian university, Abby dedicated herself to her studies and won accolades for her exceptional work. Her acting skills were greatly improved by her participation in several university theater plays. Abby chose to pursue business degrees in addition to her artistic endeavors because she understood the need of a well-rounded education.

Abby’s success can be attributed in large part to her special combination of artistic and business savvy. She recognizes that her education gave her a strong basis for navigating the cutthroat entertainment world, and she credits it for many of her accomplishments.In interviews, Abby often emphasizes the importance of education in shaping her path and accomplishments.

Abby Boom Early Life 

Abby Boom’s journey into the world of comedy and acting began during her schooling days in Sydney. By immersing herself in theatrical events and performances, she came to love entertaining and making others laugh.

Following her 2019 graduation from the Academy of Contemporary Music, Abby focused on growing her social media following. She started her online presence by collaborating with her pals to make interesting videos that she shared on the internet.

Proudly representing the LGBTQ+ community, Abby made headlines for celebrating “Queermas” in February 2023, a testament to her advocacy and visibility. Her Instagram posts often reflect her gender Queer identity, offering insights into her personal journey and experiences.

While Abby maintains privacy regarding her parents’ names, she occasionally shares glimpses of them on her social media platforms. Despite her family members not being in the public eye, Abby’s posts offer a window into her close-knit family dynamics.

Among her siblings is her brother Jake, a talented musician with a YouTube channel showcasing cover songs. Collaborating on videos like “Singing with My Brother” and “Sibling Tag,” Abby and Jake have created engaging content that resonates with their audience. Additionally, Abby’s sister Sophie, a dedicated dancer and student, has also made appearances in Abby’s entertaining TikTok videos, adding a familial touch to her online presence

Abby Boom Age & Height

At twenty-six years of age, Abby Boom is tall (171 cm) and weighs about sixty kilograms (132 lbs). Her light brown hair perfectly accentuates her beautiful eyes. Abby’s physical measurements are 34-25-35, and her shoes fit her nicely in a size 7 (US).

Age26 years old
Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight60 kg
Eyes colorLight Brown
Hair colorBrown
Shoe size7 (US)
Body Measurements34-25-35

Before Fame

During her formative years, Abby’s hometown of Sydney provided a rich tapestry of inspiration that would later underpin her success. Immersed in a world where creative expressions were woven into her daily life, Abby discovered solace and joy in various art forms. With the constant support of her family, Abby’s goals were able to take root and grow.

It is noteworthy that Abby’s professors and family both acknowledged her aptitude at a young age. 

School plays served as her initial platform, shaping her artistic journey in profound ways. Abby’s inherent talent shone brightly, propelling her forward with unyielding determination.

Summers were dedicated to refining her skills at diverse camps, each experience adding depth and dimension to her artistic repertoire. It was during these formative years that Abby’s transformation from a curious child to a budding star commenced, marking a pivotal phase in her growth and preparing her for the challenges that lay ahead.

Abby Boom Hobbies & Interest

Outdoor ActivitiesAbby Boom loves the great outdoors, often found hiking.
Nature EnthusiastShe finds solace in nature, away from the city buzz.
GardeningGardening is another passion, and Abby is cultivating her herbs.
ReadingShe’s an avid reader with a vast home library.
Reading PreferencesHistorical novels and biographies top her reading list.
PhotographyPhotography captures her artistic eye, especially landscape shots.
CookingAbby enjoys cooking and experimenting with international cuisines.
Culinary CreationsHer kitchen adventures lead to delightful culinary creations.
DIY ProjectsDIY projects fill her home, showcasing her creative flair.
MeditationAbby practices meditation, valuing its calming effects.
VolunteeringShe volunteers at local animal shelters, compassion in action.
PaintingPainting is a newfound hobby, and Abby is exploring abstract themes.
TravelingTraveling feeds her soul, each destination a new adventure.
Musical InterestAbby cherishes quiet evenings, playing the piano soothingly.
Language LearningShe’s also keen on learning new languages and embracing global cultures.

Abby Boom Favourite Things

StargazingAbby cherishes serene moments spent gazing at the stars, finding solace in the vastness of the night sky.
CuisineItalian cuisine holds a special place in Abby’s heart, lifting her spirits with its comforting flavors and warmth.
Vintage RecordsVintage vinyl records adorn Abby’s home, evoking nostalgia as their timeless melodies transport her to bygone eras.
FilmsFrench films captivate Abby with their artistic storytelling, offering insights into rich narratives and cultural nuances.
BeachThe beach serves as Abby’s sanctuary, where the gentle whispers of the waves calm her soul and vibrant sunset hues inspire reflection.
MusicJazz music sets the tone for Abby’s contemplative evenings, fostering introspection and relaxation.
SnackAbby’s go-to snack is dark chocolate with almonds, satisfying her cravings while providing a quick energy boost.
Reading MaterialHistorical novels offer Abby solace, allowing her to immerse herself in captivating narratives of the past.
GardeningGardening allows Abby to connect with the wonders of nature, fostering a sense of grounding and appreciation for life’s beauty.
Morning RitualA steaming cup of coffee serves as Abby’s morning ritual, awakening her senses and preparing her for the day ahead.

Abby Boom Career

In regards to her early career history, Abby Boom has kept a veil of secrecy around her previous positions and educational background, opting not to disclose such details publicly. Prior to her association with the YeahMad YouTube channel, Abby delved into creating entertaining videos with friends, which she then shared on TikTok, showcasing her knack for humor and creativity. Notable personalities within the YeahMad YouTube ensemble include talents such as Sammy Walsh, Akila, Matt, Alan, among others.

Abby Boom initiated her professional journey on TikTok back in 2019, gradually garnering attention through her participation in YeahMad’s popular “Dad Jokes” series starting in 2023, where she featured in six engaging episodes. A glimpse of her talent shines through one of her Instagram short videos, which has accumulated an impressive 7.5 million views.

Her exceptional contributions to the channel led to a permanent position, solidifying her presence in the digital entertainment realm. Abby uses social media sites like Instagram and TikTok to interact with her fan base. She entertains her audience with a variety of posts, such as reaction videos, challenges, and lighthearted parodies.

By posting engaging photos of herself with loved ones, coworkers, and close friends on Instagram, Abby builds a relationship with her followers. With a substantial following of 512k on Instagram and 263.4k on TikTok, she has a thriving online presence that attests to her increasing impact and notoriety in the digital world.

Abby Boom’s Net Worth

As of 2024, Abby Boom is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $150,000. Her earnings primarily stem from a respectable compensation per episode received from her contributions to the YeahMad YouTube channel. Additionally, Abby generates income through her active presence on social media platforms and her personal YouTube channel.

Abby Boom Personal Life

Abby Boom’s romantic life is a subject of fascination in the realm of fame. Despite the constant spotlight on her, she maintains a veil of secrecy around her romantic entanglements. Speculations and rumors abound, yet Abby gracefully evades any confirmations. In a candid moment, she once expressed, “Love is personal, a precious treasure I hold dear.” Paparazzi and onlookers speculate about the mysterious figures seen alongside her, fueling curiosity.

However, concrete evidence regarding a boyfriend or husband remains elusive. Fans often ponder about the individual who holds Abby’s affection. She responds to inquiries with a smile, expertly guarding her secrets. The absence of public displays of romance only serves to intensify curiosity. Abby’s approach to matters of the heart stands in contrast to her public persona.

It’s a facet of her life that she cherishes away from the glare of cameras. Her silence speaks volumes, leaving room for endless speculation and intrigue. Despite the ongoing quest to uncover details about her romantic life, Abby remains steadfast in preserving her privacy. Admirers respect her need for personal space, yet the allure of unraveling her love life persists. Abby Boom’s romantic endeavors remain shrouded in mystery, adding to her enigmatic charm.

Abby Boom Children

Despite her numerous achievements, Abby Boom has not yet ventured into parenthood. Her current focus revolves around nurturing her flourishing career and fostering personal development. While many of her fans speculate about her future family plans, Abby chooses to keep such details tightly under wraps.

She leans towards sharing highlights of her professional journey rather than delving into her personal life milestones. This deliberate approach adds an air of mystery to her private affairs, sparking curiosity among her followers. Although she may eventually address this topic in forthcoming interviews, for now, her fans gracefully acknowledge and respect her preference for privacy.

Abby’s ongoing journey serves as an inspiration, regardless of her family status. Her narrative underscores the importance of career progression and self-discovery, highlighting individuality and the power of choice. Each chapter in her life unfolds with new surprises, shaping a modern tale of resilience and personal fulfillment.

Family Background

Family holds immense significance for Abby Boom. She often expresses how her family serves as a wellspring of inspiration in her life. Hailing from a nurturing and affectionate household in Sydney, Abby attributes much of her success to her familial support. Both her parents, accomplished professionals in their respective fields, instilled in her a robust work ethic and fostered her creative endeavors from an early age.

Her siblings, comprising a brother and a sister, are not just family but also her trusted confidants. Their bond transcends mere blood relations, characterized by mutual understanding and unwavering support. Family gatherings represent cherished moments for Abby, brimming with shared laughter and nostalgic tales. Her parents, residing in Sydney, stand as her staunchest advocates.

They make it a point to attend her events whenever possible, radiating pride in her accomplishments. Abby’s family isn’t just her support system; they are her formidable team, shaping her grounded demeanor and fortitude in the face of challenges. Despite her escalating fame, Abby’s family remains her steadfast anchor, embodying the enduring values of love, unity, and resilience in her life journey.

Abby Boom Boyfriend

Abby Boom is currently single and deeply committed to her career, often showcasing moments spent with her circle of friends and colleagues.

Abby Boom Social Media 

Social Media PlatformUsername
InstagramAbby Boom Official
TikTokAbby Boom

Abby Boom’s real name is not publicly disclosed. You may find her on TikTok as @abbyboom and Instagram as @abbyboomofficial. These platforms give fans an opportunity to interact with her material by giving them a peek into her favourite things, interests, and everyday routines and stay informed about her adventures and interests.


Real Name: Abby Boom’s real name is Abigail Boom.

Birth: She was born on October 24, 1997, in Australia, making her a Scorpio by zodiac sign.

Nationality: Abby Boom is Australian by nationality and proudly embraces her Australian roots.

Career: She is a prominent YouTuber and social media star, known for her work with the YeahMad YouTube channel.

Family: Abby Boom hails from Sydney, Australia, and has close-knit ties with her family, including her brother, Austin Berner.

Education: Abby attended a local high school in Sydney and later pursued degrees in performing arts and business at Australian universities.

Hobbies: Her hobbies include traveling, reading historical novels and biographies, gardening, cooking, meditation, volunteering, and exploring artistic pursuits like painting and photography.

Interests: Abby Boom enjoys stargazing, Italian cuisine, vintage records, French films, beach outings, jazz music, dark chocolate with almonds, morning coffee rituals, and learning new languages.


Abby Boom, also known as Abigail Boom, is a popular Australian comedian and social media personality known for her humorous appearances on the YeahMad YouTube channel. Born on October 24, 1997, Abby has gained fame for her witty performances, especially in Dad Jokes episodes and the Charades series. She is deeply connected to her Australian heritage and has a strong Christian faith. Abby’s success in the entertainment sector can be attributed in part to her experience in business and performing arts courses. In addition to reading, Abby’s interests outside of work include cooking, gardening, and traveling.


What is Abby Boom’s real name?

Abby Boom’s real name is Abigail Boom.

Where was Abby Boom born?

Abby Boom was born in Australia on October 24, 1997.

What is Abby Boom known for?

Abby Boom is known for her comedic performances on the YeahMad YouTube channel and her active presence on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

What are Abby Boom’s hobbies and interests?

Abby Boom enjoys traveling, reading historical novels and biographies, gardening, cooking, meditation, volunteering, painting, photography, stargazing, playing the piano, learning new languages, and exploring different cuisines and cultures.

What is Abby Boom’s net worth?

As of 2024, Abby Boom’s estimated net worth is approximately $150,000, primarily earned through her work on the YeahMad YouTube channel and her social media presence.

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