Anna Leigh Waters Net Worth: Bio, Wiki, Education, Age, Height, Career & Social Media

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anna leigh waters net worth
anna leigh waters net worth


Anna Leigh Waters, born January 26, 2007, stands out as a prominent American pickleball athlete. According to the Professional Pickleball Association, she is presently ranked number one in the world in doubles, mixed doubles, and singles. At the tender age of twelve, she achieved a notable distinction in the sports world by being the youngest professional pickleball player. One of her remarkable partnerships is with her mother, Leigh Waters, in doubles tournaments, adding another layer of significance to her career.

Anna Leigh Waters Net Worth

Anna Leigh Waters is a rising superstar in the games business with an expected total assets of $1.4 million. Given her uncommon capacities and promising future, her total assets is expected to increment over the course of the following quite a long while.

As she progresses in her profession and achieves notable achievements, sponsorships, endorsements, and competition earnings may all contribute to her financial stability. Given her resolute dedication and sustained achievements in her sport, Anna Leigh Waters’s net worth is expected to rise significantly in the near future.

Who is Anna Leigh Waters?

At twelve years old, Anna Leigh Waters, who was born on January 26, 2007, is the youngest professional pickleball player in the world. At the age of ten, she was introduced to the game by her grandpa in Allentown, Pennsylvania, a city with a large number of courts, and she rapidly warmed up to the dynamic character of the sport.

Competing against her mother and other local players in both singles and doubles events, Anna Leigh demonstrated a natural aptitude for pickleball from the outset. Encouraged by her family, who even installed multiple courts in their backyard, she was able to refine her skills through regular practice sessions.

At sixteen years of age, Florida local Anna Leigh Waters is currently creating a ruckus in the pickleball world. She has been praised and adored by pickleball fans all over the world for her incredible talent and perseverance, which helped her become the youngest pickleball player in history.

Anna Leigh Waters Biography

At barely 12 years old, Anna Leigh Waters, who was born on January 26, 2007, became the youngest professional pickleball player in history.

Pickleball was first introduced to Anna Leigh when she was ten years old by her grandfather, who lived near several pickleball courts in Allentown, Pennsylvania. She fell in love with the quick-paced game right away. Her early enthusiasm for pickleball was heightened by her obvious natural skill for the game.

Anna Leigh developed her talents in both singles and doubles events by collaborating with her mother and other accomplished players from her neighborhood. She even built more courts in her backyard to transform it into a training area where she could practice and perfect her talents, all with the unwavering support of her family.

Anna Leigh Waters, a 16-year-old Florida local, is notable in the pickleball local area. Her way, portrayed by noteworthy achievements and relentless devotion to the game, has cemented her place in pickleball history.

Anna Leigh Waters Wiki

NameAnna Leigh Waters
Father’s NameStephen Waters
Mother’s NameLeigh Waters
Native CityDelray Beach, Florida, USA
BornJanuary 26, 2007 (17 years 2 months)
Height5 ft 6 inches (168 cm)
Turned Pro2019
MarriedNot Yet
Husband NameNot Yet
BoyfriendNot yet came to notice. Focusing on her game
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorBlonde
Favorite PaddlePaddletek Bantam TS-5
SponsorsPaddletek, Carvana, LOCK LACES®, FILA, Studio Margaret, Dynasty Financial Partners
Favorite CarRange Rover
Favorite ShoesFila Pickleball Shoes
Current PartnerJack Sock (PPA North Carolina Open Mixed Doubles)
Titles Won36 singles titles, 31 women’s doubles titles, 33 mixed doubles titles (Total 100 Gold Medals)

Anna Leigh Waters Education

Anna Leigh received her early education from her mother, foregoing traditional schooling to focus on her pickleball training from a young age. According to her mother, Anna Leigh Waters is likely to postpone college in order to pursue her burgeoning career in pickleball.

Anna Leigh Waters Age

At 16 years old, Anna Leigh Waters is a skilled professional pickleball player from the United States, born on January 26, 2007. As of October 2022, she holds the prestigious No. 1 rankings in doubles, mixed doubles, and singles according to the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA).

Height & Weight

As a professional athlete, Anna Leigh Waters keeps herself in top shape, standing at 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing 54 kilograms. Given her age as a teenager, her weight might naturally fluctuate over time.

Anna Leigh Waters Career

At the tender age of 12, she became the youngest professional pickleball player and tournament champion in history. Since then, she has become a national champion and multimillionaire athlete. With regards to singles and duplicates, Waters has been relentless. Her copies accomplice Catherine Parenteau and won the 2022 U.S. Open. That, yet she and Corrine Carr came out on top for the ladies’ duplicates title at the Acrytech Atlanta Open and the Margaritaville USA Pickleball Nationals, individually. 

Beside her outcome in duplicates, Waters has likewise brought back home titles in blended pairs and singles. She and Ben Johns brought home the blended pairs public title in 2022, while she and Catherine Parenteau came out on top for the duplicates public title that very year. 

Furthermore, she has won numerous Triple Crowns, which are granted to players who accomplish triumph in every one of the three divisions of a tennis competition: ladies’ singles, ladies’ duplicates, and blended pairs. According to the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA), Waters is currently the best player in the world in singles, mixed doubles, and doubles. 

She has won the North Carolina Open and the Atlanta Open, two PPA tournaments, respectively. Anna Leigh Waters has won multiple events in her professional pickleball career, including singles, mixed doubles, and doubles. Her accomplishments have elevated her to the highest levels of the sport’s competition and enabled her to amass a sizeable fortune.

Anna Leigh Waters Personal Life

Brought into the world on January 26, 2007, Anna started playing pickleball expertly at 12 years old. She is 17 years old right now. From that point forward, her profession has taken off, winning a few gold decorations and indicated that things are not pulling back. 

Anna’s mother served as her coach as she grew up, giving her a solid foundation for her athletic endeavors. She had ample time for sports when she homeschooled. While she initially showed promise in tennis, Anna’s heart ultimately belonged to pickleball, a sentiment shared by many other talented athletes who made the switch from tennis to the court with the pickleball paddle.

Anna Leigh Waters Family

Anna Waters was born to Stephen and Leigh Waters, who resided in the vibrant city of Delray Beach, Florida. Their lives took an unforeseen twist in 2017 when Hurricane Irma set its sights on their cherished neighborhood.

Anna Leigh Waters Boyfriend

Anna Leigh Waters chooses to maintain the privacy of her relationship status and is currently not romantically involved with anyone. According to reliable sources, she is fully dedicated to her career and is putting in the effort to excel in the world of pickleball.

In a noteworthy collaboration, Anna Leigh Waters teamed up with the former world No. 8 tennis player, Jack Sock, for the PPA North Carolina Open mixed doubles tournament in May 2023. Together, they emerged victorious, clinching the title in an impressive professional debut.

Social Media Profiles

Strong social media followings on several platforms have made Anna Leigh Waters a rising star in the field of social media influence as well as professional sports. After she won her first women’s pickleball championship and caught the attention of viewers all around the world, her fan base started to grow.

On her social media accounts, she frequently shares sponsored content featuring brands like Paddletek and Dynasty. Below are the links to her profiles:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook


Professional Achievements: Anna Leigh Waters, born on January 26, 2007, is a notable American pickleball athlete, holding the number one rankings in doubles, mixed doubles, and singles according to the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA).

Youngest Professional Player: Waters achieved prominence at the age of twelve, becoming the youngest professional pickleball player in history.

Financial Standing: With a promising career trajectory, Waters’ estimated net worth stands at $1.4 million, a figure expected to increase significantly due to sponsorships, endorsements, and competition earnings.

Career Highlights: She has won numerous titles in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles events, including national championships and prestigious tournaments like the U.S. Open.

Family Support: Supported by her family, particularly her mother Leigh Waters, Anna Leigh honed her skills through regular practice sessions, even installing pickleball courts in their backyard.

Professional Partnerships: Notably, Waters partners with her mother Leigh Waters in doubles tournaments, adding a familial dimension to her successful career.

Social Media Influence: Waters enjoys a strong presence on social media platforms, leveraging her growing popularity for sponsored content and brand endorsements.


2007 native Anna Leigh Waters has become well-known for being one of the best pickleball players in the world. She created history by becoming the sport’s youngest professional player at the age of twelve. With constant help from her family, especially her mother Leigh Waters, Anna Leigh has won awards, amassed a sizeable net worth estimated at $1.4 million, and excelled in a variety of pickleball competitions. Numerous accolades, such as national titles, and profitable collaborations with companies like Paddletek and Dynasty have defined her career. Her net worth is anticipated to increase significantly over the next several years as she continues to dominate her sport.


What is Anna Leigh Waters’ net worth?

Anna Leigh Waters’ net worth is estimated at $1.4 million, reflecting her successful career as a professional pickleball player and endorsements.

What are Anna Leigh Waters’ career achievements?

Waters has achieved numerous accolades in pickleball, including national championships, top rankings in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles, and partnerships with renowned brands like Paddletek and Dynasty.

Who is Anna Leigh Waters’ professional partner?

Anna Leigh Waters has partnered with various players in her career, including her mother Leigh Waters in doubles tournaments. Notably, she teamed up with former world No. 8 tennis player Jack Sock for the PPA North Carolina Open mixed doubles tournament in May 2023, securing victory in their professional debut.

What is Anna Leigh Waters’ background and early life?

Born in Delray Beach, Florida, in 2007, Anna Leigh Waters discovered pickleball at the age of ten, introduced to the sport by her grandfather. With the support of her family, she honed her skills and rose to prominence as the youngest professional pickleball player in history at just twelve years old.

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