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brandon walker wife

Brandon Walker, a renowned sports gambling analyst recognized for his contributions at Barstool Sports, stepped into the scene during a rather turbulent period for the company. The drama unfolded amidst a clash between Barstool and Walker’s former workplace, MyBookie, over allegations regarding Barstool founder David Portnoy’s gambling practices. In response, Portnoy took to public platforms to air grievances from MyBookie customers, dealing a significant blow to the latter’s reputation. This move proved detrimental, resulting in a notable loss of clientele and sponsors for MyBookie.

In a strategic move to further weaken MyBookie’s standing, Barstool enlisted the expertise of Brandon Walker, a key player in the sports gambling realm. Since his integration into the Barstool family, Walker has risen to prominence within the company, solidifying his position as one of its leading figures. Beyond his professional endeavours, Brandon cherishes his role as a family man, with a wife and children who undoubtedly hold significant sway in his life outside of his career at Barstool. Though specifics about his family remain relatively undisclosed, it’s evident that they form an integral part of his personal life, shaping his experiences and priorities beyond the realm of sports analysis and gambling expertise.

Who is Brandon Walker Wife?

brandon walker wife

For more than a decade, Brandon Walker and Amanda Dunaway have shared a special connection, keeping their relationship low-key and close to their hearts. Amanda, hailing from Booneville, MS, has been dedicating her time as an instructor at Itawamba Community College, while Brandon has been making waves in the sports media sphere. Despite Brandon’s growing prominence, the couple has always valued their privacy above all else.

When Brandon decided to make the big leap to New York to join Barstool Sports, Amanda was right there by his side, offering her unwavering support every step of the way. Her understanding and encouragement have been a driving force behind Brandon’s career journey, underscoring the strength of their bond. Even though they might not be in the limelight as much as Brandon, Amanda’s presence undoubtedly plays a pivotal role in both his life and his success. Their journey together reflects a deep partnership built on mutual respect, love, and support, proving that behind every successful person is often an equally remarkable partner.

Brandon Walker Wiki/Bio

NameBrandon Walker
Date of BirthApril 13, 1979
Birth PlaceMississippi, USA
Brandon Walker Age44 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignAries
ProfessionSports Gambling Analyst
HomeTown/StateWest Point, Mississippi
SchoolWest Point High School
CollegeMississippi State University
Educational QualificationBachelor of Science in Communications
Marital StatusMarried
Brandon Walker WifeAmanda Dunaway
ChildrenFour (one son and three daughters)

Brandon Walker Early life and Education

Brandon Walker’s story begins in the heart of Mississippi, USA, on April 13, 1979. Growing up in West Point, he was enveloped by the warmth of a supportive middle-class family, with parents Vicki Ray and Mike Walker, alongside his sister, Caitlyn Walker, nurturing his growth. Right from the get-go, Brandon’s love for sports, particularly football, blazed bright, fueling his dreams and aspirations.

His journey continued at West Point High School, where he not only thrived academically but also left his mark on the football field, graduating with honours in 1998. Setting his sights higher, Brandon ventured into Mississippi State University, delving deep into the realm of Communications. Immersed in media studies, he honed his skills, eventually earning his degree in 2002. These foundational experiences laid the groundwork for Brandon’s future endeavours, instilling in him a fierce determination to carve out his path in the intersecting worlds of sports and communications.

Brandon Walker Height and Weight

brandon walker wife

Brandon stands tall at roughly 183 centimetres and maintains a weight of about 90 kilograms, showcasing an average build that speaks to his active lifestyle. His deep, brown eyes harmonise elegantly with his neatly trimmed, black hair, adding to his appealing and refined look. Although exact measurements of his body and footwear aren’t disclosed, Brandon’s overall physique suggests a balanced and well-maintained figure.

With his magnetic brown eyes and impeccably styled black hair, Brandon exudes confidence and sophistication in his demeanour. He presents himself with a sense of poise and attention to detail, projecting a polished and composed image wherever he goes. Whether in professional or casual settings, Brandon’s well-groomed appearance leaves a lasting impression, embodying a blend of charisma and refinement that sets him apart.

How did Amanda Dunaway and Brandon Walker meet?

brandon walker wife

Brandon Walker and Amanda Dunaway, graduates of Mississippi State University’s class of 2002, first met during their college days. Their connection blossomed as they navigated through the halls of academia, laying the foundation for a lifelong journey together. Following their graduation, they embarked on a new chapter as partners in life, exchanging vows and committing to build a future together. Since then, their family has grown to include four beautiful children, filling their home with love and laughter.

In their professional endeavours, Brandon Walker has found his niche as a sports gambling analyst at Barstool Sports, where his expertise and insights are highly valued by sports enthusiasts. Meanwhile, Amanda Dunaway channels her passion for education into her role as an instructor at Itawamba Community College, where she imparts knowledge and inspires her students.

Despite the demands of their careers, Brandon and Amanda remain devoted to each other and their family. They cherish the moments they share amidst their busy schedules, finding solace and joy in the warmth of their bond. Their journey serves as a testament to the power of love, resilience, and mutual support in navigating life’s challenges and celebrating its joys together.

How many kids does Brandon Walker and Amanda Dunaway have?

Brandon Walker and Amanda Dunaway take pride in their role as parents, nurturing four wonderful children who bring boundless joy and love into their lives. Among them is their son Tommy, and three beloved daughters, with one named Emma Grace Walker. While Brandon has chosen to keep the names of his other children private, it’s evident that their family dynamic is enriched by a shared passion for sports.

Tommy, in particular, has shown a keen interest in following in his father’s footsteps as a sports analyst, adding a personal touch to the family’s bond. His curiosity and enthusiasm for the world of sports mirror Brandon’s own journey, reflecting a deep connection between father and son. This shared interest not only strengthens their relationship but also fosters a sense of unity and camaraderie within the household.

The Walker-Dunaway family’s commitment to supporting each other’s dreams and passions creates a nurturing environment where each member can thrive and pursue their interests. Through their shared love for sports, they forge unforgettable memories and meaningful connections, showcasing the enduring power of family bonds and shared interests in shaping their lives.

Brandon Walker’s Career

brandon walker wife

Brandon Walker kicked off his career journey in his home state of Mississippi, diving into the world of radio as a host and producer. There, he delved into the realms of local sports and news, honing his skills while also contributing as a writer and editor for various publications such as SEC Country, Gridiron Now, and Mississippi Gridiron. His passion and expertise, especially in college football, notably shone through, with a particular focus on Mississippi State University, where he proudly graduated.

His reputation as a knowledgeable and enthusiastic voice in the college football scene continued to grow, paving the way for an exciting opportunity in 2019. Brandon caught the attention of Dave Portnoy, the founder and president of Barstool Sports, who extended an invitation for him to join the team. Recognizing the potential for growth and new adventures, Brandon made the bold decision to uproot his life, relocating from Mississippi to New York City alongside his devoted wife and four children.

This move marked a significant turning point in Brandon’s career, opening doors to a broader platform and a chance to further amplify his voice in the sports media landscape. With his family by his side, Brandon embraced the challenges and opportunities that came with his role at Barstool Sports, seizing the moment to pursue his passion for sports and storytelling on a larger scale.

Brandon Walker Physical Appearance

Brandon Walker Height183 cm
Brandon Walker Weight90 kg
Body TypeAverage
Figure SizeN/A
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBlack
Hair LengthShort
Shoe SizeN/A

Brandon Walker on Social Media

brandon walker wife

You can easily connect with Brandon Walker on social media through his Instagram handle, @bwalkersec, and on Twitter as @BWalkerSEC. These platforms serve as windows into Brandon’s life and viewpoints, keeping his followers in the loop about his latest thoughts and adventures.

Whether he’s sharing his insights on sports, engaging with fans, or offering sneak peeks into his daily routines, Brandon’s presence on Instagram and Twitter adds a personal touch to his public image. Through his posts and interactions, he fosters a sense of community among his followers, creating a space where sports enthusiasts can come together to connect and share their passion.

Brandon’s active engagement on social media underscores his commitment to staying connected with his audience and sharing his love for sports in an interactive and engaging manner. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply curious about Brandon’s take on the latest sporting events, his Instagram and Twitter profiles provide a glimpse into his world, inviting followers to be a part of his journey.

Brandon Walker Net Worth

While Brandon Walker’s exact net worth remains undisclosed, it’s evident that his influential position as a sports betting analyst at Barstool Sports, alongside his previous ventures with MyBookie, play significant roles in his financial stability.

Through his unwavering dedication to delivering compelling content and offering insightful commentary, Brandon has likely reaped substantial financial rewards. His expertise and engaging storytelling abilities have undoubtedly contributed to his financial success.

As a respected authority in the realm of sports betting, Brandon’s wealth is likely a result of both his knowledge and his knack for captivating audiences. While specific figures may be kept under wraps, Brandon’s commitment to his craft has undoubtedly been rewarded financially, highlighting the value he brings to the industry.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q1. Who is Brandon Walker?

A1. Brandon Walker is a well-known sports gambling analyst, notably recognized for his contributions at Barstool Sports. He gained prominence for his expertise in college football, particularly at his alma mater, Mississippi State University.

Q2. How did Brandon Walker’s career begin?

A2. Brandon’s career journey started in Mississippi, where he worked as a radio host and producer covering local sports and news. He also contributed as a writer and editor for various sports publications, establishing himself as a knowledgeable voice in the field.

Q3. Who is Brandon Walker’s wife?

A3. Brandon’s wife is Amanda Dunaway, with whom he shares a deep and enduring bond. Amanda has been a constant source of support throughout Brandon’s career journey, standing by his side as he pursued his passion in the sports media world.

Q4. How many children do Brandon Walker and Amanda Dunaway have?

A4. Brandon and Amanda are proud parents to four children, including one son named Tommy and three daughters. While the names of their other children are not disclosed, it’s evident that their family dynamic is enriched by a shared passion for sports.

Q5. What is Brandon Walker’s presence on social media?

A5. Brandon can be found on Instagram as @bwalkersec and on Twitter as @BWalkerSEC. He actively engages with his followers, sharing his insights on sports and offering glimpses into his personal and professional life.


In conclusion, Brandon Walker’s journey from his roots in Mississippi to his current role as a prominent sports gambling analyst at Barstool Sports is a testament to his passion, dedication, and resilience. His career trajectory, marked by pivotal moments and strategic moves, showcases his ability to navigate challenges and seize opportunities in the dynamic world of sports media. Alongside his supportive wife, Amanda Dunaway, and their four children, Brandon’s personal and professional life intertwines, forming a narrative of love, commitment, and shared values. Through his expertise, engaging storytelling, and active presence on social media, Brandon fosters a sense of community among sports enthusiasts while leaving a lasting impact on the industry. Overall, Brandon Walker’s journey serves as an inspiring example of pursuing one’s passion with integrity, determination, and unwavering support from loved ones.

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