Cassidy Hutchinson Net Worth: Salary, Income, Bio, Career, Height and Other Detail

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cassidy hutchinson net worth
cassidy hutchinson net worth


Cassidy Jacqueline Hutchinson, born in 1996, is a former White House staffer who held the position of assistant to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows during the tenure of the Trump administration. Originally from Pennington, New Jersey, Hutchinson provided testimony during the public hearings of the United States House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack, held on June 28, 2022.

Cassidy Hutchinson Net Worth

In the year 2023, Cassidy Hutchinson boasts a noteworthy net worth of $3 million. This financial achievement mirrors her steadfast commitment and valuable contributions to the realm of politics.

YearAmount (in Million $)

Who is Cassidy Hutchinson?

Born in 1996, Cassidy Jacqueline Hutchinson worked as an assistant to the then-Chief of Staff Mark Meadows during the Trump administration. Her testimony in front of the House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack has attracted significant attention, emphasizing her important role and firsthand insights into the events that unfolded at the Capitol.

Cassidy Hutchinson Biography

Cassidy Hutchinson, a native of Pennington, New Jersey, born in 1996, has risen to prominence in American politics. Serving as a former White House aide and assistant to ex-Chief of Staff Mark Meadows during the Trump administration, Hutchinson has displayed grace and determination while maneuvering through the corridors of power.

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Cassidy Hutchinson Early Life

Hutchinson’s story commenced in Pennington, New Jersey. She excelled as a committed student, completing her education at Hopewell Valley Central High School in 2015. Subsequently, she pursued degrees in political science and American studies at Christopher Newport University, successfully graduating in 2019.

Cassidy Hutchinson Wiki

Full NameCassidy Jacqueline Hutchinson
ProfessionPolitician and Former White House Aide
Political PartyRepublican
OccupationFormer assistant to the White House Chief of Staff
Date of Birth1996
Age26-27 years old
BirthplacePennington, New Jersey, USA
Zodiac SignVirgo 
EthnicityWhite-American Descent
Current ResidenceWashington, D.C.

Cassidy Hutchinson Education

Education LevelInstitutionDegree Obtained
SchoolHopewell Valley Central High School
CollegeChristopher Newport UniversityBachelor of Arts (BA)
Education QualificationBachelor of Arts

At Christopher Newport University, Cassidy Hutchinson started her political career. She was able to obtain invaluable experience during this period by working as an intern for prominent individuals like Ted Cruz and Steve Scalise. Her perseverance and hard work paid off, as she was finally appointed Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs after earning her posts within the White House.

Cassidy Hutchinson Age

Born in 1996, Cassidy’s age now stands at 27 years old, marking the year 2023 as her reference. Her birthplace resides within the Washington, DC-Baltimore region of Maryland, nestled in the vast expanse of the United States. Cassidy Hutchinson’s formative years unfolded amidst the vibrant tapestry of Washington D.C-Baltimore, Maryland Area United States.

Speculations suggest Cassidy may have navigated her childhood alongside siblings, although concrete details about her parents remain undisclosed. Similarly veiled are the specifics of her academic journey, from primary education to college. However, a chapter of academic success unfolds as she proudly holds a degree from Christopher Newport University, emblematic of her scholarly dedication.

Embarking on her professional odyssey, Cassidy Hutchinson embarked on her career as an aide to the chief of staff under Vice President Dick Cheney in 2001. Within this role, she seamlessly bridged communications between the vice president and the esteemed confines of the White House Situation Room.

Physical Attributes

Cassidy Hutchinson has a remarkable look that is defined by her endearing features and pleasant disposition. Her body is noticeably voluptuous and proportionate, with measures of roughly 31–24–33 inches highlighting her shape. Her weight of approximately 61 kg and height of 5 feet 6 inches both contribute to her lovely appearance.

Cassidy’s beautiful, light brown hair draws attention to her gorgeous brown eyes, adding to her allure and charisma. Her shoe size, a 7 (UK), represents a combination of comfort and style that goes well with her stylish appearance.

Height5’7″ ft (1.70 m)
Weight54 Kg (119 lbs)
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Blonde

Cassidy Hutchinson Career

Hutchinson’s journey in the political arena gained momentum when she began her tenure at the White House Office of Legislative Affairs as an intern. Through dedication and competence, she swiftly ascended to the role of assistant to Mark Meadows. She was responsible for a variety of critical responsibilities, including meeting planning, scheduling supervision, and formal letter writing.

Hutchinson’s testimony became well-known in 2022 as a major source of information about the steps the Trump administration took in relation to the Capitol attack on January 6.Her contribution shed light on critical aspects surrounding the events, emphasizing her role as a key informant within political circles.

Cassidy Hutchinson Awards

Hutchinson garnered widespread public attention due to her testimony before the January 6 Committee, illuminating pivotal events that transpired during her time in the White House. Her insights provided valuable context and clarity regarding significant occurrences, contributing to a deeper understanding of the period under scrutiny.

Cassidy Hutchinson Personal Life

Cassidy Hutchinson is not in a relationship at the moment and is not married. Her previous romantic relationships are not known to the general public.  Cassidy is primarily dedicated to her professional endeavors at this time and prioritizes her career aspirations over entering into a relationship that may compromise her goals.

Family Background

Cassidy Hutchinson’s father is known as Richard Hutchinson and is affiliated with a well-regarded business based in New Jersey. Her mother, Angela Hutchinson, is dedicated to being a stay-at-home mom, prioritizing the care and well-being of the family.

Family MemberNameOccupation/Association
FatherRichard HutchinsonAssociated with a reputed business in New Jersey
MotherAngela HutchinsonStay-at-home mother
BrotherJack Hutchinson


Yearly Growth: Cassidy Hutchinson’s net worth has experienced steady growth over the years, starting from $0.5 million in 2018 to $3.5 million in 2024.

Financial Milestones: Her financial achievements reflect her dedication and contributions to politics, with each year marking substantial progress in her net worth.

Significant Jump: The most notable leap occurred between 2022 and 2023, where her net worth increased from $2.4 million to $3 million, showcasing a significant jump within a single year.

Consistent Increase: Since entering the public eye with her testimony in 2022, Hutchinson’s net worth has consistently risen, highlighting her growing influence and success.


Cassidy Jacqueline Hutchinson, a resident of Pennington, New Jersey, has established herself as a notable figure because of her previous position as Chief of Staff Mark Meadows’s assistant during the Trump presidency. Her testimony during the United States House Select Committee’s hearings on the January 6 Attack received significant attention, demonstrating her deep understanding of critical events.

Commencing her academic journey at Hopewell Valley Central High School, Hutchinson proceeded to Christopher Newport University, where she diligently cultivated her political insight. Commencing from an apprenticeship, Hutchinson progressively ascended the hierarchy to become an integral member within the White House Office of Legislative Affairs.

As of 2024, Cassidy Hutchinson’s remarkable wealth of $3.5 million emphasizes her steadfast commitment to the political domain and underscores her considerable professional achievements.


What is Cassidy Hutchinson’s net worth? 

Cassidy Hutchinson’s net worth as of 2024 is $3.5 million, showcasing a consistent increase over the years.

What is Cassidy Hutchinson known for? 

Cassidy Hutchinson gained recognition as a former White House staffer and assistant to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows during the Trump administration. Her testimony regarding the January 6 Attack further solidified her role in political circles.

Where is Cassidy Hutchinson from? 

Cassidy Hutchinson hails from Pennington, New Jersey, USA.

What is Cassidy Hutchinson’s educational background? 

Cassidy Hutchinson completed her education at Hopewell Valley Central High School and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and American studies from Christopher Newport University in 2019.

What is Cassidy Hutchinson’s current occupation? 

Cassidy Hutchinson’s current occupation is not specified, but her previous role was as an assistant to the White House Chief of Staff during the Trump administration.

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