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elizabeth huberdeau
elizabeth huberdeau


Elizabeth Huberdeau is a determined business visionary in the land area, known for her aggressive endeavors and clever business discernment. Her association with John Cena, an eminent expert grappler, entertainer, and rapper, pushed her into the public eye. Huberdeau and Cena were once hitched, adding one more layer to her public persona.

Who is Elizabeth Huberdeau?

Famously perceived as “Liz Cena,” Elizabeth Huberdeau acquired noticeable quality as the previous companion of the notable ‘World Wrestling Amusement’ (WWE) star John Cena. Most remarkably, she has collected media consideration because of her marriage and ensuing separation. Elizabeth and John’s relationship traces all the way back to their secondary school years. Sadly, their association reached a conclusion after roughly three years, fundamentally because of John’s betrayal, albeit different factors likewise added to their partition. While insights concerning her expert undertakings remain generally scant, there are signs recommending her contribution in the land business.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Biography

Elizabeth Huberdeau was born on September 28, 1979, in West Newbury, Massachusetts, USA. Although details about her parents and potential siblings are currently unavailable, her birthplace remains confirmed.

Reports suggest that Elizabeth and John Cena shared a high school romance, although specifics about her high school attendance are not disclosed. However, Cena’s educational journey included stints at Central Catholic High School and Cushing Academy, both situated in Massachusetts. It’s plausible that their paths crossed during this time.

Following her secondary school training, Elizabeth sought after additional examinations at Springfield School, likewise situated in Massachusetts, unintentionally the place of graduation of John Cena. While her area of specialization stays muddled, clashing sources propose concentrates in either Business The board or Land The executives. On the other hand, Cena graduated with a Four year certification in Exercise Physiology and Body Development.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Wiki

Full NameElizabeth Huberdeau
NicknameLiz Cena
Date of BirthSeptember 28, 1979
Place of BirthWest Newbury, Massachusetts, U.S
ProfessionBusinesswoman, real estate developer
Marital StatusDivorced
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBrown

Elizabeth Huberdeau Education

Elizabeth Huberdeau finished her rudimentary and secondary school training in her old neighborhood. She acquired her secondary school confirmation from Focal Catholic Secondary School in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Following her graduation from secondary school, she proceeded with her schooling at Springfield School, likewise situated in Massachusetts.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Age

Ms. Huberdeau turned 40 years of age on September 28, 2019. Elizabeth Huberdeau level isn’t clear.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Career

In the wake of procuring her Four year certification from Springfield School, Elizabeth Huberdeau set out on a lifelong in the land business. Sources demonstrate that her schooling at Springfield School furnished her with the vital abilities for a vocation in land, proposing that she probably sought after a program connected with domain arranging and monetary preparation.

As far as her expert undertakings, Elizabeth is perceived as a money manager and land designer. Reports propose that she entered the land area early on in the wake of migrating to Florida. Her concentration in land the executives envelops exercises like development, exchanging, buying, and revamping both business and private properties.

Notwithstanding her contribution in land and business, Elizabeth Huberdeau has likewise sought after a vocation as a style model.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Net Worth

As a realtor, Elizabeth Huberdeau procures a significant pay, managing the cost of her an agreeable way of life. Her profession in the land business envelops exercises like development, exchanging, buying, and redesigning both business and private properties. Moreover, she got a settlement following her separation from Cena, whose total assets is assessed at around $60 million. Notwithstanding, the specific figure of Elizabeth’s total assets stays undisclosed, and data in regards to her presence on Instagram is likewise inaccessible.

Notwithstanding encountering the aggravation of separation, Elizabeth Huberdeau has kept on flourishing in her profession and different pursuits. Her versatility fills in as a demonstration of the possibility that misfortune can be changed into valuable open doors for development and achievement.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Family

Elizabeth Huberdeau, otherwise called Liz, was hitched to John Felix Anthony Cena, prevalently perceived as John Cena. Their relationship follows back to their secondary school days, as per data accessible on the web.

The couple traded promises on July 11, 2009, in a confidential service held in Boston, Massachusetts, went to by just a limited handful loved ones. Nonetheless, their conjugal delight was fleeting, as they headed out in different directions under five years after the fact.

On May 1, 2012, Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena sought legal separation, which was finished in July of that very year. In spite of their detachment, they kept a neighborly relationship, remaining companions thereafter. It is actually important that the couple had no kids together, and data with respect to any youngsters Elizabeth might have had post-separate from stays tricky.

Following her split from John Cena, Elizabeth Huberdeau withdrew from the public eye. She has not shown up in that frame of mind since the separation and has abstained from making any online entertainment accounts.

Meanwhile, John Cena pushed ahead with his life and got it done with Shay Shariatzadeh in 2020. Their wedding happened at a legal counselor’s office in Tampa, Florida, followed by a celebration in Vancouver, Canada. Shay, brought into the world in 1989 in Iran, sought after her tutoring at the School of English Columbia from 2008 to 2013, getting a long term certificate in electrical and devices planning. Regardless, for the present, could we revolve around Elizabeth Huberdeau in this article.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Husband

Before her union with John Felix Anthony Cena, famous for his expert wrestling profession on SmackDown and Crude, Elizabeth Huberdeau didn’t partake in a similar degree of public acknowledgment. The couple is accepted to have shared a relationship since their secondary school days, despite the fact that insights about the origin and movement of their sentiment stay undisclosed to people in general.

On July 11, 2009, Liz and Cena traded conjugal commitments in their old neighborhood. The declaration of their approaching marriage came during Cena’s advancement of the film “12 Rounds,” stamping one of the intriguing events where he talked transparently about Huberdeau.

Around three years after their wedding, Cena started separate from procedures in May 2012. Reports propose that conflicts over home redesigns assumed a part in their choice to isolate. The separation was concluded in July of that very year.

Huberdeau and her lawful agents asserted that Cena’s abrupt choice to separate originated from extramarital issues, albeit explicit insights about their separation settlement stay undisclosed. Following Cena’s misfortune to The Stone at WrestleMania, he openly recognized the profound cost of the separation, portraying it as a difficult period in his life.

Does Elizabeth Huberdeau have Kids?

Throughout her long-term relationship and brief marriage to Cena, Elizabeth Huberdeau did not have any children. Reports propose that John favored a little group of just himself and his significant other, which might come as a shock thinking about his broad charitable work with the Make-A-Wish Establishment. Through this association, he has satisfied the desires of more than 500 kids engaging hazardous ailments. Encouraging to observe a superstar utilizes their foundation to make a significant and positive effect in the existences of others, showing a sacrificial obligation to supporting those out of luck.


Early Life: Elizabeth Huberdeau was born on September 28, 1979, in West Newbury, Massachusetts, USA. She attended Central Catholic High School in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and later pursued further studies at Springfield College.

Relationship with John Cena: Huberdeau gained public recognition as the former spouse of professional wrestler and actor John Cena. Their relationship began during their high school years, and they married on July 11, 2009, in a private ceremony. However, the marriage ended in divorce in 2012, reportedly due to Cena’s infidelity.

Career: After earning her Bachelor’s degree, Huberdeau embarked on a career in real estate. She is known for her involvement in various real estate activities, including construction, buying, selling, and renovating both residential and commercial properties. Additionally, she has dabbled in modeling.

Post-Divorce: Despite the challenges of divorce, Huberdeau has continued to thrive in her career and personal pursuits, maintaining a low profile since her split from Cena.


Elizabeth Huberdeau, otherwise called Liz Cena, is a money manager and land engineer. Brought into the world in West Newbury, Massachusetts, she went to Focal Catholic Secondary School prior to assisting her schooling at Springfield School. Her relationship with John Cena, whom she wedded in 2009, push her into the spotlight, however the marriage finished in separate in 2012. Huberdeau has since zeroed in on her profession in land, participating in different endeavors in the business. Notwithstanding the difficulties of her own life, she has stayed versatile and kept on chasing after progress.


1. What is Elizabeth Huberdeau’s occupation? 

Elizabeth Huberdeau is a businesswoman and real estate developer. She is known for her involvement in various real estate activities, including construction, buying, selling, and renovating properties.

2. When did Elizabeth Huberdeau marry John Cena?

Elizabeth Huberdeau married John Cena on July 11, 2009, in a private ceremony held in Boston, Massachusetts.

3. Why did Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena divorce? 

Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena divorced in 2012, reportedly due to Cena’s infidelity and conflicts over home renovations.

4. Does Elizabeth Huberdeau have children? 

No, Elizabeth Huberdeau did not have any children during her relationship or marriage to John Cena. They preferred to keep their family small, despite Cena’s extensive charity work with children through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

5. What has Elizabeth Huberdeau focused on since her divorce from John Cena? 

Since her divorce from John Cena, Elizabeth Huberdeau has focused on her career in real estate and has maintained a relatively low profile in the public eye. She has continued to thrive professionally despite the challenges of her personal life.

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