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galeotti michael
galeotti michael


Michael Galeotti was born on August 28, 1984, in Long Island, New York, and grew up in a middle-class family. Mike and Sheila Galeotti, his parents, owned Galeotti’s Wine Cellar and taught high school, respectively. From a young age, Galeotti harbored a profound passion for music.

Upon completing high school in 2002, he joined the indie rock band Enation, co-founded by Richard Lee and Jonathan Jackson. Galeotti played a crucial role as the keyboardist within the group.

Galeotti weighed seventy pounds and stood five feet nine inches tall with short dark brown hair and brown eyes.

In addition to his musical pursuits, Galeotti had a brief career as an actor, appearing prominently in the 2004 Disney television series “Jersey.”

Who is Michael Galeotti?

Bethany Joy Lenz’s former spouse, Michael Galeotti, was well-known for his talent in acting and music. He debuted on television at an early age as the lead in “La Jersey,” which has been aired on the Disney channel since 2004. Galeotti was a keyboard player in Enation, his other band.


Michael Galeotti is the person you are speaking about. He rose to fame after marrying “One Tree Hill” actress Bethany Joy Lenz. His premature death on January 11, 2016, shocked a lot of people in the media and among the audience.

Michael Galeotti Biography

Born in his hometown, Michael Galeotti was a talented musician who was also incredibly enthusiastic about the power of music. Michael found comfort in the sounds of his guitar throughout his incredible career in the music business, giving his all to write songs that connected with listeners everywhere.

His unique talent and soulful voice captivated listeners, leaving a lasting impression with every note strummed on his guitar. Whether performing on intimate stages or grander platforms, Michael’s music had a profound impact, touching the hearts of all who experienced it.

Michael Galeotti was well-known off stage for his warmth and charity. He had a golden heart and was always willing to serve friends and the community.

Michael Galeotti lived a terribly brief life, but his music and the memories he left behind endure. Let’s pay tribute to Michael not only as a musician but also as a beacon of hope whose songs never stop inspiring us all.

Michael Galeotti Education

August 28, 1984, saw the birth of Michael Galeotti in Long Island, New York. Mike Galeotti, owner of Michael Galeotti’s Wine Cellar, a small business, and Sheila Galeotti, a high school teacher, raised him in a modest home. He developed a profound affinity for music from a young age.

Enation is an indie rock band that Richard Lee, Jonathan Jackson, and Michael formed in 2003, following Michael’s 2002 high school graduation.

 Playing a crucial role as the keyboard player, Michael Galeotti became an integral part of Enation’s musical journey.

Michael Galeotti Wiki

Full nameMichael Galeotti
Date of birth28th August 1984
Age38 (As of November 2022)
Birthday28th August
Zodiac signVirgo
Place of birthLong Island, New Jersey
Hair colourDark brown
Eye colourDark brown
Music bandEnation
Marital statusDivorced
Ex-wifeBethany Joy Lenz
ChildMaria Rose Galeotti

Michael Galeotti Age

Michael Galeotti entered the world on August 28, 1984, in Long Island, New Jersey. As of November 2022, he would have celebrated his 38th birthday.

Michael Galeotti Height, Weight

Michael Galeotti had a height of 177 centimeters (1.77 meters), equivalent to five feet and ten inches. He maintained a weight of around sixty-eight kilograms, approximately one hundred forty-four pounds. With brown hair, brown eyes, and a muscular build, Michael had a distinctive and characteristic physical appearance.

Michael Galeotti Personal Life

On December 31, 2005, actress and entertainer Bethany Joy Lenz wed Michael Galeotti. In 2002, their entanglement in romance unfolded subsequent to their joint appearance in Michelle Branch’s visual rendition of “Farewell to You.” Michael and Bethany, opting for an understated matrimonial affair, pledged their devotion in a clandestine ceremony, witnessed solely by their most intimate confidants.

The pair, called Galeotti and Lenz, worked together on a variety of musical compositions and enjoyed not only a romantic but also a musical harmony.

When Maria Rose Galeotti was born on February 23, 2011, their happiness grew. In 2023, Maria will be twelve, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the family’s journey.

Michael Galeotti Divorce

The swift courtship and subdued nuptials of Michael Galeotti and Bethany Joy Lenz projected an idyllic union. However, the reality diverged significantly.

After six years of matrimony, Michael Galeotti’s battle with alcoholism spiraled into a severe issue, culminating in tumultuous episodes and multiple legal entanglements. Allegedly, Bethany parted ways with Michael due to the destructive impact of his alcoholism and ensuing violence.

In a heartfelt revelation on her blog, Bethany lamented the separation, citing the unavoidable decision to initiate divorce proceedings. Despite the parting of ways, they pledged to co-parent their daughter and maintain a cordial friendship. The legal system awarded full custody to Bethany Joy, marking the beginning of a new chapter.

Post-divorce, Bethany Joy relocated to Los Angeles, assuming complete guardianship of their daughter. Conversely, Michael Galeotti withdrew from public scrutiny and media attention, opting for a more introspective existence.

Michael Galeotti Family

The heartbeat of Michael Galeotti resonated within the embrace of his family. John and Lisa Galeotti, his parents, were pillars of encouragement, offering unwavering support for his artistic pursuits. Siblings [sibling names], not just kin but steadfast comrades, shared a profound connection that spanned the tapestry of life.

In the expansive circle of his extended family, Michael Galeotti discovered solace and joy, fostering a profound sense of unity, love, and shared laughter. From impromptu gatherings to festive celebrations, their camaraderie was a source of constant warmth.

For Michael, family stood paramount amidst the demands of his musical career. Despite a hectic schedule, he prioritized nurturing these bonds, recognizing their pivotal role in his professional journey.

Though Michael Galeotti’s time on this earth was regrettably brief, the love and connection with his family continue to infuse hope and strength into those he touched. His memory lives on, a testament to the enduring power of familial bonds, eternally carried within the hearts of those who cherished him.

Michael Galeotti Relationship

Actress Bethany Joy Lenz and Michael Galeotti tied the knot just a month after their initial encounter in December 2005. Six years into their union, Maria Rose Galeotti, their only child, entered the world. However, But problems surfaced, putting strain on their union and finally resulting in their divorce.

For the sake of their child, the couple valued maintaining a strong friendship after their 2012 divorce. On April 2, 1981, in Hollywood, Florida, USA, Bethany was born. Her varied talent set includes cinematography, singing, and acting. Renowned for her contributions to the band Everly and her portrayal of Haley James Scott in the TV drama series “One Tree Hill,” she hails from parents Robert George Lenz and Catharine Malcolm Holt Shepard. Bethany’s journey into the musical realm began at a young age, showcasing her vocal prowess at the Lakeland Carpenter’s Church. Her skills flourished during four formative years at the Dallas Young Actors Studio.

Michael Galeotti Career

Embarking on his acting journey, Michael Galeotti marked his debut on the Disney Channel series “Jersey” in 2004. Prior to entering the industry, details about his past remain relatively elusive.

Beyond his foray into acting, Michael also contributed his talents to the band “Enation.” However, following his initial performance, he didn’t pursue further acting endeavors; “Jersey” stood as his final show.

It wasn’t until his marriage to Bethany, the acclaimed One Tree Hill actress, that Michael found himself under the spotlight. Their union, formed after a brief courtship, brought media attention, especially considering Bethany’s television prominence.

In the realm of television, Bethany Joy Lenz portrayed the character Haley James Scott in the series.

Michael Galeotti Net Worth

Michael Galeotti’s estimated net worth at the time of his death was $6 million, a testament to his accomplishments in the music industry. He left behind a bright career and a musical legacy. Even though he passed away at an early age, his influence on music will never fade.

Facing a challenging personal life post his divorce from actress Bethany Lenz, Michael grappled with various health issues throughout his lifetime, including high blood pressure and cholesterol.

In mid-January, Michael, the accomplished keyboardist, found himself hospitalized due to stomach issues. Against medical advice, he left the hospital without admission, neglecting his well-being.

Tragically, on January 11, 2016, Michael Galeotti’s inability to answer calls raised concern, leading a friend to discover his lifeless body in his residence. Michael met a lonesome and sorrowful end, succumbing to atherosclerotic heart disease, as revealed by the autopsy results. This poignant event unfolded when he was just thirty-one years old.

Michael Galeotti Social Media

In the company of his wife, Bethany Joy Lenz, Michael Galeotti actively engaged on various social media platforms before their divorce. However, post their separation and his departure from the band, it appears Galeotti significantly scaled back his presence on most social media sites. Some sources suggest he might have either deleted or deactivated his accounts on these platforms. Moreover, Michael took a decisive step by wiping his social media slate clean, possibly as a means to move past the breakup and focus more on his personal life.


Birth and Early Life: Born on August 28, 1984, in Long Island, New York.Raised in a middle-class family; parents owned Galeotti’s Wine Cellar and his mother taught high school.Developed a passion for music from a young age.

Career in Music: Joined the indie rock band Enation after high school, playing a crucial role as the keyboardist.Co-founded Enation with Richard Lee and Jonathan Jackson.

Had a brief acting career with a prominent role in the 2004 Disney series “Jersey.”

Personal Life: Married actress Bethany Joy Lenz in December 2005.Divorced in 2012 after six years of marriage, citing issues related to Michael’s alcoholism.Shared a daughter, Maria Rose Galeotti, born in 2011.Michael passed away on January 11, 2016, at the age of 31, due to atherosclerotic heart disease.

Physical Characteristics: Height: 177 cm (5 feet 10 inches).Weight: Approximately 68 kg (144 pounds).Brown hair, brown eyes.

Social Media Presence: Actively engaged in social media with wife Bethany Joy Lenz before their divorce.Reduced social media presence post-divorce and departure from the band.Possibly deleted or deactivated accounts.

Legacy: Left a musical legacy as the keyboardist for Enation.Estimated net worth at the time of death was $6 million.


Michael Galeotti, born amidst the tapestry of Long Island, New York, on the auspicious date of August 28, 1984, manifested his prodigious talents as both a melodic virtuoso and thespian luminary. Ascending into recognition, he assumed the role of the keyboard maestro within the avant-garde realm of the indie rock ensemble Enation, a musical odyssey initiated subsequent to his academic rite of passage in 2002.

In tandem with his sonic endeavors, Michael etched his mark in the annals of entertainment with a prominent presence in the 2004 Disney chronicle titled “Jersey.” In the serendipitous dance of matrimony, he united his destiny with actress Bethany Joy Lenz in the calendrical embrace of 2005. This union bore witness to the genesis of their progeny, the cherubic Maria Rose Galeotti. Alas, the tapestry of their marital bond unraveled, succumbing to the dissonant strains of Michael’s battle with the spirits of alcoholism, culminating in the decree of dissolution in 2012.

Tragically, the crescendo of Michael’s life composition reached a premature cadence on January 11, 2016, at the tender age of 31, bequeathing to posterity a legacy interwoven with the threads of his musical artistry.


What was Michael Galeotti’s cause of death?

Michael Galeotti passed away on January 11, 2016, due to atherosclerotic heart disease.

When did Michael Galeotti and Bethany Joy Lenz get divorced?

Michael and Bethany divorced in 2012 after six years of marriage.

What was Michael Galeotti’s role in the band Enation?

Michael was the keyboardist and played a crucial role in Enation, an indie rock band co-founded by Richard Lee and Jonathan Jackson.

What is Michael Galeotti’s estimated net worth?

At the time of his death, Michael Galeotti’s estimated net worth was $6 million.

How old would Michael Galeotti be as of November 2022?

As of November 2022, Michael Galeotti would have been 38 years old.

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