Geely Xingyue S Price, Specs, Info: The Ultimate Guide

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The Geely Xingyue S is a dynamic and stylish crossover SUV that combines performance, luxury, and advanced technology at an appealing price point. As a part of Geely’s innovative lineup, the Xingyue S exemplifies the brand’s commitment to creating high-quality, versatile vehicles that cater to modern drivers’ diverse needs. Distributed by Borderless Car, the Geely Xingyue S is gaining popularity among consumers seeking a reliable and feature-rich SUV.

Overview of Geely

Geely, one of China’s leading automotive manufacturers, has made significant strides in the global market by producing vehicles that emphasize innovation, quality, and sustainability. Established in 1986, Geely has grown into a major player in the automotive industry, known for its cutting-edge designs and technology. The Geely Xingyue S is a testament to the company’s dedication to excellence and forward-thinking engineering.

Geely Xingyue S: A Detailed Look

Design and Build

The Geely Xingyue S boasts a bold and contemporary design, characterized by its sharp lines, muscular stance, and distinctive front grille. The sleek LED headlights and taillights enhance its modern appearance, while aerodynamic elements improve fuel efficiency and reduce wind noise. The Xingyue S’s stylish design makes it a standout on the road, appealing to drivers who value aesthetics and functionality.

Inside, the Xingyue S offers a spacious and luxurious cabin designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience. High-quality materials, such as soft-touch surfaces and premium upholstery, create an inviting and upscale environment. The interior layout is thoughtfully designed, with intuitive controls and ample storage solutions to accommodate the needs of both the driver and passengers.

Engine and Performance

Under the hood, the Geely Xingyue S is powered by a robust 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that delivers 238 horsepower and 350 Nm of torque. This powerful engine ensures responsive acceleration and a dynamic driving experience, whether navigating city streets or cruising on the highway. The Xingyue S comes equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission, providing smooth and precise gear shifts.

The Xingyue S’s all-wheel-drive system enhances its performance by offering superior traction and stability across various driving conditions. The advanced suspension system absorbs road imperfections, delivering a comfortable and composed ride. Additionally, the vehicle features multiple driving modes, allowing drivers to customize their driving experience based on their preferences and road conditions.

Interior and Comfort

The interior of the Geely Xingyue S is designed with luxury and convenience in mind. The seats are ergonomically designed and upholstered in high-quality materials, providing excellent support and comfort for long journeys. The cabin is equipped with a range of modern amenities, including a panoramic sunroof, ambient lighting, and a premium sound system.

The Xingyue S features a state-of-the-art infotainment system with a large touchscreen display, offering seamless connectivity through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The vehicle also includes advanced climate control systems, ensuring a pleasant interior environment regardless of the weather conditions outside. With ample legroom and headroom, the Xingyue S provides a spacious and comfortable ride for all occupants.

Safety Features

Safety is a top priority for Geely, and the Xingyue S is equipped with a comprehensive suite of advanced safety features. Key safety highlights include:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control: Maintains a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, reducing driver fatigue on long journeys.
  • Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keep Assist: Alerts the driver if the vehicle unintentionally drifts out of its lane and provides gentle steering corrections.
  • Automatic Emergency Braking: Helps prevent collisions by automatically applying the brakes in emergency situations.
  • Blind-Spot Monitoring: Warns the driver of vehicles in the blind spots, enhancing situational awareness.
  • 360-Degree Camera System: Provides a bird’s-eye view of the surroundings, making parking and maneuvering easier.

Price and Availability

The Geely Xingyue S offers exceptional value for money, combining luxury features and advanced technology at a competitive price. Prices for the Xingyue S vary depending on the market and specific configurations but generally start around $30,000 for the base model.

Borderless Car, the official distributor of Geely vehicles, ensures that the Xingyue S is accessible to consumers in various regions. With exceptional customer service and comprehensive after-sales support, Borderless Car makes owning the Geely Xingyue S a seamless and enjoyable experience. For more information and to read more about the Geely Xingyue S, prospective buyers can visit the Borderless Car website or contact their local dealer.


The Geely Xingyue S is a remarkable SUV that embodies Geely’s commitment to quality, performance, and safety. With its bold design, powerful engine, luxurious interior, and advanced safety features, the Xingyue S is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a versatile and reliable vehicle. Distributed by Borderless Car, the Xingyue S is readily available and supported by outstanding customer service, making it a smart investment for families and individual drivers alike. Whether for daily commuting or long-distance travel, the Geely Xingyue S delivers an exceptional driving experience that meets the demands of modern drivers.

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