Handyman Hal Net Worth 2024: Inspiring Success Story

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Handyman Hal Net Worth 2024: Inspiring Success Story

Handyman Hal Net Worth and his journey from youth pastor to YouTube sensation. Shawn Goins’ multi-talented persona educates and entertains worldwide. He portrayed by Shawn Goins, serves as a youth pastor at Refuge Church in Murrells Inlet. Adopting the persona of Handyman Hal, he enthusiastically imparts knowledge to kids via interesting content. His metamorphosis into Handyman Hal has attracted a lot of attention, and his YouTube videos have gone viral very soon after being posted. With almost two million views, the “Handyman Hal – Educational Kids Show” channel demonstrates the reach and influence of Handyman Hal’s likable and educational material worldwide.

Handyman Hal’s Net Worth

Handyman Hal’s Net Worth

Handyman Hal, founded by Shawn Goins, is known for family-friendly kids curriculum. Shawn makes money via YouTube ads, merchandising, affiliate links, and more as a popular YouTuber.

Shawn earns over $40,000 monthly and $480,000 annually from ad revenue on his 25 million YouTube views, exploiting the kid’s educational niche. This money, excluding sponsorships and brand promotions, shows his content’s influence.

The channel’s development led parents to want Shawn to attend their kids’ birthday parties and promote goods. Shawn sells $35 Cameo one-minute videos to suit demand beyond YouTube.

His website sells $20–$50 Just Awesome t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts. Amazon Prime members can watch Hal’s videos for $1.99 each or $19.99 per season.

With these various cash streams, Shawn Goins, better known as Handyman Hal, has an estimated $2 million net worth in 2024 and earns $50,000 per month and $600,000 per year.

Who is Handyman Hal?

Shawn Goins animates Handyman Hal, a YouTuber who sticks out. Creative energy Shawn Goins, known as Handyman Hal, can entertain and educate.

Shawn, a YouTuber, digital content maker, actor, social media influencer, comedian, entertainer, instructor, and internet personality, has captivated audiences worldwide. Shawn’s unique blend of humor, knowledge, and entertainment as Handyman Hal has made him a prominent online content creator. Thanks to Shawn Goins’ numerous talents and internet presence, Handyman Hal has become a household brand.

Handyman Hal Bio

NameShawn Goins
Also known asHandyman Hal
Date of BirthMay 1984 (40 Years)
Place of BirthGeorgetown, South Carolina, United States
Height6 Feet (1.82M)
ProfessionYouTuber and Kids Educator
Zodiac SignTaurus
EducationBS (Emmanuel College) andMBA (Charleston Southern University)
FatherCharles Goins
MotherPeggy Goins
Marital StatusMarried

Early Life

His parents had Shawn Eric Goins in Georgetown, South Carolina, in May 1984. In 2024, he is 40, a Taurus and white.

Shawn is American and Christian from Pawleys Island, South Carolina. He is 6 feet 1 inch (182 centimeters) tall and weighs 78 kg. He leads a healthy lifestyle. Shawn balances his many job goals with a healthy lifestyle.

Handyman Hal’s Education

Shawn Goins attended a Georgetown private school for elementary school. He then earned a Bachelor of Science from Emmanuel College in 2006. In 2013, he earned an MBA in organizational leadership and development from Charleston Southern University. Shawn gained the skills and information for his broad career through college.

Handyman Hal’s Family

Handyman Shawn Goins was born in Georgetown, SC, to 68-year-old Charles and 65-year-old Peggy Goins. Shawn grew up with his siblings Kristy Goins Crabtree and Joshua Goins in his hometown. He earned an accounting degree from Vatterott College in St. Louis, Missouri, while his father, Charles, drove school buses. Charles also served two years in the army as an E-2. In Georgetown, SC, Shawn’s parents maintain a close relationship with their children. Shawn may have other siblings, but we only know Kristy and Joshua.

Handyman Hal Professional Career

Handyman Hal Professional Career

Handyman Hal’s digital media and entertainment career is versatile and successful. Handyman Hal creator Shawn Goins is a significant figure in several creative fields. Shawn’s viral YouTube channel @HandymanHal has made him a famous YouTuber, digital content developer, actor, social media influencer, comic, entertainer, educator, and online celebrity. Humor and education combine effortlessly in his programming, engaging audiences worldwide.

Shawn’s accomplishment proves his dedication and hard work. He has kept his goal and delivered compelling content to his passionate fan base through endless hours of hard effort and devotion. His story shows the power of perseverance, talent, and enthusiasm.

Shawn Goins represents the limitless possibilities of skill, diligence, and unwavering pursuit of one’s aspirations.

ProfessionYouTube star, digital content creator, actor, social media influencer, comedian, entertainer, educator, internet celebrity
OccupationOwner of YouTube channel @HandymanHal
Famous ForCaptivating blend of humor and education in content creation

Handyman Hal’s Wife

Shawn Goins, of Pawleys Island, SC, is blissfully married to an unnamed woman. Online sources falsely claim he is married and link him to Heather Brown, who appears with him in videos. Similarly, his daughters Marla and Elsie Goins are unconfirmed. Despite public curiosity, Shawn maintains his personal life private and focuses on compelling material.

Handyman Hal’s Social Media


Shawn established Handyman Hal on YouTube in August 2007, but he didn’t submit videos until the pandemic. After 600k subscribers and 400 videos, his channel has 525 million views. On April 29, 2020, he uploaded “Learn to Build Power Wheels,” his first video. “Towing For Kids,” his most popular, has 28 million views.

On Instagram and Facebook, he has 5k followers each, totaling 610k. Despite starting over a decade ago, Shawn’s channel gained popularity during the pandemic, establishing his digital content dominance.

Other Fun Things That Handyman Hal Likes to Do

Apart from Handyman Hal, Shawn Goins has many abilities and interests that balance out his personality. He uses the internet to educate and entertain, but he also focuses on daily routines. Shawn’s diverse interests improve his creativity and outlook. He loves spending time with family, traveling, and trying new things. Shawn’s diverse interests and pursuits demonstrate a balanced life where learning, humor, and discovery complement each other.

Fun Facts

  • Handyman Hal’s movies are known for perfectly mixing humor and education, making learning fun for all ages.
  • Shawn Goins’ net worth and continuous monthly and annual earnings demonstrate Handyman Hal’s content’s longevity.
  • Shawn Goins’ hard work and dedication to his passions inspire aspiring digital content developers.
  • Shawn Goins has connected with audiences worldwide thanks to Handyman Hal’s family-friendly programming.
  • Shawn Goins’ schooling shows how a strong academic foundation may lead to success in artistic industries.

FAQs about Handyman Hal (Shawn Goins)

Who is Handyman Hal?

Handyman Hal is a character portrayed by Shawn Goins, known for his family-friendly educational content on YouTube.

What is Handyman Hal known for?

Handyman Hal is renowned for his humorous and educational videos, catering to audiences of all ages.

How does Shawn Goins make money as Handyman Hal?

Shawn Goins earns revenue through various streams, including YouTube ads, merchandise sales, affiliate links, and Cameo videos.

What is Shawn Goins’ net worth?

As of 2024, Shawn Goins, also known as Handyman Hal, has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Where can I watch Handyman Hal’s videos?

His videos are available on his YouTube channel, “Handyman Hal – Educational Kids Show,” and can also be accessed on Amazon Prime.


He, also known as Shawn Goins, has made a name for himself in the digital media and entertainment industries. With a riveting blend of knowledge and comedy, he has won the respect and admiration of audiences all over the world. Shawn’s constant dedication to creating captivating content has brought him financial success and acted as an inspiration to other budding content makers. Relentlessly committed to producing family-friendly content, Handyman Hal continues to be a catalyst for good in a variety of age groups.

His story serves as an example of how ingenuity, resiliency, and unrelenting determination can change an individual and lead to success in the digital world. Handyman Hal exemplifies the essence of enthusiasm and tenacity, leaving an unforgettable mark on the digital media scene and encouraging numerous individuals to pursue their creative ambitions with fire and determination. He continues to deliver essential lessons and laughter to his audience.

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