How Tall is Zach Bryan? Everything You Need to Know

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how tall is zach bryan
how tall is zach bryan


The gifted American singer-songwriter Zach Bryan has touched audiences to tears with his real talents and heartfelt storytelling. Zach Bryan, born on the 2nd of April in 1996 in Okinawa, Japan, has crafted melodies that reflect a myriad of life encounters and surroundings influencing his artistic vision. Admirers often ponder about the stature of Zach Bryan. Here, we delve into not only his physical height but also his life story, professional trajectory, and profound impact on the realms of country and folk music.

How Tall is Zach Bryan?

Zach Bryan’s impressive stature measures 185 cm, equivalent to roughly 6 feet 1 inch, imbuing his stage presence with a commanding aura that accentuates the authenticity of his music. His towering figure not only captures attention but also complements his soulful voice, elevating his perform

ances and deepening his connection with the audience.

Who is Zach Bryan?

Zachary Lane Bryan, a notable American musician, excels as a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter. He gained prominence through his unique compositions of original country tunes, which he showcased on the platform YouTube, propelling him into the spotlight of musical recognition.

When was Zach Bryan Born?

Zach Bryan was born on April 2, 1996, under the astrological sign of Aries. This zodiac designation aligns with traits of passion, competitiveness, independence, and determination, reflecting aspects of his personality and creative drive.

Zach Bryan Biography

Zach Bryan, who was born on April 2, 1996, became well-known in the country and folk music scenes quite quickly. Originating from Okinawa, a state steeped in the history of country music, his rise to fame is characterized by genuineness, unadulterated talent, and an honest bond with his fans.

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In contrast to most musicians who attain recognition via conventional methods, Zach Bryan became well-known through the dissemination of his music on social media sites like YouTube. His deep and reflective lyrics coupled with his commanding voice made him popular right away. This unofficial method of promoting his songs finally brought him national attention and a passionate following.

Zach Bryan Wiki

NameZach Bryan
Height5 feet 10 inches
ProfessionMusical Artist
WifeRose Madden
YoutubeZach Bryan

Zach Bryan Weight

The singer of “Something in the Orange” openly embraces his passion for fitness and exercise, often seen dedicating time to workouts in the gym. Having served in the US Navy previously, his commitment to maintaining fitness remains strong. Although specifics about his weight are not publicly discussed, it is estimated that Zach Bryan weighs approximately 176 lbs.

Zach Bryan Nationality

Zach Bryan entered the world in Okinawa, Japan, during his father’s service in the Navy, where his family was stationed overseas. Upon completing the deployment, they resettled in Oologah, Oklahoma, marking the beginning of the “God Speed” singer’s formative years spent in the region.

How Did Zach Bryan Become Famous?

Zach Bryan has always harbored a deep love for folk and country music, a sentiment intertwined with his Southern heritage. Naturally, he turned to songwriting during leisure moments as a cathartic outlet for stress relief.

Zach Bryan actively wrote, recorded, and posted original music to social media sites like YouTube while he was a member of the US Navy. With the release of “Heading South,” an original song that captured fans and amassed an astounding 24 million views, his trajectory drastically changed in 2019. It also sparked broad interest in his music. Notably, this occurred during his tenure in Washington state with the Navy.

Encouraged by the popularity of his song, Zach Bryan independently released DeAnn, his first country album, in August 2019. The CD, a personal remembrance of his late mother, included twelve melancholic pieces recorded in a friend’s Florida AirBnB.

Zach Bryan’s fan base grew along with his musical influence, which resulted in live appearances at small venues… In October 2019, he made his theatrical debut in Medford, Oregon, which was a pivotal moment in his rapidly developing career.

In honor of his ex-wife, Elisabeth, Zach Bryan’s second album, was set for release in the spring of 2020. The album was a labor of love, recorded in a refurbished barn outside their family home, and included 19 tracks, some of which had already been released.

Zach Bryan persisted in being creative despite his popularity, and in November 2020, his debut EP, Quiet, Heavy Dreams, was released. This represented the beginning of a new phase in his musical career and demonstrated his unwavering love and developing skill as a singer-songwriter.

Zach Bryan’s Journey to Success

Zach Bryan’s career trajectory is evidence of his natural aptitude, unrelenting commitment, and sincere sincerity. Coming from modest beginnings, he first became well-known by posting his music on different social media sites, where his powerful voice and thoughtful lyrics quickly attracted notice. This grassroots approach not only facilitated direct connections with his audience but also cultivated a steadfast fanbase.

As his musical influence expanded, Zach Bryan’s compositions transcended genre boundaries. His unique musical style, which blended folk undertones with classic country components, connected with listeners of many musical backgrounds. He distinguished himself from his peers by using music to skillfully convey nuanced emotions and gripping narratives, which gained him both a loyal following and praise from critics.

What sets Zach Bryan apart on his road is his unwavering commitment to authenticity and artistic integrity.He plays important roles in the music creation process, which allows his unfiltered spirit and undiluted talent to come through in his work. This hands-on approach ensures that each piece retains its sincerity and genuineness, forging deeper connections with fans and resonating on profound emotional levels.

Zach Bryan Career

Zach Bryan’s rapid ascent in the music industry has long intrigued observers. The musician himself asserts that he never aspired to fame through online sharing; rather, he saw it as a way to relieve stress.

Yet, despite his modest intentions, Bryan captivated audiences with his unfiltered, genuine lyrics and unique vocal style. His poetic prowess places him among the ranks of adept storytellers such as Grammy-nominated country artists Tyler Childers and Colter Wall.

At the present moment, Bryan’s star continues to ascend steadily. Zach Bryan won four categories at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards, including Emerging Artist of the Year, Top Rock Artist, Best Rock Album, and Leading Rock Song. He was voted Billboard’s outstanding emerging artist of 2023. Bryan earned an astounding 14 nominations.

This rising star in the country music industry also won the Academy of Country Music Awards. In 2023, he won the CMA Awards as the best new male performer, defeating some very strong opposition.

Currently, Bryan is diligently crafting a fresh country music album, striving to elevate his standing in the industry and set his sights on a coveted Grammy award.

Zach Bryan Cars Collection

Zach Bryan’s car collection and personal vehicle preferences remain shrouded in mystery to the public eye. Occasional glimpses caught by paparazzi depict him entering a vintage Ford Bronco SUV, hinting at a fondness for classic automobiles.

However, the artist maintains a highly private demeanor regarding specifics about his possessions, including his interest in cars. Known for his relaxed nature and grounded upbringing in the Midwest, Bryan appears to be the type who would not indulge in an opulent array of luxury vehicles.

Zach Bryan Net Worth

As Zach Bryan’s presence in the music industry is relatively recent, he is still in the early stages of accumulating wealth. At present, estimates place Zach Bryan’s net worth around $2 million.

Zach Bryan Personal Life

During his naval service, Zach Bryan crossed paths with Elisabeth Rose Madden, whose name would later grace his second album. Their marriage in 2020 was followed by a swift divorce in 2021.

Zach Bryan and his ex-wife have not made any public comments about the reasons behind their split, thus they are still kept under wraps. Nonetheless, some sources indicate that Bryan’s purported adultery might have contributed to their marriage’s breakdown.

Following his divorce, Zach Bryan entered a relationship with Deb Peifer, and they resided together in Philadelphia. Their shared moments were occasionally documented in photos until they decided to part ways in May 2023.

As of now, Zach Bryan is romantically involved with Brianna LaPaglia, also known as Brianna Chickenfry. Addressing speculations about their relationship on her podcast, Brianna described their bond as casual and emphasized that they are simply enjoying each other’s company.

Zach Bryan’s Parents

Dewayne and Anette Bryan, who are Zach’s parents, both had notable careers in the Navy. The tradition of active-duty service runs deep in Zach’s paternal lineage, leading him to enlist at the young age of 17 as a continuation of this family legacy.

While Zach doesn’t openly discuss his father much, glimpses of their close relationship can be seen in photos shared on Instagram. However, there is a noticeable fondness and preference for his mother within the “I Remember Everything” singer.

Anette Bryan, affectionately known as DeAnne, is remembered as a nurturing, supportive, and loving mother by those who knew her. Zach’s deep sorrow following his mother’s passing in 2016 is evident from his frequent Instagram posts honoring her memory, showcasing the enduring impact she had on his life.

Zach Bryan’s Siblings

Zach Bryan’s sister, Mackenzie Bryan, has carved out a career as a stand-up comedian and live performer. As the only two children in their family, Zach and Mackenzie share a close and affectionate bond.Their relationship is evident in the time they spend together and their frequent social media posts featuring each other, showcasing a strong sibling connection.

Social Media Presences

Bryan’s social media presence balances engaging with his dedicated fans while preserving a sense of mystique.


Zach Bryan’s social media profiles provide a candid look behind the scenes of his studio work, life on tour, and moments of levity that reflect his playful side. He frequently shares selfies from outdoor adventures, offering a glimpse into his exploratory spirit.

Through thoughtful captions and posts, Bryan expresses gratitude for his growing fanbase and occasionally teases snippets of upcoming songs. However, much of his content maintains an air of mystery regarding his creative process and personal life.

Fans appreciate how Bryan creates an intimate atmosphere at his concerts, despite performing for large audiences. This same warmth extends to his social media interactions, where every like, repost, or comment is valued as a meaningful connection.


Early Military Service: Zach Bryan began his musical career while serving in the US Navy. His time stationed in Washington state allowed him to pursue his passion for music, leading to the creation and sharing of original songs on social media platforms.

Social Media Recognition: Through platforms like YouTube, Zach Bryan gained recognition for his deep and reflective lyrics paired with a commanding voice. His grassroots approach to sharing music helped him amass a dedicated fanbase, propelling him into the spotlight of musical recognition.

Independent Album Release: In 2019, Zach Bryan independently released his first country album titled “DeAnn.” This album, consisting of twelve heartfelt tracks recorded in a friend’s Florida AirBnB, served as a personal tribute to his late mother and garnered critical acclaim for its emotional depth.

Live Performances and Connection with Fans: Despite his growing popularity, Zach Bryan continues to perform at intimate venues, fostering a genuine connection with his audience. His live performances, including a notable theatrical debut in Medford, Oregon, showcase his musical prowess and dedication to authentic storytelling.

Musical Style and Impact: Zach Bryan’s musical style blends folk influences with classic country elements, appealing to listeners across various musical preferences. His ability to convey complex emotions and narratives through music has earned him praise from fans and critics alike, solidifying his place in the country and folk music scenes.


Born in Okinawa, Japan, on April 2, 1996, Zach Bryan is a talented American singer-songwriter renowned for his genuine folk and country songs. He became well-known by sharing his original songs on social media sites like YouTube and enthralling listeners with his emotive lyrics and strong voice. Zach gained national recognition thanks to his talent and genuineness, even though he had an unusual career start. His dedication to genuineness and creative integrity has won him praise from critics and won him admirers. Zach Bryan’s reputation in the music business is growing thanks to his numerous accomplishments, hit albums, and loyal fan following.


What is Zach Bryan’s height?

Zach Bryan is approximately 6 feet 1 inch tall, or 185 cm.

When was Zach Bryan born?

Zach Bryan was born on April 2, 1996, in Okinawa, Japan.

What is Zach Bryan’s nationality?

Zach Bryan is American by nationality, having been born to parents who served in the US Navy.

What is Zach Bryan’s profession?

Zach Bryan is a talented musician, excelling as a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter in the country and folk music genres.

Is Zach Bryan married?

Yes, Zach Bryan is married to Rose Madden.

What is Zach Bryan’s net worth?

As of now, Zach Bryan’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

What are some notable achievements in Zach Bryan’s career?

Zach Bryan has won awards such as Emerging Artist of the Year, Top Rock Artist, Best Rock Album, and Leading Rock Song at the Billboard Music Awards. He has also won accolades at the Academy of Country Music Awards and the CMA Awards.

What is Zach Bryan’s social media presence like?

Zach Bryan maintains active profiles on Instagram (@zachlanebryan), Twitter (@zachlanebryan), TikTok (zachlanebryan), and YouTube (Zach Bryan), sharing insights into his music career and personal life with fans.

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