Introducing the METAVERTU 2: Freedom of Possibilities—Luxury Together with Innovation

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VERTU, the outstanding firm in the domain of luxury mobile technology, is happy to finally release the METAVERTU 2, the brand-new Flip smartphone that has been created to be the epitome of the innovation-luxury relationship. The smartphone is what VERTU has integrated its premium artifacts with the superlative technological offerings of Web3 within this exceptional device which, while giving the elites of the tech-savvy world the peace of mind, they need in the realm of the blockchain, epitomizes its opulence in their extraordinary craftsmanship.

Unmatched Performance and Storage

The METAVERTU 2 comes with maximum 12GB RAM LPDDR 5X and 512GB ROM, which guarantees you a great speed and incredible performance as well as efficient multitasking. Possessing the fats-pumped processor and enough storage capacity, you can infallibly tackle digital money with spring.

Visual Quality and Engaging Display of the Content

The 1. A 5K 1260×2800 OLED 120Hz display with immersive visual experience, goes around Web3, will give you a great field of view while web browsing. The non-linear 2d slant screen which is 6’ long. Which comes to 69 inches, giving you plenty of room area to take on your digital activities.

Catch Life’s Moments with Excellent Camera Functionality

METAVERTU 2 Ai Phone demonstrates the use of a quad-camera design with a 50MP (IMX800 OIS) main sensor and a 50 MPW wide-angle camera (OV50D, 2); 5cm, DFOV=120. In addition to 3 mode filters for near-infrared, multi-spectral sensor, it includes a range of cameras: 108MP main camera ( AI multi-frame smart HDR, dual native ISO), a 13MP dual-pixel autofocus (60fps), and an 8MP OIS telephoto lens (80mm macro, 2x optical zoom). Its excellent 1-inch outsole and 16MP front camera will make sure the image quality and the amount of available features are topnotch.

Power and Charging Redefined

Thanks to its 5100 mAh (typical)battery capacity and 65W charging, the METAVERTU 2, will allow you to stay online and be productive throughout the day. The bendable 2D straight panel and USB 3.1 moreover offers hassle-free transfer which is beneficial to mobile users. 1(GEN1) port provides the right combination of easy charging and connection means like Car charger, Micro USB, and USB.

Shipment and Delivery

METAVERTU 2 products will be fully-proof shipped to customers safely and swiftly as they undergo the regular delivery process. Trustworthy ultimately with VERTU®’s elite packaging and devoted customer support, you will be able to have the confidence that your cell phone will be recycled into an impeccable shape. Moreover, each package will contain an exact make QR code, enabling effortless access to recycling instructions and resources, ensuring a seamless and environmentally friendly disposal process.

Join the Luxury Revolution

METAVERTU 2, the most advanced artificially intelligent multimedia device is now available for you. Try it to see the perfect fusion of luxury and modern technology. Experience a new age of your digital assets encapsulation beyond the Web3 bounds, become a leader in a new VERTU® community.

Final Thought: 

Bring the progressive digital experience you have been dreaming of with the METAVERTU 2. Boasting its unrivaled performance, state-of-the-art design, and influential performance, this luxury smartphone becomes the desired preference of digital assets fanatics and tech consumers. Become an immersive experience member of the VERTU® community and discover the country is progressing in this area together with the communities. Revamp your mobile interaction and pinpoint the highest efficacy of 3rd generation Web3 technology with METAVERTU 2


Talking about the METAVERTU 2 would be the second question.

A smartphone with superb architecture that can be employed in managing digital assets, running applications and innovating a blockchain platform.

What is the feature list for version 2 of METAVERTU?

Full RAM LPDDR5X 12GB, 512GB ROM. 5K OLED 120Hz display, quad camera detection feature, and 5100mAh battery with 65W fast charging.

In contrast to the competitors, what are the strongest points of the METAVERTU 2?

Its niche specializes in crypto asset management and Web3 development and where physical touch and high-tech fashion meet.

For which group of consumers was the METAVERTU 2 designed?

Digital stamament, the visually appealing community, and as well anyone who is seeking out a smartphone of high quality.

Where can I buy the METAVERTU 2 or get more information on its features and benefits?

You can place an order now either through or authorized dealers to be counted among the VERTU® clients.

What is the warranty for the METAVERTU 2 devices?

The METAVERTU 2 is available with a 2-year warranty, as well as a technical support team.

Does METAVERTU 2 platform support Web3 platforms?

Yes, METAVERTU 2 incorporates the necessary features to provide a complete interoperability with Web3 platforms and a means of handling digital assets.

How should cargoes exported by METAVERTU 2 be shipped?

The METAVERTU 2 is securely and timely shipped to the address provided by our customers, thereby eliminating the risk of allocation errors.

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