Kenny g Net Worth: Bio, Wiki, Education, Career, Awards, Real Estate & Others

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kenny g net worth
kenny g net worth


Kenny G, who is well-known for his proficiency in the American adult contemporary and smooth jazz genres, has established himself as both a financial speculator and a maestro of melodic expression in the world of music. Kenny G is considered a musical icon in the symphonic world, with an estimated net worth of $100 million.Flaunting an illustrious dossier marked by the sale of 75 million records on a global scale, he lays claim to the title of the most prosperous instrumentalist in the annals of sonic history. This feat, moreover, positions him within the upper echelons of the elite league comprising the top 100 highest-grossing artists spanning the entirety of musical categories.

Kenny g Net Worth

With an immense total assets of $100 million, American saxophonist Kenny G is notable for his commitments to grown-up contemporary and smooth jazz music. Having sold 75 million Compact discs around the world, Kenny G is the most achieved instrumentalist in music history and is positioned in the best 100 entertainers with the best by and large collection deals.

Kenny G has established himself as a successful real estate and financial markets investor in addition to his musical pursuits. Some reports indicate that he made a significant return on his early investment in Starbucks before the company went public, maybe even outpacing his earnings from his singing career. Although the precise amount of his ownership is still unknown, it’s important to remember that a $1,000 purchase in Starbucks on its

Furthermore, Kenny G has demonstrated prowess in real estate investment, as evidenced by his substantial monthly rental income of approximately $600,000, as revealed in a divorce court filing from April 2023.

2019$14 million
2020$12 million
2021$10 million
2022$15 million

Kenny g Biography

Kenneth Bruce Gorelick entered the world on June 5, 1956, in Seattle, Washington. During his high school years, he faced disappointment when he was initially turned down by the jazz band after his first audition. Undeterred, he persisted and eventually secured his place in the band the following year, earning himself a coveted first chair position. Notably, one of his fellow musicians and classmates during this time was Robert Damper, who remains a member of his band to this day, showcasing his talent on piano and keyboards.

At a tender age of 17, Kenny embarked on his professional journey, landing his first gig as a sideman for Barry White’s esteemed Love Unlimited Orchestra. Alongside his collaborations with White, Kenny G also lent his talents to the Seattle funk outfit Cold, Bold & Together before transitioning to a recognized member of The Jeff Lorber Fusion.

Kenny g Childhood

Kenny G has always had a special place in his heart for the saxophone. He was born Kenneth Bruce Gorelick to Jewish parents in Seattle’s Seward Park neighborhood. At ten years old, he fostered a serious energy with the instrument in the wake of seeing an enchanting execution on The Ed Sullivan Show.

He studied under local trumpeter Gerald Pfister, determined to become a master saxophonist, and practiced by mimicking the records of jazz great George Washington Jr. Buffet Crampon’s alto saxophone was his first instrument of choice when he began his musical career.

Formally educated at institutions like Whitworth Elementary School, Sharples Junior High School, and Franklin High School, Kenny’s passion for music never waned. Despite an initial setback in securing a spot in the jazz band, his perseverance paid off the following year when he earned a coveted seat. Meanwhile, he dedicated himself to private lessons with saxophonist and clarinetist Johnny Jessen for a year, further enriching his musical prowess.

Kenny g Wiki

NameKenneth Bruce Gorelick
Net Worth$100 million
Annual Income$50 million
Sources of IncomeMusic, Concerts
DOBJune 5, 1956
Age67 years

Kenny g Education 

Even while still attending high school, Kenny G secured his first gig as a sideman for Barry White’s Love Unlimited Orchestra in 1973. This opportunity marked the beginning of several collaborations with White, shaping Kenny’s early career. During this time, he started going as Kenny G on stage.

Indeed, even as his profession as a saxophonist took off, Kenny never faltered in his devotion to his examinations. He majored in accounting at the University of Washington in Seattle in addition to his burgeoning musical career. His university graduation with honors and the award of magna cum laude show that his hard work paid off.

Kenny g Career

Weezer and Kenny G collaborated on an AOL album promotion for “Raditude” in 2009. The next year, he entered the R&B scene, working with Babyface and Robin Thicke on his thirteenth studio album, “Heart and Soul.” This album took the number one place on the Billboard Jazz chart and surged to the top.

Kenny G had a number of noteworthy appearances on several platforms in 2011. He began by presenting an iconic Audi Super Bowl XLV commercial, “Release the Hounds.” He also acted in a short film that followed the fictitious Head of Riot Suppression at a Luxury Prison. Later, he appeared in Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” music video with an array of celebrities, and even.

Beyond his musical endeavors and collaborations with renowned artists, Kenny G also embraces the role of a radio personality. He graces the airwaves each morning alongside Sandy Kovach on WLOQ in Orlando, Florida.

In 2015, Kenny G unveiled his seventeenth studio album, “Brazilian Nights,” which secured a spot at number 86 on the U.S. Billboard 200 and clinched the number 1 position on the U.S. Billboard Jazz Albums chart. Fast forward to 2021, he treated fans to his eighteenth album, “New Standards.” The subsequent year, he surprised audiences with a cameo in the song “Merkurius Gilded” by the metal band Imperial Triumphant.

Kenny g Awards

Embarking upon his journey to fame, Kenny G’s origins trace back to modest beginnings. Born under the moniker Kenneth Bruce Gorelick on June 5, 1956, amidst the urban tapestry of Seattle, Washington, he surmounted initial setbacks to ascend as a prominent luminary within the realm of melody. His phenomenal ability collected acknowledgment when he got a billet inside Barry White’s regarded Love Limitless Ensemble at a youthful time of just 17 years. Throughout the span of his vocation, he has accomplished various critical achievements. The arrival of his most memorable collection, “Kenny G,” in 1982 denoted the start of his excursion to the highest point of the music world.

Kenny G left a lasting impression on the music scene when he won the 1994 American Music Awards’ Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist title. His record-breaking 16 nominations attest to his legendary presence in the Grammy Awards annals. Amongst his laurels lies the coveted triumph in 1994 for the Best Instrumental Composition, immortalizing his magnum opus “Forever in Love”. Furthermore, Kenny G’s eminence shines brightly with dual victories for the Outstanding Jazz Artist distinction at the NAACP Image Awards, conferred upon him in 1994 and once more in 1998, cementing his legacy as a maestro of his craft.

Kenny g Real Estate

Kenny has claimed different homes the nation over all through his profession. One prominent obtaining happened in 1990, when Kenny contributed a sum of $8.8 million through three separate exchanges to collect a rambling four-section of land domain in Chases Point, Washington. After that, in 1995, he was in charge of building a magnificent 12,200-square-foot mansion on the property. This extravagant residence was subsequently recorded available to be purchased in 1998 with a requesting cost from $26.5 million. In the end, in 1999, the property changed hands to PDA magnate Craig McCaw for an undisclosed aggregate.

In July 2022, McCaw decided to part ways with the estate, initially placing it on the market for a staggering $85 million. However, despite reducing the price to $70 million a year later, the property has yet to find a buyer at the time of this writing. For those interested, a video tour showcasing the former Kenny G Hunts Point estate is available for viewing.

Kenny g Personal Life

Kenny entered matrimony with Janice DeLeon in 1980, and their union endured until 1987. Later, he exchanged vows with Lyndie Benson in 1992, a partnership that lasted until 2012. Together, they are blessed with two sons.

Kenny g Divorce Alimony Payment

Following the finalization of their divorce in 2013, Kenny commenced providing Lyndie Benson with alimony support amounting to $40,000 monthly, equating to $360,000 annually.

However, in March 2023, Kenny sought to amend the alimony arrangement, citing a substantial decline in income attributable to the lingering effects of the COVID pandemic on touring revenue. At the time of his petition, Kenny had disbursed approximately $4 million to Lyndie over the preceding decade.

Social Media Accounts

Instagram280K followers
Facebook1.8 million followers
Twitter96.3K Followers


Total Assets: Kenny G boasts a substantial net worth estimated at $100 million.

Musical Career: Renowned for his contributions to adult contemporary and smooth jazz music, Kenny G has sold a staggering 75 million CDs worldwide, making him the most successful instrumentalist in music history.

Financial Ventures: Beyond music, Kenny G has ventured into real estate and financial markets. He reportedly made significant returns on investments, including an early stake in Starbucks before it went public.

Real Estate Investments: Kenny G has displayed acumen in real estate investment, evidenced by substantial monthly rental income, estimated at approximately $600,000 as of April 2023.

Earnings Over Years: Kenny G’s earnings have been impressive over the years, with notable figures including $14 million in 2019, $12 million in 2020, $10 million in 2021, and $15 million in 2022.


Kenny G is a household name in the adult contemporary and smooth jazz music scenes. He has an impressive $100 million in the bank. He has sold a surprising 75 million Discs overall in light of the fact that to his melodic ability, making him the most capable instrumentalist in music history. His business and land tries have additionally added to his wealth; he has spread the word about interests in Starbucks and other well organizations. In spite of variances in profit throughout the long term, Kenny G’s monetary portfolio stays vigorous, with significant month to month rental pay further supporting his monetary standing.


How much is Kenny G’s net worth? 

Kenny G’s net worth is estimated at $100 million, making him one of the wealthiest musicians in the world.

What are Kenny G’s main sources of income? 

Kenny G derives his income primarily from his successful music career, including album sales and concert performances. He also earns from investments in real estate and financial markets.

Has Kenny G won any awards for his musical achievements? 

Yes, Kenny G has received numerous accolades, including the American Music Award for Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist in 1994 and multiple Grammy nominations. He won the Grammy for Best Instrumental Composition in 1994 for “Forever in Love.”

What other ventures has Kenny G pursued besides music?

In addition to music, Kenny G has ventured into real estate and financial markets, reportedly achieving success with investments such as an early stake in Starbucks.

How has Kenny G’s income varied over the years? 

Kenny G’s income has fluctuated over the years, with earnings ranging from $10 million to $15 million annually in recent years. Factors such as album sales, concert performances, and investment returns contribute to these fluctuation.

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