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On February 17, 1963, Daniel Lawrence Whitney—also known as Larry the Cable Guy—was born. Tom and Shirley Whitney are his parents, and they raise him on an 80-acre farm in Nebraska.  The roots of his story intertwine with the vast expanse of the Nebraska landscape. The family roots run  deep in Nebraska, shaping Larry’s upbringing.Later, when Larry was sixteen, the family moved to West Palm Beach, Florida.  Larry pursued his education in drama and speech, attending both the Baptist University of America and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Larry The Cable Guy Net Worth

The American stand-up comedian and actor Larry the Cable Guy is worth $100 million. When he was a part of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Larry the Cable Guy coined the phrase “git-R-done,” which is now widely used as his catchphrase. Some of Larry’s humorous CDs have been certified as gold albums by the RIAA.


The man referred to as Larry the Cable Guy, Daniel Lawrence Whitney, was born in Pawnee City, Nebraska. Along with being a well-known producer, he is also well-known for his parts in the films Cars (2006), Cars 2 (2011), and Cars 3 (2017). Additionally, he founded the Comedy Tour with Blue Collar. Since July 3, 2005, he and Cara Whitney have been wed. They are parents of two kids.


Full NameDaniel Lawrence Whitney
ProfessionActor, comedian, voice artist
Weight275 lbs.
Date of BirthFebruary 17, 1963
Place of BirthPawnee City, Nebraska, USA
Marital StatusMarried
Astrological SignAquarius
Net Worth$50 million

Early Life

Amidst the confines of Pawnee City, Nebraska, emerged a luminary on February 17, 1963 – Daniel Lawrence Whitney, renowned by the moniker Larry the Cable Guy, fostered his early years within the realms of a porcine estate. Tom Whitney, a clergyman, maestro of amusement, and skilled guitarist, alongside Shirley Whitney, bestowed upon him the gift of life. In the twilight of the 1970s, Larry commenced his scholastic journey at The King’s Academy in West Palm Beach, Florida, under the tutelage of his paternal figure, who presided over the elementary educational domain. Subsequently, in 1980, he transitioned to the corridors of knowledge at Berean Christian School in West Palm Beach, culminating in his graduation in 1982. Venturing into academia, Larry pursued erudition at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln and Baptist University of America in Georgia, with a focal point on oratory and dramaturgy. Nevertheless, he left college during his junior year in order to

Personal Life

_Residing in the heart of Lincoln, Nebraska, Larry has made a home on a sprawling 180-acre farm alongside his cherished family. The sacred bonds of matrimony united him with Cara in the warm embrace of July 2005, and from this union, two offspring grace their lives. The trials of parenthood took a poignant turn when their son, Wyatt, grappled with dysplasia during infancy, compelling a journey to the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in the sun-kissed city of Orlando, Florida.

Moved by compassion and a commitment to the cause, Larry, in September 2010, contributed a noteworthy sum of $5 million to the hospital, earmarked for advancing the International Hip Dysplasia Institute within its hallowed walls. Beyond his financial benevolence, Larry orchestrated fundraising endeavors for the hospital, showcasing his altruistic spirit on popular game shows like “Family Feud” and “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?”.

The culmination of Larry’s philanthropic endeavors manifested in May 2012 when the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children unveiled a new chapter in its legacy – the Wyatt Whitney Wing, a testament to the enduring impact of benevolence on the realm of pediatric healthcare.


In the tapestry of familial ties, Shirley Whitney assumed the role of Larry’s mother, complemented by the multifaceted persona of his father, Tom Whitney – a paragon of Christian ministry, artistic expression, and guitar mastery. Siblings adorned his life, with a sister named Debbie Whitney and a brother, Tom Whitney Jr., enriching the familial landscape.

The chapter of matrimony unfolded for Larry in 2005, with the exchange of vows with his beloved Cara Whitney marking the auspicious date of July 3. This union blossomed into parenthood, blessing them with the joyous company of two offspring. Their son, Wyatt Whitney, made his debut on August 2, 2006, followed by the arrival of a daughter on October 29, 2007. The embrace of family and roots holds a special place for Larry, as evidenced by the dedication of a street in his honor in the quaint environs of his hometown, Pawnee City.


Renowned for his contributions to American humor, this actor’s work in films such as “Delta Farce” and “Witless Protection,” as well as his memorable voice work as Mater in “Cars,” have made a lasting impression. He previously stated that he was 5 feet 11 inches tall, making a straightforward admission regarding his height.  Adding a touch of transparency to his personal journey, the year 2011 saw him candidly share his weight, stating, “Now I weigh about 275 lbs.”


In the realm of comedic prowess, Larry the Cable Guy stands as a luminary, adorned with countless platinum accolades, a Grammy nomination, and the prestigious Billboard award triumph. He has etched his identity as an eminent humorist on the national stage, wielding a flourishing vocation and an array of distinctive possessions. Larry’s performances consistently orchestrate sold-out symphonies in theaters and arenas spanning the expanse of the United States. Beyond the limelight, Larry has manifested The Git-R-Done Foundation, a philanthropic embodiment of his iconic catchphrase, contributing a staggering sum exceeding 7 million dollars to diverse charitable causes.


Larry embarked on his comedic journey during the early 1990s through a series of radio engagements. Among these were appearances on renowned programs like the nationally syndicated “The Ron and Ron Show,” “The Bob and Tom Show,” and “The Chris Baker Show” on KDGE. His comedic prowess also graced the airwaves of “The Todd and Tyler Show” on KEZO in Omaha, the “Kirk, Mark, and Lopez” morning show on WIYY in Maryland, and “The Johnny Dare Morning Show” on KQRC in Kansas City. As his popularity soared, Larry expanded his comedic footprint, featuring in diverse shows across the nation, including the vibrant city of Orlando, Florida.

Larry’s transition into the persona of Larry the Cable Guy stemmed from a desire to amplify his impact, having faced limited success performing stand-up under his birth name. The Cable Guy character, adorned with a distinctive Southern drawl and a stereotypical redneck appearance, became a comedic phenomenon. Larry’s catchphrase “Git-R-Done!” became synonymous with his comedic brand, and he seamlessly weaved anecdotes about family and jokes stemming from his redneck roots. Notable catchphrases like “Lord, I apologize, and be with the starvin’ Pygmies in New Guinea, Amen” followed jokes of questionable taste, while his infectious “I don’t care who ya are, that’s funny right there” coaxed laughter from the audience in unison.


Birth and Early Life: Born as Daniel Lawrence Whitney on February 17, 1963, in Pawnee City, Nebraska.Raised on an 80-acre farm in Nebraska by parents Tom and Shirley Whitney.Family moved to West Palm Beach, Florida, when Larry was sixteen.

Education: Studied drama and speech at the Baptist University of America and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Career Highlights: Well-known actor, comedian, and voice artist. Notable roles in the “Cars” film series (2006, 2011, 2017).Coined the catchphrase “git-R-done” during the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.Founded the Comedy Tour with Blue Collar.

Personal Life: Married to Cara Whitney since July 3, 2005.Parents of two children, Wyatt (born August 2, 2006) and a daughter (born October 29, 2007).Larry is actively involved in philanthropy, notably contributing $5 million to the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

Net Worth: Larry the Cable Guy’s net worth is estimated to be $100 million.His catchphrase “git-R-done” became widely popular and is associated with his comedic brand.


Daniel Lawrence Whitney, popularly known as Larry the Cable Guy, was born in Nebraska in 1963 and later moved to Florida. His career as an actor, comedian, and voice artist includes iconic roles in the “Cars” film series. Larry gained fame during the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, coining the catchphrase “git-R-done.” Beyond his entertainment career, he’s engaged in philanthropy, notably contributing to the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. Larry’s net worth is estimated at $100 million.


When was Larry the Cable Guy born?

Larry the Cable Guy, born Daniel Lawrence Whitney, was born on February 17, 1963, in Pawnee City, Nebraska.

What is Larry the Cable Guy’s net worth?

Larry the Cable Guy’s net worth is estimated to be $100 million.

What is Larry’s catchphrase?

Larry’s catchphrase is “git-R-done,” which became widely popular during the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

What philanthropic efforts is Larry involved in?

In September 2010, Larry contributed $5 million to the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, supporting the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. He continues to engage in fundraising activities for charitable causes.

How many children does Larry the Cable Guy have?

Larry and his wife, Cara, have two children. Wyatt was born on August 2, 2006, and they have a daughter born on October 29, 2007.

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