Legacy Shave and Lori Greiner: From Shark Tank to Success

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Legacy Shave
Legacy Shave

Legacy Shave’s journey is a compelling story of innovation, persistence, and entrepreneurial spirit. Their appearance on Shark Tank significantly propelled their business, capturing the interest of Lori Greiner, a prominent investor and entrepreneur.

Legacy Shave Wiki

Legacy Shave was founded by brothers Mike and Dave Gutow in 2016. They aimed to solve the common problem of shaving cream waste, inspired by their late father’s innovative brush design found in his basement.

Shark Tank Experience

During their Shark Tank pitch, the Gutow brothers requested $300,000 for 10% equity. Lori Greiner ultimately invested $700,000 for a 95% stake, leaving the founders with a 5% equity share. This deal provided the much-needed boost for Legacy Shave, leading to a remarkable surge in sales and visibility.

Post-Shark Tank Success

Post-appearance, Legacy Shave saw a 500% increase in sales within a year. Strategic marketing campaigns and social media buzz played crucial roles in this growth. Collaborations with notable grooming brands further expanded their market reach.

Product Innovation and Expansion

Legacy Shave introduced new products, including eco-friendly options, based on feedback from customers and the sharks. These innovations not only diversified their offerings but also attracted a broader audience.

Challenges and Setbacks

Despite their success, the company faced inventory management issues, shipping complexities, and increased competition. Maintaining brand consistency during rapid growth was also challenging.

Personal Story and Emotional Appeal

The Gutow brothers’ motivation stemmed from a deeply personal place. Their father’s battle with cancer and the discovery of his shaving brushes added an emotional layer to their entrepreneurial journey.

Media and Public Reception

Legacy Shave garnered significant media coverage and positive public response. Their story resonated with many, leading to high engagement on social media and numerous positive reviews.


Legacy Shave’s journey from a basement discovery to a successful business highlights the power of resilience and innovation. With Lori Greiner’s investment and expertise, the company continues to thrive, marking its place in the competitive grooming industry.


Q: What is Legacy Shave’s net worth post-Shark Tank?

A: According to geeksaroundglobe, As of 2024, Legacy Shave’s net worth stands at approximately $760,000.

Q: How did Lori Greiner’s investment impact Legacy Shave?

A: Lori Greiner’s investment provided critical financial support and marketing expertise, leading to a substantial increase in sales and market presence.

Q: What products does Legacy Shave offer?

A: Legacy Shave offers the Evolution Brush, shaving cream, razors, soaps, and nail grooming sets. They have also expanded to include eco-friendly options.

Q: What were some challenges Legacy Shave faced post-Shark Tank?

A: The company faced challenges in inventory management, shipping logistics, increased competition, and maintaining brand consistency.

Q: How has Legacy Shave innovated their products?

A: They expanded their product line with new scents and eco-friendly options, responding to customer feedback and market demands.

Q: Where can Legacy Shave products be purchased?

A: Legacy Shave products are available on their official website and major online retailers like Amazon.

Q: What is the story behind Legacy Shave’s founding?

A: Legacy Shave was inspired by the founders’ late father, whose innovative brush design aimed to reduce shaving cream waste. They found this design while cleaning their father’s basement after his passing.

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