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makeiva albritten
makeiva albritten


In the domain of performing arts, Makeiva Albritten emerges as a prominent figure, gracing the stage and screen with her unparalleled prowess. Originating from the bustling city of Detroit, Michigan, this luminary was brought into the world on July 17, 1995, bearing the banner of African-American heritage with pride. From her nascent years, Makeiva embarked on a journey saturated with promise, navigating the intricate realms of acting and dancing with finesse, propelling herself into the stratosphere of global recognition. Elle a reçu une multitude d’approbation de la part d’admirateurs et de critiques, traversant les frontières culturelles et géographiques.

Néanmoins, au-delà de la beauté et de la renommée de ses succès professionnels, se trouve un cœur caritatif, rempli de compassion et de dévouement. Makeiva Albritten est une illustration de l’altruisme, en dirigeant son énergie vers l’amélioration des défavorisés et en soutenant la cause des personnes pris au piège par la violence. Her inébranlable spirit serves as a guiding light, illuminating pathways of hope and resilience for those in need, encouraging others to participate in the noble pursuit of benevolence.

Who is Makeiva Albritten?

Makeiva Albritten est une excellente actrice et danseuse originaire de la dynamique ville de Detroit, en Michigan. Avec ses remarquables talents, elle a suscité une grande admiration et admiration, captivating hearts à travers le monde. Très connue pour ses prestations remarquables, Makeiva a brillé sur les scènes grandes et petites, captivant les spectateurs avec ses capacités d’interprétation exceptionnelles.

Beyond her acting skills, Makeiva is a mesmerizing dancer, renowned for her fluid and graceful movements that never fail to leave spectators in awe. Cependant, ce n’est pas seulement son talent qui la distingue, mais plutôt sa véritable amabilité et compassion qui font pleinement preuve de brillance. Her character is exemplified by Makeiva’s passion for helping others and having a positive impact on the world.

Makeiva a été une source d’inspiration pour toutes les jeunes filles grâce à sa détermination inébranlable et à ses efforts sans relâche. Her voyage représente la force du travail dur et de la persévérance, encourageant d’autres à poursuivre leurs rêves inébranlables.. Look no further than Makeiva Albritten if you are looking for a role model to admire and emulate.

Makeiva Albritten Biography

Makeiva Albritten, a celebrated American actress, has carved out a notable niche for herself with memorable performances, particularly in roles like Paige in “Watch Your Back” and Alicia in “Queen of Kings.” Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Makeiva kicked off her journey in the entertainment industry with a splash, making her debut in “The Dirty D.”

As the years have rolled on, her exceptional talent has propelled her into the limelight, resulting in a substantial boost in her wealth. While you can delve into the finer details of her age, height, weight, marital status, and family in her Wikipedia profile, let’s delve deeper into Makeiva Albritten’s evolving career triumphs and personal insights as of 2023.

Making Albritton Early Life

In the early years of Makeiva Albritten’s life, an intense passion for the arts distinguished her upbringing, unfolding in the dynamic urban landscape of Detroit, Michigan. The city’s kaleidoscopic cultural milieu ignited her aspirations and fueled her ambitions.

Makeiva’s innate talents in the realms of acting and dance manifested at a tender age, evoking awe in those who beheld her gifts. Enrolling in dance classes and actively participating in local theatrical productions, she eagerly cultivated her abilities. This diligent pursuit facilitated the refinement of her skills, furnishing her with invaluable expertise.

The fruits of Makeiva’s steadfast resolve became apparent at the age of 10 when she secured her inaugural professional role. This early triumph heralded the commencement of her promising odyssey in the realm of entertainment. The groundwork laid during her formative years and the nascent stages of her career laid the groundwork for Makeiva’s subsequent achievements, shaping her into the remarkable actress and dancer revered today.


NameMakeiva Albritten
Date of BirthJuly 17, 1995
Place of BirthDetroit, Michigan, USA
EthnicityAfrican American
JobActor, Model, Dancer
EducationWayne State University
Height5 feet 7 inches (approx.)
Weight68 kg (approx.)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Zodiac SignLeo
Net Worth$500K (approx.)

Makeiva Albritten Education

Makeiva Albritten attended Wayne State University, renowned for its diverse array of courses and exceptional educational standards. During her time there, she immersed herself in a myriad of subjects, enriching her knowledge and personal development. Beyond the confines of her classes, Makeiva actively engaged in extracurricular activities, enhancing her university experience and fostering significant personal growth.

Makeiva Albritten Age

In the tapestry of time, Makeiva Albritten graced the world stage on July 17, 1995, marking the genesis of a remarkable journey. Fast forward to the present day of 2023, and she now traverses the realm of 28 years, a testament to her evolution and growth. Under the celestial canopy, she finds herself under the tender embrace of the Cancer zodiac sign, a constellation that bestows upon her a unique blend of sensitivity and creativity, shaping her essence and guiding her path.

Makeiva Albritten Height & Weight

Makeiva Albritten is approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs around 68 kilograms. She boasts striking black hair and captivating black eyes.

Makeiva Albritten Personal life

Makeiva Albritten a a vibrante et prospère carrière d’actrice, de mannequin et de danseuse qui captive les spectateurs avec son talent et son charme. Despite her busy and exciting professional life, she respects her privacy and prefers to keep her personal affairs private and private. While details about her romantic relationships, marital status, and children remain largely undisclosed, Makeiva remains focused on her craft and maintains a balanced separation between her public and private life.

Makeiva Albritten Kids

Makeiva Albritten shares her life with two beautiful children from her previous marriage: Jayden, her energetic 4-year-old son, and Kayla, her adorable 2-year-old daughter. Her love for them knows no bounds, as she prioritizes their happiness above all else. Makeiva is known for being a dedicated and affectionate mother, always making sure to spend quality time with her little ones whenever possible.

Makeiva Albritten Family

Makeiva Albritten has kept her family life private, not revealing details about her parents’ occupations or whether she has siblings. However, rest assured that once this information becomes available, we’ll promptly update this article with the relevant details under the appropriate section.

Makeiva Albritten Career

Makeiva Albritten embarked on her journey as a dancer and model by gracing numerous dance events and presentations, showcasing her exceptional talent. Her remarkable beauty and unique style earned her recognition as she participated in several brand campaigns and garnered attention in the press.

Transitioning into the realm of acting, Albritten made her silver screen debut in the 2022 crime drama “Bond Money,” directed by Jamar Hill, where she portrayed the character April. Her performance demonstrated her acting prowess and paved the way for another notable role in Hill’s action thriller “Queen of Kings,” where she played Alicia alongside Michael Blackson, Clifton Powell, and Vivica A. Fox.

Further diversifying her portfolio, Albritten starred in the television series “The Dirty D” in 2022, portraying the character Kyra in the comedic narrative crafted by Jamar Hill, alongside an ensemble cast.

Currently, Albritten is actively involved in the development of two upcoming projects: “Drugz & Strippers” and “Make It Out 2.” In the former, a comedy directed by Jamar Hill, she will reprise her role as Keiva, sharing the screen once again with Blackson, Powell, and Fox. Similarly, she will take the lead in “Make It Out 2,” the sequel to the poignant drama directed by Hill.

Albritten maintient une présence dynamique en tant que mannequin et danseuse, démontrant ses talents sur diverses scènes. A collection de vidéos mettant en évidence ses compétences dans la danse est présente sur son compte YouTube, qui compte plus de dix mille abonnés. Similarly, her Instagram account serves as a hub for her fashion, beauty, and travel passions, with more than 50,000 ardent followers.

Makeiva Albritten Net Worth

Makeiva Albritten has attained notable triumphs in her profession, reaping the fruits of her labor. Although her exact net worth, undisclosed to the public, stands at $500K as of 2023, it is speculated to soar into the millions. She has carved out a distinguished reputation within the entertainment sphere, garnering substantial earnings from her exploits in acting and dancing.

Makeiva’s ascendancy has not only paved the way for her in the limelight but also ushered in prospects for entrepreneurial endeavors. Venturing into endorsements and forging alliances with diverse corporate entities and products has become her forte. Moreover, Makeiva has actively engaged in benevolent activities, leveraging her influence and resources to contribute to societal welfare.

The magnitude of Makeiva’s wealth and her enterprising ventures serves as a testament to her unwavering commitment and innate prowess, emblematic of her attainment of renown and financial prosperity.

Makeiva Albritten Relationship

Makeiva Albritten and James Perkins are in a loving relationship that blossomed from a chance encounter in 2022, thanks to a mutual friend who brought them together. Their connection was immediate and strong, leading to over a year of happiness and mutual support. They frequently express their affection for each other by sharing snapshots of their romantic adventures on social media, showcasing their vacations, outings, and special milestones.

Makeiva Albritten Social Media Accounts



Early Life: Makeiva Albritten was born on July 17, 1995, in Detroit, Michigan, USA, and she proudly embraces her African American heritage.

Career: Makeiva is known for her notable performances in films like “Watch Your Back” and “Queen of Kings,” as well as her skills as a dancer and model.

Education: She attended Wayne State University, where she enriched her knowledge while actively participating in extracurricular activities.

Height & Weight: Makeiva stands approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs around 68 kilograms. She has black hair and captivating black eyes.

Net Worth: As of 2023, Makeiva’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000, with potential to grow significantly due to her diverse career and entrepreneurial ventures.

Relationship: Makeiva is in a loving relationship with James Perkins, and they frequently share their romantic moments on social media.

Family: Details about Makeiva’s family background, including her parents and siblings, are not publicly disclosed.

Social Media: Makeiva is active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, where she shares her experiences and interacts with fans.


Makeiva Albritten, born in Detroit, Michigan, is a talented actress, dancer, and model known for her captivating performances and compassionate nature. With a successful career in acting and dancing, she continues to inspire others with her dedication and talent.


1. What is Makeiva Albritten’s net worth?

Makeiva’s net worth is approximately $500,000 as of 2023, with potential for further growth due to her diverse career and business ventures.

2. What is Makeiva Albritten’s height and weight?

She is approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs around 68 kilograms.

3. Is Makeiva Albritten married?

Makeiva is currently in a loving relationship with James Perkins but has not disclosed any information about marriage.

4. Does Makeiva Albritten have children?

Yes, Makeiva has two children named Jayden and Kayla from her previous marriage.

5. Where did Makeiva Albritten attend university?

She attended Wayne State University, where she engaged in various subjects and extracurricular activities.

6. What movies has Makeiva Albritten starred in?

Makeiva has appeared in films like “Watch Your Back,” “Queen of Kings,” and “Bond Money.”

7. What is Makeiva Albritten’s main career besides acting?

Besides acting, Makeiva is also known for her skills as a dancer and model.

8. Where can I find Makeiva Albritten on social media?

You can follow Makeiva on Instagram (@makeivaalbritten), Facebook (makeivaalbritten), Twitter, and YouTube (@Makeivaalbritten) for updates and insights into her life and career.


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