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mary joan martelly
mary joan martelly


In the realm of love, Mary Joan Martelly’s tender embrace was where boxing legend George Foreman found his rock. Since the start of their adventure in 1985, Mary has been the former professional boxer’s steadfast companion in life and philanthropy, in addition to being his wife.

Mary plays a much more significant role in George’s life than just being a helpful spouse. She has actively participated with him in a number of charity endeavors, supporting him in his quest to improve the world. As a strong team committed to promoting kindness and compassion, they have had a tremendous influence collectively in addition to their individual contributions.

Their love tale serves as an example of the strength of a partnership, showing what amazing things two people can do when they are brought together by love and purpose. Mary Joan Martelly has had a significant impact on George Foreman’s life outside of the boxing ring, demonstrating the value of love and friendship in creating a legacy that goes beyond athletics.

Mary Joan Martelly Early Life

Mary Joan Martelly’s early years in St. Lucia were marked by tough times, financially speaking. She carried the weight of being her family’s main provider, a responsibility that shaped her character profoundly. Picture a young Mary, working tirelessly to make ends meet, her determination burning bright even in the face of adversity.

Mary bravely decided to leave behind the comforts of home and head for the United States when chances seemed limited on her home island. Saying farewell to friends and family wasn’t easy, but she knew she had to follow her ambitions. She had to tackle the difficult challenge of starting over from scratch after landing in a foreign nation.

Mary, though, never backs down from a task. She jumped into the unknown with her usual work ethic and an optimistic heart. She overcame the obstacles and, driven by her unyielding ambition, started to establish a life for herself.

Her experience teaches us that, with courage and persistence, we can face and conquer any challenge. Mary Joan Martelly’s life shows us that no matter what our circumstances, we are all capable of choosing our own destiny, serving as an example of the human spirit’s tenacity.

Marriage and Family

A Whirlwind Courtship

In the bustling energy of a Las Vegas boxing match in 1985, fate intervened, bringing together Mary Joan Martelly and the legendary boxer George Foreman. Despite Foreman’s illustrious career nearing its end, it was love at first sight for him when he laid eyes on Martelly. Their connection was immediate, sparking a whirlwind romance.

In the blink of an eye, George and Mary Joan were standing in front of one another, exchanging vows in a small, private ceremony on March 27, 1985, in the same city as their initial meeting. Mary Joan, then 35, and George, then 36, set off on a long-lasting path of love and companionship.

From the beginning, George recognized Mary Joan’s critical contribution to stabilizing his life in the middle of the turmoil of professional boxing. Mary Joan loved him despite his notoriety and honors, not for his titles but more for his warmth and generosity.

Their love story serves as a tribute to the strength of sincere connection, as they were able to find comfort and companionship in each other’s hearts despite the glitz and glamour of celebrity. The marriage of George Foreman and Mary Joan Martelly serves as a reminder that real love values a person’s soul beyond all else and sees above their outward accomplishments.

Building a Family

George and Mary Joan Foreman’s journey as parents was a bustling whirlwind, blessed with the laughter and chaos of raising five children together: sons George IV, George V, George VI, and daughters Leola and Natalie. Despite George’s previous experiences parenting ten children from past relationships, he has always regarded Mary Joan as the rock-solid foundation of their family.

Life with a full house of young ones was a beautiful blend of mayhem and joy. In countless interviews throughout the years, George couldn’t help but express his admiration for Mary Joan’s serene and unwavering approach to parenting. Her calm presence provided a steadying force in the midst of the daily hustle and bustle.

Mary Joan supported George throughout his transition from the boxing ring to his endeavors in enterprise and ministry, providing him with crucial assistance at every turn. They experienced life’s highs and lows together, and their relationship stands as a tribute to the enduring power of love and devotion.

Mary Joan Martelly Career 

Philanthropy Work

As George Foreman made headlines in the boxing world, Mary Joan quietly supported him from behind the scenes, carving out her own path in the process.

It was not until the AIDS awareness movement struck her deeply that Mary Joan entered the public eye as a philanthropist. She became the spokesperson for the Pediatric AIDS Foundation in the 1990s, fervently promoting HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention.

Alongside George, Mary Joan established the “Foreman Family AIDS Foundation,” a testament to their shared commitment to making a difference. Through their foundation, they provided crucial support to AIDS patients and advocacy groups worldwide.

Mary Joan received recognition for her efforts. She was honored as a ray of hope in the battle against AIDS in 1995 when she was given the UNICEF Children’s Champion Award.

By speaking out for people impacted by HIV/AIDS, Mary Joan demonstrated that real power comes from leveraging one’s position to encourage others. The world is powerfully reminded of the influence that compassion and action may have by virtue of her philanthropic legacy.

Business Endeavors

As George Foreman’s name became synonymous with the wildly successful George Foreman Grill, Mary Joan played a vital role behind the scenes, ensuring the family’s success extended far beyond the spotlight. While George’s fame soared to new heights with his entrepreneurial ventures, Mary Joan remained the steady force that kept their family grounded.

Behind closed doors, Mary Joan took on the responsibility of managing the household finances, orchestrating her husband’s publicity appearances, and nurturing their five children. Despite her preference for privacy, those who knew the Foremans intimately can attest to Mary Joan’s indispensable contributions in steering the family’s brands, particularly the Foreman Grills and George Foreman boxing.

Her level-headedness and discretion were the secret ingredients to navigating George’s resurgence in the limelight as a businessman. While George may have been the face of their ventures, Mary Joan’s quiet strength and behind-the-scenes efforts were the pillars that upheld their family’s success.

Mary Joan Martelly Net Worth

Despite her significant contributions and influence, Mary Joan Martelly has maintained a quiet and private existence, keeping details about her professional endeavors and financial status largely undisclosed. Unfortunately, this has left her net worth a subject of speculation, with limited information available from sources and web portals.

Mary Joan Martelly’s estimated net worth in 2024 would be in the neighborhood of $500,000. However, given the lack of specific details regarding her financial history, it’s important to recognize the uncertainty around this amount.

Interestingly, her better half, the notable George Foreman, has a significant total assets. As of the start of 2021, George Foreman’s expressed total assets was a surprising $300 million. His profession has been altogether supported monetarily all through the years by his boxing accomplishments as well as his undertakings and supports.

Health Issues

In recent times, Mary Joan has confronted her own health struggles, facing the daunting challenges of diabetes and hypertension. While specifics about her condition are not widely known, George has openly shared glimpses of their journey.

Mary Joan has demonstrated incredible fortitude throughout it all, facing her health issues with an impressive combination of grace and resolve. She has persevered despite the difficulties, not allowing disease to define who she is.

For George, witnessing his wife’s strength in the face of adversity has deepened his admiration for her. Despite his own reputation for physical vitality, he acknowledges leaning heavily on Mary Joan’s resilience during these trying times. Their shared experiences of suffering and supporting each other through illness have only strengthened the bond between them, drawing them even closer together in love and solidarity.

Life Today

Enduring Partnership

George and Mary Joan Foreman are 35 years married in 2023, and their love for one another hasn’t changed since the day they exchanged vows. Mary Joan enjoys the modest pleasures of spending time with her family away from the spotlight, while George keeps himself occupied with his numerous endeavors, which include his work in the ministry and sporadic boxing matches.

Mary Joan, despite her aversion to attention, is the unsung hero that propels George’s accomplishments. She’s the one he looks to when life throws curveballs because of her gentle knowledge and steadfast support, particularly when significant decisions are about to come as he approaches his golden years.

Their bond is rock-solid, built on love and trust forged over decades. From the highs of winning world titles to the lows of personal struggles and loss, George and Mary Joan stand together, their love anchoring them through every storm life throws their way. Their story is a reminder that true partnership knows no bounds, flourishing through both the triumphs and trials of life.

Looking Back

Approaching her mid-60s, Mary Joan Martelly Foreman isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. She’s still the rock for her family, extending her support not just to her own kids but also to George’s children from his previous marriage. Despite her significant role, Mary Joan remains down-to-earth, quietly carrying out her duties with a heart full of kindness and an endless well of generosity.

When asked if she ever wonders about the “what ifs” of life without George, Mary Joan’s answer is clear. She’s always believed in destiny, never attributing her life’s journey solely to her marriage to the famous boxer. While she cherishes her life with George, she’s never forgotten the courage it took to leave her home country and chase the life she felt was meant for her in America.

The tale of Mary Joan demonstrates tenacity, resolve, and remaining loyal to oneself in the face of adversity. She serves as a reminder that sometimes the biggest journeys start with taking a risk and having the guts to follow your passion, no matter where it takes you.

Mary Joan Martelly  Legacy

Mary Joan Martelly’s journey embodies the quintessential American narrative—an immigrant leaving behind adversity to pursue a brighter future with nothing but determination and integrity as her companions. Through her talent and unwavering dedication to building her family, Mary Joan found the purpose she had envisioned.

While her Wikipedia page may primarily direct attention to her legendary husband George, Mary Joan’s impact stands tall in its own right. With quiet strength, she uplifted her family and community, leaving an indelible mark through both public and private philanthropy. In many ways, she lived out the very essence of the American Dream that her native St. Lucia had promised its children could only be found abroad.

Despite the fame and attention garnered by her husband’s achievements, Mary Joan Martelly never sought the spotlight for herself. She found fulfillment in the simple blessings of family, faith, and living life on her own terms. Although Mary Joan views George Foreman as a public person, he is just the love of her life, and she treasures everything about him represents and so much more.

Philanthropy as a Calling

Mary and George Foreman are bound together by a profound love for aiding others, which transcends the excitement of boxing contests and the drama of reality TV. Their mutual commitment to spreading knowledge about AIDS, particularly in young people, has emerged as a key component of their charitable endeavors.

Together, they have pulled up their sleeves and offered their support to efforts that try to stop pediatric AIDS. From their Houston residence to Mary’s hometown of St. Lucia, they have dedicated their lives to raising awareness and providing support for anyone impacted by this devastating illness.

Their dedication goes beyond simply making a statement to actually improving the lives of people who are most in need. Through their charitable endeavors, Mary and George demonstrate the strength of compassion and action, demonstrating to us all that even the tiniest actions may make a significant difference in the world.


  1. Early Life: Mary Joan Martelly hails from St. Lucia, where she faced financial struggles while supporting her family. She displayed remarkable determination and courage, eventually moving to the United States to pursue her ambitions.
  2. Marriage to George Foreman: Mary Joan met the legendary boxer George Foreman in 1985 at a boxing match in Las Vegas. Their whirlwind romance led to marriage in the same year, and they’ve been together ever since.
  3. Family Life: The couple has five children together, adding to George’s previous ten children from past relationships. Mary Joan is regarded as the rock of their family, providing stability and support amidst the chaos of raising a large household.
  4. Philanthropy: Mary Joan has been actively involved in philanthropic efforts, particularly in AIDS awareness and prevention. Alongside George, she established the “Foreman Family AIDS Foundation” and has been recognized for her advocacy work.
  5. Business Endeavors: While George gained fame for the George Foreman Grill, Mary Joan played a crucial role behind the scenes in managing their household finances and supporting George’s ventures.
  6. Health Struggles: Mary Joan has faced health issues including diabetes and hypertension, demonstrating resilience and strength in overcoming these challenges.
  7. Enduring Partnership: Despite their busy lives, George and Mary Joan Foreman celebrate over three decades of marriage, with Mary Joan being George’s steadfast support throughout his endeavors.


Mary Joan Martelly’s life serves as an example of tenacity, willpower, and the transformative power of love. Through her charity, family values, and quiet strength, Mary Joan has made a huge impact, from her modest beginnings in St. Lucia to her long association with boxing legend George Foreman. She continues to be her family’s rock and a ray of hope in the fight against AIDS despite dealing with personal and health issues.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Mary Joan Martelly known for?

Mary Joan Martelly is known for being the wife of boxing legend George Foreman and for her active involvement in philanthropic endeavors, particularly in AIDS awareness and prevention.

How did Mary Joan Martelly meet George Foreman?

Mary Joan met George Foreman at a boxing match in Las Vegas in 1985. They had a whirlwind romance and got married the same year.

What is the Foreman Family AIDS Foundation?

The Foreman Family AIDS Foundation is a charitable organization established by George and Mary Joan Foreman to support AIDS patients and advocacy groups worldwide.

What role did Mary Joan Martelly play in George Foreman’s business ventures?

While George gained fame for the George Foreman Grill and other entrepreneurial ventures, Mary Joan played a vital role behind the scenes in managing household finances and supporting George’s endeavors.

How has Mary Joan Martelly contributed to AIDS awareness?

Mary Joan Martelly has been a spokesperson for AIDS awareness and prevention, actively promoting HIV/AIDS treatment and supporting initiatives to combat the disease, both independently and through the Foreman Family AIDS Foundation.

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