Who Is Mary Poole? Everything You Need To Know About Robert Smith’s Wife

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Mary Poole, a former model and nurse, has built a successful career marked by notable achievements. However, she is predominantly recognized as the wife of Robert Smith, renowned as the frontman of the band The Cure. Interestingly, Poole’s net worth surpasses that of her husband, despite his widespread fame.

Although the couple has been married for over three decades, they have not welcomed any children into their lives, prompting curiosity about their decision. To uncover the reasons behind their choice and delve deeper into Mary Poole’s journey, continue reading the article.

Mary Poole Biography

Mary Poole, born in the United Kingdom, is best known as the wife of Robert Smith, the frontman of the influential band The Cure. While details about her early life and upbringing are not widely available, Poole gained attention for her relationship with Smith, whom she met in high school. They began dating in the late 1970s and eventually married in 1988. Despite her association with Smith’s fame, Poole has led a relatively private life away from the spotlight. She has been described as a supportive partner to Smith throughout his career, often accompanying him to events and appearances.

 Poole’s professional background includes work as a model and nurse, although specific details about her career are limited. One notable aspect of Poole and Smith’s relationship is their decision not to have children

Mary Poole Wiki

Full NameMary Theresa Poole
Date of Birth3 October 1958
Age65 years old
Place of BirthLondon, United Kingdom
Zodiac SignLibra
Height5 Feet 6 Inches
OccupationEx-model, Nurse
SpouseRobert Smith (m. 1988)
Net Worth$30 million

How Old Is Mary Poole?

Mary Theresa Poole, aged 65, was born on October 3, 1958, in EnglandThe choice of this Catholic school suggests that her parents or guardians likely held devout religious beliefs and prioritized her education within the Catholic faith, a common practice among students at the institution.

During her time at St. Wilfrid’s, Poole engaged in acting classes, where she first crossed paths with her future spouse, Robert. However, information regarding her tertiary education remains elusive, despite confirmation that she pursued further studies, ultimately becoming a trained nurse.

Mary Poole Early Life And Education

He attended St. Wilfrid Comprehensive School, where he developed a close bond with Mary, who would later become his wife. During their time at St. Wilfrid’s, both Robert and Mary participated in theatre classes, laying the foundation for their future involvement in the performing arts.

The couple’s connection continued to deepen as they pursued acting classes together at a theatre school, indicating a mutual interest in the arts. While their educational journey beyond St. Wilfrid’s and the theatre school remains unclear, it is evident that Robert and Mary’s shared experiences during their youth played a significant role in shaping their relationship and shared passion for creativity. Despite the limited information available about their early years, their enduring friendship and shared interests laid the groundwork for their future endeavors together.

Mary Poole Family Life

Mary Poole and Robert Smith have shared a blissful marriage spanning nearly three and a half decades, but they consciously chose not to expand their family beyond themselves. From the early stages of their relationship, the couple made the mutual decision that parenthood was not a priority for them.

This experience contributed to his contentment with their decision to remain childless, a sentiment he has consistently affirmed over the years.

Despite their choice, Smith holds Poole in high regard, recognizing her profound influence on his life. He attributes much of his stability and resilience during challenging times to her unwavering support and strength, acknowledging her pivotal role in their enduring relationship.

Mary Poole Career

Mary’s career beginnings are shrouded in mystery, but it is speculated that she initially ventured into modeling. Despite spending some years in the modeling industry, she eventually decided to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a nurse.

Driven by her early aspirations, Mary made the brave choice to transition from modeling to nursing. She dedicated herself to this path, working tirelessly in a small hospital where she cared for disabled children and others in need. The role demanded significant physical strength, as Mary often found herself lifting patients and attending to their needs with compassion and dedication.

Throughout her career journey, Mary remained a steadfast source of support for her boyfriend, Robert Smith, who was also navigating his challenges. Despite the hardships they faced, Mary stood by Robert’s side, offering unwavering support and accompanying him to musical events and performances. Her commitment to both her career and her relationship exemplifies her resilience and devotion to those she cares about.

Mary Poole’s Professional Life

Robert Smith’s wife initially pursued a career as a model before making a significant career change to become a nurse, specializing in caring for disabled and special needs children. However, as her husband’s band gained immense popularity in the mid-1980s, she decided to leave her nursing career behind to accompany him on tours and offer him unwavering moral support.

Throughout the peak of his band’s success, she played a crucial role in ensuring his well-being and success, sacrificing her career aspirations to stand by his side. Her decision to prioritize her husband’s career highlights her dedication and commitment to their relationship, as well as her willingness to make personal sacrifices for his success.

Robert Smith, a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, is deeply grateful for the sacrifices and choices his wife made to support him throughout his career, acknowledging her pivotal role in his journey to success. Her unwavering support and selflessness have undoubtedly played a significant part in his achievements in the music industry.

Who Is Robert Smith

Robert Smith, renowned as the lead vocalist of “The Cure,” a renowned band, garnered acclaim for their iconic songs primarily in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Not only did Smith showcase his remarkable vocal talents, but he also displayed exceptional skills as a guitarist, honed since his youth.

Smith’s distinctive appearance further heightened his presence in the music scene. Known for donning eyeliner, lipstick, and white makeup, he pioneered the early days of the gothic style within the music industry. In later years, Smith revealed that his decision to adopt this striking look stemmed from a desire to enhance his attractiveness. He maintained this signature appearance until his last concert with the band in 2016.

“The Cure” boasts an impressive record of success, having sold over 30 million albums worldwide, solidifying their status as one of the most influential bands in music history.

Mary Poole Relationship With Robert Smith

Mary Poole and Robert Smith share a rich history as high school sweethearts in the United Kingdom. Despite Smith’s eccentricities, including a memorable costume party incident involving ketchup-stained attire, Poole remained steadfast by his side.

While Smith pursued his music career with The Cure, Poole carved her path in the nursing world, demonstrating her nurturing nature and dedication to helping others. However, as Smith’s success soared, Poole decided to prioritize her husband and their relationship, eventually leaving her nursing career to support him full-time.

Their long-standing connection culminated in marriage in 1988, solidifying their commitment to each other amidst Smith’s rising fame with The Cure. Poole’s unwavering support and sacrifices throughout Smith’s career exemplify her integral role in his journey to success and her enduring impact on music history.

Songs Inspired By Mary Poole

Mary Poole’s influence on The Cure’s music is unmistakable, particularly evident in their most famous song, “Just Like Heaven.” The iconic 1987 hit features Poole herself in the music video, clad in a long white dress, appearing around the two-minute mark.

 Smith has humorously claimed that the ballad was a cost-effective wedding gift to Poole, imbued with heartfelt sentiment. Despite the jest, “Love Song” has since become a timeless ode to love, resonating with countless couples over the past 33 years, with Poole originally being the intended recipient of its affectionate message.

 Legacy And Enduring Impact

As a beloved figure within The Cure’s fanbase and the broader music community, Mary Poole’s legacy endures through her contributions to pop culture and her unwavering support for her husband. Her presence at significant events and her influence on The Cure’s music serve as testaments to her lasting impact on music history. Despite maintaining a low profile, Poole’s influence and significance remain indelible within the realm of celebrity and beyond.

Mary Poole’s Resilience And Dedication

Throughout her life and career, Mary Poole has demonstrated resilience and dedication in various aspects of her personal and professional endeavors. From her early aspirations as a model to her transition into nursing and her unwavering support for Robert Smith, Poole has consistently exhibited strength and commitment. Her ability to navigate challenges with grace and determination underscores her character and enduring impact.

Net Worth Of Mary Poole

As of 2024, Mary Poole’s estimated net worth stands at $30 million, comprising her property, financial assets, and earnings. As the spouse of a renowned musician, her primary source of income is derived from her role as a celebrity wife. Despite her considerable wealth accumulated from various income streams, Poole prefers to lead a modest lifestyle.

Poole has amassed substantial wealth through her association with Robert Smith and The Cure, as well as potentially through investments and other ventures. However, she chooses to maintain a humble and understated approach to her finances, opting for a lifestyle devoid of ostentation or extravagance.

Mary Poole Contributions To Pop Culture

While Mary Poole may not be a musician in her own right, her impact extends far beyond her nursing career into the realms of music and pop culture. Her influence is evident in significant events such as The Cure’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2019, where her presence was noteworthy. This ceremony was a prominent affair, featuring performances and appearances by music legends like Janet Jackson and Stevie Nicks, underscoring Poole’s stature within the celebrity community.

Mary Poole Social Media Presence

Despite her prominence as the spouse of Robert Smith, Mary Theresa Poole has not ventured into establishing a presence on social media platforms. Despite her considerable fame and recognition, she has opted not to create any accounts on social media.

Fun Facts About Mary Poole

Model Turned Nurse: Mary Poole started her career as a model before transitioning into nursing, demonstrating her diverse skill set and dedication to helping others.

Longtime Love: Mary and Robert Smith’s relationship dates back to their high school days, showcasing a rare and enduring love story that has stood the test of time.

Behind the Scenes: While Robert Smith is the face of The Cure, Mary Poole has been a constant source of support behind the scenes, accompanying him to events and providing unwavering encouragement throughout his career.

Influence on Music: Mary’s influence on The Cure’s music is evident, with her presence in the music video for “Just Like Heaven” and the inspiration behind the iconic song “Love Song,” showcasing her impact on the band’s creative process.

Net Worth: Surprisingly, Mary Poole’s net worth exceeds that of her famous husband, highlighting her financial independence and success in her own right.

Private Persona: Despite her connection to fame, Mary Poole maintains a low-profile public persona, preferring to lead a modest and understated lifestyle away from the spotlight.

Resilience and Dedication: Throughout her life and career, Mary has demonstrated resilience and dedication, balancing her professional pursuits with her role as a supportive partner to Robert Smith.

Legacy and Impact: Mary Poole’s legacy extends beyond her marriage to Robert Smith, with her contributions to pop culture and unwavering support for her husband leaving a lasting impact on music history.

Social Media Absence: Despite living in the digital age, Mary Poole has chosen not to engage with social media platforms, preserving her privacy and maintaining a more traditional approach to communication.

FAQs About Mary Poole

Q:1 What is Mary Poole’s profession?

A: Mary Poole is a former model and nurse. She initially pursued a career in modeling before transitioning into nursing, where she specialized in caring for disabled and special needs children.

Q:2 How long have Mary Poole and Robert Smith been married?

A: Mary Poole and Robert Smith have been married since 1988, making their marriage span over three decades.

Q:3 Why did Mary Poole and Robert Smith choose not to have children?

A: Despite being married for many years, Mary and Robert made the deliberate decision not to have children. Robert found fulfillment in being surrounded by children through his siblings’ offspring, and they both mutually agreed that parenthood was not a priority for them.

Q:5 What is Mary Poole’s net worth?

A: As of 2024, Mary Poole’s estimated net worth is $30 million, surpassing that of her famous husband, Robert Smith.

Q:6 Does Mary Poole have a social media presence?

A: No, Mary Poole has chosen not to establish a presence on social media platforms, preferring to maintain her privacy and lead a more traditional lifestyle.


Mary Poole’s journey from a model to a nurse and eventually to the supportive wife of Robert Smith showcases her resilience, dedication, and adaptability. Despite maintaining a low-profile public persona, Mary’s influence on The Cure’s music and her unwavering support for her husband have left a lasting impact on music history.

 Her decision to prioritize her husband’s career over her professional aspirations and her choice not to have children reflect the strength of their relationship and their shared values. With a remarkable net worth and a legacy that extends beyond her marriage, Mary Poole continues to be celebrated for her contributions to pop culture and her enduring partnership with Robert Smith.

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