Who is Nikolai Peter Ingraham?All Information About their Three Children

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nikolai peter ingraham
nikolai peter ingraham


In a constantly evolving world where fresh ideas are constantly sought after, there are individuals who truly shine through their actions and their ability to inspire others. Nikolai Peter Ingraham is undoubtedly one of these remarkable individuals. His endeavors and innovative projects have not only captured considerable attention but also garnered immense respect. This article delves deeper into the persona of Nikolai Peter Ingraham, exploring his background, achievements, and the significant impact he’s making across the realms of art, literature, and technology.

Who is Nikolai Peter Ingraham?

Laura Ingraham, a mother of three – Maria Caroline Ingraham, Nikolai Ingraham, and Michael Ingraham, has taken upon herself the noble task of raising her trio as a sole parent, a journey fraught with challenges but one she embarks upon with unwavering dedication.

In her maternal stewardship, Ingraham avoids the pitfall of excessive indulgence, mindful of not fostering a brood of entitled offspring. Furthermore, she vigilantly safeguards their privacy, shielding them from the repercussions that may stem from her contentious professional pursuits. Despite the veil of secrecy, occasional glimpses into her offspring’s lives have been divulged by Ingraham, offering morsels of insight into her motherhood odyssey.

Nikolai Peter Ingraham Biography

Laura Anne Ingraham, hailing from Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA, entered the world on June 19, 1963. Her father, James Frederick Ingraham III, served valiantly in World War II, bearing ancestry from both English and Irish roots. Anne Caroline (née Kozak), her mother, descended from a lineage of Polish immigrants and later worked as a waitress from the age of 70.

Among her siblings, Laura counts three elder brothers, one of whom, Curtisqui, is openly homosexual. Although Laura had always had strong anti-homosexual sentiments, her viewpoint changed significantly after she saw her brother and his partner’s difficult fight with AIDS. Despite her adherence to the conventional view that a man and a woman should marry, her life experiences have shaped a more complex perspective.

Laura’s academic path took her to Glastonbury Secondary School, where she graduated in 1981. She then continued her education at Dartmouth College, where her passion for politics and journalism blossomed. She made history by becoming the first female editor of The Dartmouth Review, a conservative undergraduate newspaper.

Nikolai Peter Ingraham Education

Throughout her collegiate tenure, Ingraham penned several contentious pieces, among them an article addressing issues surrounding gay students and another accusing Dartmouth music instructor Bill Cole of racist conduct and unprofessionalism. The latter publication sparked a legal firestorm, with the college publication facing a formidable $2.5 million lawsuit. However, after enduring two years of rigorous legal battles, the plaintiff ultimately withdrew the lawsuit, bringing an end to the protracted legal dispute.

Nikolai Peter Ingraham Net Worth

Laura Ingraham has constructed a noteworthy fortune, supposedly around $40 million, fundamentally through her vocation in broadcast news coverage. Her unmistakable quality took off with the send off of her show, “The Ingraham Point,” on FOX News, which appeared on October 30, 2017. Preceding facilitating her own program, she endured 10 years improving her abilities at FOX News prior to climbing to an early evening space with her eponymous television show. Ingraham communicated her energy about joining the early evening arrangement, featuring her long stretches of involvement and the help of her TV associates.

Nikolai Peter Ingraham Personal Life

Laura Ingraham’s children are adopted, and their biological fathers are not publicly known. Through the adoption process, any paternal rights they may have had were terminated. As a single mother, Ingraham faces the challenges of raising her children, acknowledging the difficulties it entails. Yet, she finds strength in her Roman Catholic faith during tough times, which empowers her to persevere.

Does Laura Ingraham Have a Daughter?

 At three years old, Maria Caroline Ingraham, the girl of Laura Ingraham, was embraced from Guatemala in 2008. Maria, who is eighteen years of age, is in her last year of secondary school and will be beginning school in 2024. With respect to’s forthcoming takeoff from home, Ingraham has openly communicated her sentiments, saying that she would miss her girl an incredible arrangement when she takes off to school.

Who Are Laura Ingraham’s Children?

Maria Caroline Ingraham, Michael Dmitri Ingraham, and Nikolai Peter Ingraham are Laura Ingraham’s three proud children. They live in McLean, Virginia, where Ingraham manages the pleasures and difficulties of being a parent. As her kids become older, she discovers that although certain parts of parenting get easier, other difficulties crop up, such figuring out relationships, social media, and academic goals. Ingraham says she is thankful to God every day for her children, viewing them as blessings.

Protective of her children’s privacy, the Fox News personality selectively shares glimpses into their lives through occasional photos and anecdotes, offering insights into their personalities and adventures. Delving deeper into Laura Ingraham’s family life reveals a dynamic journey of love, growth, and the shared bond between a devoted mother and her cherished children.

Nikolai Peter Ingraham’s First Child 

Full NameMaria Caroline Ingraham
Date of BirthMay 2005
Country of BirthGuatemala

Maria Caroline Ingraham, the eldest child of Laura Ingraham, was born in Guatemala in May of 2005. Before Laura started the adoption process, which was a journey filled with hope and endurance, Maria spent her early years in an orphanage. Laura went to Guatemala to bring Maria home when the adoption was finalized, and her happiness knew no limits. In an effort to overcome any communication gaps, Laura even studied Spanish in order to speak with her daughter who had recently been adopted.

At eighteen, Maria is almost adulthood, finishing her senior year in high school and planning to attend college in 2024. Recognizing their special relationship and dreading the day her daughter leaves the nest, Laura looks forward to Maria’s departure with a mixture of pride and regret.

Although Maria and her well-known mother had a lot of disagreements when she was a teenager, their connection has now grown into a loving mother-daughter alliance. They now excitedly look forward to spending time together, enjoying the chance to talk and share everyday events.

Laura has received commendation for her role in raising Maria, with many recognizing Maria as a remarkable young woman. Such praise serves as a source of validation for Laura, alleviating the self-doubt she sometimes faces as a mother and public figure.

Nikolai Peter Ingraham’s Second Child

Full NameMichael Dmitri Ingraham
Date of Birth2009
Country of BirthRussia

Laura Ingraham’s second child, Michael Dmitri Ingraham, hails from Russia, born in Moscow in 2009. Laura’s adoption of him at the age of one in 2010 marked the expansion of her family. At 15 years old, Michael Dmitri is currently navigating his final year of middle school.

Described as rapidly growing and possessing a knack for crafting with Lego, Michael Dmitri demonstrates both physical and creative prowess. His kind act of helping his siblings bake a birthday cake to honor his mother on her special day shows how much he cares for her. This look inside Michael Dmitri’s personality reveals his devotion to his family and his readiness to take part in heartfelt acts of gratitude.

Nikolai Peter Ingraham’s Third Child

Full NameNikolai Peter Ingraham
Date of Birth2010
Country of BirthRussia

Laura Ingraham’s third child, Nikolai Peter Ingraham, shares a similar origin to his immediate older brother, born in Moscow, Russia, in 2010 and adopted by Laura the following year. Currently navigating middle school, Nikolai is characterized by his mother as possessing a blend of stubbornness, strength, and intelligence. Despite these traits, Nikolai maintains a strong and affectionate relationship with his mother and older siblings.

Growing up in a nurturing environment, Laura emphasizes the importance of not spoiling her children, instilling values of humility and groundedness. As a result, Nikolai and his siblings are described as down-to-earth and grounded, a testament to their upbringing. In Laura’s eyes, maintaining this balance between love and discipline fosters the development of well-rounded individuals.

Are Laura Ingraham’s Children Adopted?

Being an adoptive mother, Laura Ingraham’s route to parenting has been rather unique. Laura had originally planned to follow a more conventional path of marriage and biological children, but when those plans fell through, her great love for children inspired her to consider adoption.

For her first adoption, she traveled to Guatemala; for her second and third adoptions, she traveled to Russia. Laura persisted through the difficult process, eventually finding joy in motherhood, despite the heartbreaking circumstances in which her birth parents expressed a desire for their children to be raised by a single mother.

As a firm backer for reception, Laura regularly examines its benefits, encouraging planned new parents to direct exhaustive examination and stay resolute in the interim. She additionally stresses the significance of not politicizing global reception, empowering nations to focus on the prosperity of kids over political plans. Through her backing and individual experience, Laura champions the reason for reception, advancing affection, family, and diligence in building permanent spots to live for youngsters out of luck.

Inside Laura Ingraham’s Family

Maria Caroline, Nikolai, and Michael are the three children that Laura Ingraham adopted between 2008 and 2011. Laura has devoted her life to raising her children as a single mother. Her late father, James Frederick Ingraham, was a WWII veteran of the United States Navy who went on to work in a variety of capacities, notably with the aerospace giant Pratt & Whitney, before starting his own company. Anne Caroline Ingraham, Laura’s late mother, was a waitress until she passed away in 1999 from lung cancer.

In addition to her children, Laura has three siblings: James F. Ingraham IV, Brooks M. Ingraham, and Curtis U. Ingraham. Curtis, her immediate elder brother, holds differing political views and has openly criticized Laura in the past. Despite their differences, Laura maintains that he is still family. She has also shared that her other siblings support her in her role as a single mother, underscoring the importance of familial bonds in navigating life’s challenges.


Birth and Adoption: Nikolai Peter Ingraham was born in Moscow, Russia, in the year 2010. He was adopted by Laura Ingraham, his mother, in the following year.

Age and Education: As of the current year (2024), Nikolai is 14 years old and is attending middle school.

Personality: Described by his mother as possessing a blend of stubbornness, strength, and intelligence, Nikolai maintains a strong and affectionate relationship with his mother and older siblings. Despite these traits, he is characterized as down-to-earth and grounded.

Siblings: Nikolai is one of three adopted children of Laura Ingraham. His siblings are Maria Caroline Ingraham and Michael Dmitri Ingraham.

Family Life: Laura Ingraham has devoted her life to raising her children as a single mother. She adopted Nikolai and his siblings between 2008 and 2011.

Background: Laura Ingraham’s decision to adopt came after her original plans for marriage and biological children fell through. She pursued adoption in Guatemala for her first child and in Russia for her second and third children, including Nikolai.

Parenting Philosophy: Laura emphasizes the importance of not spoiling her children and instilling values of humility and groundedness in them. She believes in maintaining a balance between love and discipline to foster the development of well-rounded individuals.


Nikolai Peter Ingraham, born in Moscow, Russia, in 2010, is one of the three adopted children of Laura Ingraham. Described as having a strong personality characterized by stubbornness, strength, and intelligence, Nikolai maintains a close relationship with his mother and siblings. He is currently attending middle school and is being raised in a nurturing environment that prioritizes humility and groundedness. Laura Ingraham’s journey into adoption reflects her commitment to motherhood despite facing challenges in her original plans for a conventional family.


Where was Nikolai Peter Ingraham born?

Nikolai Peter Ingraham was born in Moscow, Russia, in the year 2010.

How old is Nikolai Peter Ingraham? 

As of the current year (2024), Nikolai Peter Ingraham is 14 years old.

Who are Nikolai Peter Ingraham’s siblings? 

Nikolai Peter Ingraham has two siblings: Maria Caroline Ingraham and Michael Dmitri Ingraham.

What is Laura Ingraham’s parenting philosophy? 

Laura Ingraham emphasizes the importance of not spoiling her children and instilling values of humility and groundedness in them. She believes in maintaining a balance between love and discipline.

Where did Laura Ingraham adopt Nikolai Peter Ingraham from? 

Laura Ingraham adopted Nikolai Peter Ingraham from Moscow, Russia, in the year 2011.

How does Laura Ingraham describe Nikolai Peter Ingraham’s personality?

Laura Ingraham describes Nikolai Peter Ingraham as possessing a blend of stubbornness, strength, and intelligence, while also being down-to-earth and grounded.

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