Ronnell Burns: A Life of Influence and Tragedy in Atlanta, GA

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Ronnell Burns
Ronnell Burns

Wikipedia, Ronnell Burns’s Net Worth, Age, Family, and Height We will discuss Ronnell Burns, a coach and leader of 6 Figure Ambition, in this piece. Sadly, though, he was discovered to be deceased. In a similar vein, there are a number of fascinating details regarding Ronnell Burns that you should be well aware of. Let’s get started with this piece, where you can examine Ronnell Burns’s job, net worth, education, and other aspects of his life story:

Ronnell Burns Biography 

Ronnell Burns’ expedition into the professional realm might not have been extensively chronicled, yet it is widely held that he etched his indelible imprint upon the digital domain with remarkable adeptness and efficacy. His meteoric rise to eminence in the online sphere was nothing short of extraordinary.

In his capacity as a leader, Ronnell Burns left a formidable imprint, aiding in the resolution of multifarious issues within the community. His sphere of influence extended to prevalent social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. Upon his foray into the realm of YouTube, he harnessed his channel as a conduit for disseminating invaluable insights and life coaching counsel.

Originating from the vibrant metropolis of Atlanta, Ronnell Burns wasn’t merely a visage in the cyber landscape; he embodied an online persona with a substantial and dedicated following. His presence on platforms like YouTube and Instagram facilitated a broad-reaching connection with an extensive audience, thereby augmenting his sphere of impact.

A pivotal facet that demarcated Ronnell Burns was his credo: “You need not possess innate greatness to commence; the imperative is to initiate to embark upon greatness.” This potent mantra encapsulates his doctrine of taking that inaugural stride, no matter how modest, towards the pursuit of greatness. It’s a message that resonated with myriad individuals and served as a fount of motivation.

What truly set Ronnell Burns apart was his genuineness and unreserved candor. Renowned for his unvarnished veracity, his expressions bore profound significance. His capacity to engender authentic connections with individuals endeared him to many, rendering him an indelible luminary in the realm of life coaching and personal advancement.

Who was Ronnell Burns?

Ronnell Burns was a key figure in the world of entrepreneurship, serving as a coach and leader at 6 Figure Ambition, a web-based coaching program designed to nurture the potential of aspiring entrepreneurs. His expertise and guidance were instrumental in helping individuals realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

Ronnell had become a household name in his native Atlanta in addition to receiving a great deal of attention from the internet business sector. He used social media as a tool to his advantage to increase his impact and reach.

His internet profile flourished on Instagram, where he gained over 7,000 followers. His profile was a blend of career milestones and public appearances, providing followers with a glimpse into his professional journey.

Additionally, Ronnell Burns maintained an active YouTube channel where he shared a wealth of educational and informative content. The channel gained substantial popularity, amassing around 2,000 loyal subscribers. Through this platform, he extended his mission of empowering and educating, making a positive impact on a wider audience.

Ronnell Burns’ ability to connect with aspiring entrepreneurs and share valuable insights through both social media and his YouTube channel underscores his dedication to fostering the growth and success of individuals in the business world. His influence continues to resonate with those who were fortunate to be part of his online community.


NameRonnell Burns
BirthplaceAtlanta, United States of America
HometownAtlanta, United States of America
Sun SignUnknown
Marital StatusMarried (Wife: Keianna Burns)
GirlfriendNot known
FamilyParents: Father – Unknown, Mother – Unknown, Siblings – Unknown
ProfessionLife Coach and Leader
Net WorthUSD 1 million
Social Media ProfilesFacebook ID: NA, Twitter ID: NA, Instagram ID: @ronnell_dwight_burns
AgeRonnell Burns was 42 years old.

Ronnell Burns Wikipedia, Early Life and Education 

When it comes to Ronnell Burns’ early life and childhood, it appears that these aspects of his life remain shrouded in mystery. There is a distinct lack of information available online, leaving many questions unanswered about his formative years.

As for his educational background, the specific details regarding where he pursued his education are notably absent from the public domain. However, there’s a strong indication that Ronnell was indeed an educated individual. This assumption is supported by his content on social media, particularly the informative videos he shared. His commitment to sharing knowledge and valuable insights suggests a solid educational foundation.

While the finer points of his personal history may remain undisclosed, Ronnell Burns’ impact on the online business and coaching communities is a testament to his dedication to helping and educating others. His legacy endures through the wisdom and inspiration he imparted to those who followed his journey.

Ronnell Burns Age

While concrete birth details for Ronnell Burns are conspicuously absent in online sources, there’s a prevailing belief that he was approximately 42 years old at the time of his passing. This estimation serves as a rough marker, offering some insight into the timeline of his life. Though we may not have the exact date of his birth, it’s a reminder that age is just one facet of a person’s story, and Ronnell Burns left an enduring impact that transcends any specific age or date.

Ronnell Burns Personal Life 

Ronnell Burns was a happily married man, sharing his life with the remarkable Keianna Burns, a woman of great determination. Keianna, his wife, was 44 years old and a force to be reckoned with in her own right. She wore multiple hats as the owner of KRITQUE DESIGNS Beauty&Barber and also worked as an insurance agent.

Their union was a beautiful blend of two accomplished individuals, both highly regarded in their respective career fields. Beyond their professional success, Ronnell and Keianna were devoted parents, nurturing their children with love and care. Their family life was a testament to their shared values of inspiration, support, and a commitment to making a difference in the lives of those around them. Together, they served as beacons of inspiration for others to emulate.

Ronnell Burns Net Worth 

When it comes to Ronnell Burns’ net worth, the available information is indeed quite limited. Prior to his passing, he maintained a certain level of privacy regarding his financial details, and there’s no official disclosure to rely on.

But according to our analysis and the most recent rumours going around the internet, Ronnell Burns’s net worth might have been close to $1 million USD. Because it is not supported by official sources, please keep in mind that this amount is hypothetical and should only be considered an approximate estimate. Whatever the precise sum, it is evident that Ronnell Burns had attained a degree of financial success commensurate with his commitment to and diligence in his workaholic pursuits.

What happened to Ronnell Burns and his wife?

In a sorrowful twist of fate, an Atlanta couple, Ronnell Burns and Keianna Burns, met a tragic demise in an incident marked by a murder-suicide. This heartrending occurrence transpired merely a week subsequent to Keianna, Ronnell’s spouse, confiding in her acquaintances about the formidable challenges besieging her existence, earnestly seeking their solace and benevolence.

A somber cloud appeared to linger above the pair, both enduring what could be aptly labeled as a ‘melancholic day’ shortly prior to the unfortunate event. In a heart-wrenching turn of events, Keianna directed a firearm towards her husband, bringing a somber conclusion to his life, and subsequently, devastatingly, put an end to her own.

This harrowing event left in its wake a shattered familial unit. The couple were parents to eight offspring, who, providentially, were not present within their abode when these grievous episodes transpired. Ronnell and Keianna were not solely an affectionate twosome but also industrious entrepreneurs. They managed a beauty salon and were engaged in the realm of insurance enterprises. Their decision to relocate to Atlanta, where they labored assiduously for approximately half a year to cultivate and amplify their commercial ventures, introduces an additional layer of poignancy to this heart-rending narrative. The demise of this couple transcends the sphere of personal tragedy, extending its reach to encompass the broader community and kinship. It serves as a stark reminder of the paramount significance of mental well-being and the sustenance provided during the vicissitudes of life.


Explore the life and legacy of Ronnell Burns, an influential coach and leader in the world of entrepreneurship, based in Atlanta, Georgia. While his early life and educational background remain shrouded in mystery, Ronnell’s profound impact on the online business and coaching communities is well-documented. With a dedicated following on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, he shared valuable insights and motivational messages. Sadly, Ronnell and his wife, Keianna Burns, met a tragic end in a heart-wrenching murder-suicide, leaving behind a shattered family and a poignant reminder of the importance of mental well-being.


  • Ronnell Burns was a respected leader at 6 Figure Ambition, an online coaching program for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • He gained recognition in the Atlanta business community and the online business sector.
  • Ronnell had a strong social media presence with over 7,000 followers on Instagram.
  • His YouTube channel had around 2,000 subscribers, where he shared educational and informative content.
  • Ronnell’s commitment to empowering and educating aspiring entrepreneurs was a central focus of his work.
  • Despite limited public information about his early life, his dedication to helping others is evident.
  • While his exact birthdate is unknown, Ronnell was believed to be approximately 42 years old at the time of his passing.
  • Ronnell was happily married to Keianna Burns, a successful entrepreneur and insurance agent.
  • The couple was devoted parents to eight children.
  • Ronnell Burns’ net worth, though not officially disclosed, was estimated to be around $1 million USD.
  • 20-Word Summary: Explore the life of Ronnell Burns, a prominent Atlanta-based coach, and leader. His tragic end serves as a reminder of mental well-being’s importance.

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Q: What happened to Ronnell Burns and his wife, Keianna? A: Ronnell and Keianna Burns met a tragic end in a murder-suicide in Atlanta, leaving behind a shattered family and community.

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