Rubi Rose Height: Bio, Wiki, Family, Age, Weight, Career, Net Worth, Social Media And More

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rubi rose height
rubi rose height

Rubi Rose Height

The multitalented American rapper, singer, and model Rubi Rose has a distinct physical presence that goes well with her artistic endeavors. Her height of 163 cm (5 feet 4 inches) contributes to her unique appeal and sense of style.

Rubi Rose is a relatable figure in the entertainment business because of her physical characteristics, which add to her distinctiveness despite being slightly shorter than the typical height for females in the United States. Despite any imagined constraints related to her height, her brilliance, confidence, and captivating personality surpass them all.

As an artist championing self-expression, Rubi Rose exemplifies that height doesn’t define success or impact. Through her music, modeling, and overall demeanor, she challenges stereotypes and encourages others to embrace their unique qualities, irrespective of physical stature.

Who is Rubi Rose?

In the realm of musical artistry, Rubi Rose emerges as a distinguished female lyricist and maestro, leaving an indelible mark on the sonic landscape. Reverberating with a succession of chart-topping singles, musical opuses, and EPs, she has cultivated an unwavering following of aficionados. As per credible intel, Rubi Rose’s inaugural opus, christened “For The Streets,” saw its debut on December 25, 2020, unveiling the profound dimensions of her melodic genius.

Markedly, the maiden album of Rubi Rose played host to cameo appearances by eminent wordsmiths such as Future and PartyNextDoor, injecting an additional layer of profundity and celestial radiance into her magnum opus. Concurrently with her recorded endeavors, Rubi has unfurled her artistic prowess on live stages, gracing nocturnal venues and revelries, captivating onlookers with her vivacious and dynamic theatrical presence.

Across the symphony of her musical journey, Rubi Rose has engaged in synergies with myriad lauded rap virtuosos, nurturing imaginative alliances and broadening her influence within the sonic realm. These collaborative ventures have cemented her standing as a virtuosa capable of seamlessly amalgamating her idiosyncratic stylings with a kaleidoscope of musical proficiencies.

Rubi Rose Biography

Rubi Rose Benton was raised by her loving parents in the energetic metropolis of Lexington, Kentucky, where she was born and raised. Her mother, dentist Nardos Ghebrelul, has a distinct cultural background as an immigrant from Eritrea.On the paternal side, her father, John Benton, is a lawyer with a rich heritage, being of both African-American and Japanese descent. It’s worth noting that her father’s roots have a fascinating twist, as he is adopted, connecting Rubi to a biological grandmother with Japanese ancestry.

Within her family circle, Rubi shares a sibling bond with an older sister named Scarlette and a younger sister named Coral, adding a familial mosaic to her life. Interestingly, her mother, born in Ethiopia despite being Eritrean, and her father’s adopted lineage contribute to the diverse tapestry of Rubi’s heritage.

Navigating her academic pursuits, Rubi delved into the realm of politics during her time at Georgia State, further shaping her intellectual foundation. The intertwining threads of culture, family, and education weave together to paint a vivid portrait of Rubi Rose Benton’s multifaceted life journey.

Rubi Rose Nationality

Rubi Rose proudly claims her American nationality, a badge she wears with honor. Originating from the vibrant city of Lexington, Kentucky, she embodies the intricate cultural mosaic that defines the essence of the United States. Although the unique heritage of her parents contributes to the vibrant palette of her background, Rubi Rose wholeheartedly embraces her American identity with a blend of elegance and enthusiasm.

Rubi Rose Education

Although Rubi was raised in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States, her early years also included a year spent abroad in Geneva, Switzerland, giving her upbringing a touch of global sophistication. Her budding love of music, which would go on to shape her future, was greatly fostered by the local private school in her area.

Post her high school journey, Rubi Rose embarked on a path of higher education at Georgia State University, immersing herself in the study of politics. Yet, her musical calling remained an unwavering companion, with the exploration of her musical talents taking root during her high school years. Today, Rubi Rose stands as a celebrated rapper, singer, and music producer, enthralling audiences with her exceptional abilities and distinctive artistic flair.

Rubi Rose Wiki

Full Real NameRubi Rose Benton
Stage NameRubi Rose
Date of BirthOctober 2, 1997 (Thursday)
Age (as of 2023)26 years old
Place of BirthLexington, Kentucky, United States
HometownAtlanta, Georgia, United States
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California, United States
ProfessionRapper, singer, composer, model, influencer on social media, content developer, and business owner
Net WorthUSD 2.5 Million (approx.)
Zodiac SignLibra
School/CollegeGeorgia State University

Rubi Rose Family

Although Rubi was raised in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States, her early years also included a year spent abroad in Geneva, Switzerland, giving her upbringing a touch of global sophistication. Her budding love of music, which would go on to shape her future, was greatly fostered by the local private school in her area.

Post her high school journey, Rubi Rose embarked on a path of higher education at Georgia State University, immersing herself in the study of politics. Yet, her musical calling remained an unwavering companion, with the exploration of her musical talents taking root during her high school years. Today, Rubi Rose stands as a celebrated rapper, singer, and music producer, enthralling audiences with her exceptional abilities and distinctive artistic flair.

Rubi Rose Relationships

Amidst the realms of melodic endeavors, the prominent luminary in the music domain, Rubi Rose, has traversed the romantic corridors with a cadre of esteemed rap virtuosos throughout her illustrious career. The inception of her romantic odyssey was marked in the annum 2018, when she commenced an entwining liaison with the rap maestro, Playboi Carti, signaling the genesis of an ardently committed and substantial companionship.

But their relationship’s course was uncertain, and it reached a breaking point when Rubi Rose came clean about having been the victim of domestic abuse.

 This revelation coincided with an incident at LAX where Carti faced legal consequences following a physical altercation with Rubi. Subsequent to their separation, Rubi Rose found herself romantically linked to rapper 21 Savage. Additionally, her name fluttered in connection with the esteemed rapper Travis Scott at a certain juncture. At present, Rubi Rose navigates the realm of singlehood, emphasizing in interviews that her primary focus lies on nurturing her music career.

Concerning her marital status, Rubi Rose remains unbound by matrimony. Despite substantial relationships in her past, she has not walked down the aisle or formalized any marital commitment. As of the current moment, Rubi Rose does not bear the responsibility of parenthood.

Rubi Rose Age

Amid the vast landscape of artistic prowess, Rubi Rose, the versatile luminary, adept in the domains of American rap, melodic resonance, and modeling finesse, has seized substantial attention and accolades, all within the tapestry of her relatively nascent years. Conceived on the 2nd of October, 1997, in the enclave of Lexington, Kentucky, the temporal anchor of Rubi Rose’s birth stands as a pivotal marker in her trajectory toward celestial prominence.

Navigating the temporal currents to the year 2023, Rubi Rose presently graces the realm of existence with 26 revolutions around the solar sphere, a testament to her prodigious accomplishments and meteoric ascent within the enclaves of entertainment. Despite the tender years framing her narrative, Rubi has orchestrated notable advancements in her professional narrative, cementing her stature as an irrefutable dynamo in the auditory and visual realms.

Endowed with an extraordinary reservoir of aptitude and an enthralling presence, Rubi Rose perpetuates an ongoing symphony of inspiration and audience engagement, effectively dismantling the conventional notion that chronological age imposes limitations on triumph. As her artistic metamorphosis unfolds, the effulgence of her youthful vitality and imaginative ingenuity radiates resplendently, ensnaring admirers and etching an ineffaceable imprint on the fabric of the industry.

Rubi Rose Weight

Many admirers and followers are interested in knowing Rubi Rose’s weight in the mysterious realm of her physical attributes. It is estimated that Rubi Rose weighs about fifty kilos (110 pounds).

Rubi Rose’s unique body type and composition are reflected in a mirror by her weight. X’s physical mass wields a substantial sway over their comprehensive well-being, although it’s imperative to grasp the idiosyncrasy of each individual’s mass, intricately interwoven with their stature, physique, and holistic vitality.

Rubi Rose Career

Rubi Rose is a versatile artist who has achieved success in many different artistic domains. Meet Rose, the multi-talented sensation hailing from America, whose prowess as an MC, model, rapper, singer, composer, and video vixen has captured the hearts of many. What’s truly remarkable is how Rose’s journey to fame blossomed from the humble beginnings of the blogging sphere. It all began with her sharing captivating images on Instagram and actively connecting with her followers, igniting a spark that would eventually propel her to the forefront of the entertainment scene.

In 2014, Rose made her foray into professionalism, embarking on a music video project for LVRN, featuring in Raury’s “Cigarette Song” video. However, it wasn’t until 2016 that she achieved widespread acclaim, assuming the central role in Migos’ blockbuster single “Bad and Boujee” alongside Lil Uzi Vert. Helmed by Daps, the video amassed over a billion views on YouTube, catapulting Rose into heightened renown and unlocking fresh opportunities.

Despite her burgeoning career, Rose remained steadfast in her commitment to education, skillfully balancing her roles as a model, musician, and student. Notably, she even filmed an unreleased music video with Young Thug during her inaugural year at college. In tandem with her artistic pursuits, Rose made regular appearances on Twitch streams, collaborating with DJ Akademiks, a distinguished Jamaican East Coast Hip Hop Commentator, resulting in a triumphant partnership.

Rubi Rose’s rise in the industry has been largely attributed to her unwavering determination and skillful handling of a variety of duties. Her abilities, together with her unwavering commitment to her studies and skills, consistently highlight her status as a rising star in the modeling and music industries.

Rubi Rose Net Worth

Rubi Rose, the multi-talented artist, has established a lucrative career in the music industry, which contributes significantly to her income. With her success, she enjoys a luxurious Living the high life in Los Angeles, California, Rubi Rose Benton is estimated to boast a net worth of approximately $2.5 million USD, as per reliable sources.

Rubi Rose rakes in her earnings through a diverse range of channels. Her music career, modeling gigs, brand endorsements, and advertisements collectively contribute to her financial success. The entertainment industry has been a playground for her versatile talents, opening doors to lucrative opportunities.

In addition to her mainstream pursuits, Rubi Rose has embraced the digital realm with an OnlyFans account. Offering users a complimentary 30-day trial, she charges an annual fee of roughly $165, sweetening the deal with a 20% discount. This digital venture adds another layer to her multifaceted career, showcasing her adaptability in navigating different spheres of the entertainment world.

Rubi Rose Social Media


One-of-a-kind artist Rubi Rose has managed to garner a sizable fan base across numerous social media platforms. She shares a wide range of engaging photos, professional photoshoots, intimate peeks into her personal life, corporate endorsements, and candids from her global trips with her 2.8 million followers on her dynamic Instagram profile. Rubi Rose entertains her admirers and keeps them interested with interesting and relevant information through her digital window.


Amidst the vast realm of social media, Rubi Rose, the virtuoso artist, has indubitably etched her imprint. Her Instagram domain stands as a nexus for aficionados, showcasing a kaleidoscope of arresting visuals, refined photographic endeavors, glimpses into her personal chronicles, commendations from corporate quarters, and candid peeks into her sojourns. At the forefront of Instagram luminaries, Rubi Rose boasts a following of 2.8 million devotees. The allure of her enigmatic content perennially captivates and regales her admirers.


For those in search of unique experiences, Rubi Rose provides an exclusive haven on her OnlyFans account, granting fans access to personalized and intimate content. Additionally, she leverages YouTube as a medium to engage with her audience, sharing not only music videos but also behind-the-scenes glimpses and vlogs, enabling fans to immerse themselves more profoundly into her captivating world.


Height: Rubi Rose stands at a height of 163 cm (5 feet 4 inches).

Birth: Born on October 2, 1997, in Lexington, Kentucky, as Rubi Rose Benton.

Nationality: Proudly American, hailing from Lexington, Kentucky, and currently residing in Los Angeles, California.

Education: A graduate from Georgia State University, where she studied politics.

Family: Raised by her parents, dentist Nardos Ghebrelul and lawyer John Benton, with two sisters – Scarlette and Coral.

Career: A versatile artist excelling in rap, singing, modeling, and more.

Relationships: Previously linked with Playboi Carti, 21 Savage, and Travis Scott. Currently navigating the realm of singlehood.

Net Worth: Estimated at approximately $2.5 million, earned through her music career, modeling, brand endorsements, and digital ventures like OnlyFans.

Social Media: Boasts a significant following on Instagram (2.8 million), actively engaging with fans through captivating visuals and content.


In the annals of chronology, Rubi Rose, born Rubi Rose Benton in the temporal epoch of 1997, emerges as a distinguished luminary, proficient not only as an illustrious American cantatrice but also as a rap virtuoso, a vogue paragon, and an astute entrepreneurial spirit. Elevating her countenance to an admirable altitude of 163 cm (5 feet 4 inches), she exudes a sense of exultation for her national identity on the American stage.

Growing up in the diverse city of Lexington, Kentucky, Rubi later delved into the world of politics at Georgia State University.

Her journey to fame ignited through Instagram, propelling her into music video roles, including a standout appearance in Migos’ “Bad and Boujee.” Despite her growing success, Rubi remained dedicated to her education, excelling across various disciplines. Amidst the tapestry of her romantic connections, noteworthy liaisons intertwine with influential personalities such as Playboi Carti and 21 Savage.

Rubi Rose’s fiscal triumph finds manifestation in an estimated wealth of $2.5 million, garnered through triumphs in the realms of music, modeling, brand endorsements, and entrepreneurial forays, including the innovative domain of OnlyFans. Her effervescent presence across social media landscapes, notably Instagram, provides a tantalizing glimpse into her multifaceted existence, ensnaring and enthralling a considerable cadre of devoted admirers.


What is Rubi Rose’s height?

Rubi Rose stands at a height of 163 cm (5 feet 4 inches).

Where was Rubi Rose born?

Rubi Rose was born in Lexington, Kentucky, United States.

What is Rubi Rose’s educational background?

She graduated from Georgia State University, where she studied politics.

Who are Rubi Rose’s parents?

Her mother is dentist Nardos Ghebrelul, an immigrant from Eritrea, and her father is John Benton, a lawyer with African-American and Japanese descent.

What is Rubi Rose’s net worth?

Rubi Rose’s net worth is estimated at approximately $2.5 million.

Has Rubi Rose been in relationships?

Yes, she has been romantically linked with Playboi Carti, 21 Savage, and Travis Scott in the past, but currently, she is single and focused on her music career.

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