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ruby ever copeland

Ruby Ever Copeland, the daughter of former WWE Superstar Adam Joseph Copeland, better known as Edge, and his wife Beth Phoenix, a former WWE Women’s Champion, has become a notable figure in her own right. Growing up in a household deeply entrenched in the world of professional wrestling, Ruby is the younger sibling to Lyric Rose Copeland, adding to the family’s wrestling legacy. With her lineage and connection to her famous parents, Ruby has naturally attracted public interest and attention.

Embracing the limelight, Ruby and her family occasionally offer glimpses into their lives on social media, giving fans a closer look at their world. In this article, we delve into Ruby’s early years, exploring her family dynamics, her parents’ renowned careers, their relationship, and even delving into her own net worth. Through this exploration, we aim to shed light on the life of a celebrity child who is carving her own path amidst the shadows of wrestling greatness.

Ruby Ever Copeland Wiki

Full NameRuby Ever Copeland
Famous asAdam Joseph Copeland’s Daughter
Date of BirthMay 31, 2016
Place of BirthUnited States of America
Ruby Ever Copeland Age7
Zodiac SignGemini
OccupationCelebrity Child
Marital StatusSingle
FatherAdam Joseph Copeland
MotherBeth Phoenix
SiblingsLyric Rose Copeland
Net WorthNot Known

Ruby Ever Copeland Biography

ruby ever copeland

Ruby Ever Copeland entered the world in the United States on May 31, 2016, bringing joy as the second child of wrestling icons Edge and Beth Phoenix. Alongside her older sister, Lyric Rose Copeland, Ruby was born into a family steeped in the rich traditions of the wrestling world. Growing up in such a legendary household undoubtedly shaped her early years with a unique blend of fame and familial love.

With a lineage that spans across borders, Ruby’s heritage is a captivating fusion of Canadian, Irish, and Puerto Rican roots, stemming from her mother’s diverse background. This multicultural tapestry adds depth and richness to her identity, reflecting the mosaic of her family’s origins. Despite the glitz and glamour associated with her parents’ careers, Ruby’s upbringing is rooted in warmth and affection, nurtured within the close-knit bonds of her family.

In this nurturing environment, Ruby flourished, surrounded by the love and support of her parents and sister. Their home provided a sanctuary where she could grow and thrive, instilling in her a sense of belonging and security. As she embarked on her journey through childhood, Ruby’s early years were shaped by the love and guidance of her parents, laying the foundation for the remarkable individual she is destined to become.

Ruby Ever Copeland Education

Ruby Ever Copeland, currently a student, is navigating the corridors of education with her parents, Edge and Beth Phoenix, by her side. While Ruby’s academic journey unfolds, her parents have made a conscious choice to maintain a veil of privacy around her scholastic endeavours. This deliberate decision underscores their commitment to safeguarding Ruby’s personal life and aspirations from the relentless gaze of the public eye.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of their renowned careers, Edge and Beth Phoenix prioritise creating a nurturing environment where Ruby can focus on her studies and personal growth away from the spotlight. By keeping details about her academic history and future aspirations under wraps, they demonstrate a deep respect for Ruby’s autonomy and the importance of shielding her childhood experiences from undue scrutiny. Through this protective stance, Edge and Beth Phoenix ensure that Ruby’s education remains a sanctuary where she can flourish and carve her own path, shielded from the prying eyes of fame.

Ruby Ever Copeland Age

Ruby Ever Copeland, gracing the world with her presence on May 31, 2016, is now a lively 7-year-old. As a Gemini, she embodies the traits of curiosity and adaptability attributed to her zodiac sign. Born in the United States, Ruby proudly holds American nationality, reflecting her connection to the diverse tapestry of cultures that define the nation.

With each passing day, Ruby’s youthful energy and inquisitive spirit shape her journey through childhood. As she embraces the adventures that come her way, her American roots ground her, providing a sense of belonging to the vibrant mosaic of her homeland. Through her experiences and interactions, Ruby continues to blossom, embodying the essence of her zodiac sign while proudly representing her nationality as an American.

Meet Ruby Ever Copeland’s Father: Adam Joseph Copeland

ruby ever copeland

Adam Joseph Copeland, widely known by his electrifying ring persona “Edge,” has left an indelible mark on the world of professional wrestling and entertainment. Hailing from Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, Edge was born on October 30, 1973, and his journey to wrestling stardom began with humble roots. Throughout his storied career, he has earned acclaim as one of wrestling’s most revered figures, boasting an impressive list of accolades and championships within WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

Edge’s ascent to greatness was marked by his unparalleled charisma, commanding presence, and extraordinary talent inside the ring. With multiple WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship triumphs to his name, he solidified his status as a true titan of the sport. Fans worldwide were drawn to his magnetic personality, dynamic mic skills, and unparalleled prowess between the ropes, cementing his legacy as one of wrestling’s all-time greats.

Beyond the squared circle, Edge embarked on a successful transition into acting, gracing both television series and films with his undeniable presence. Despite his ventures into other realms of entertainment, Edge’s passion for wrestling never waned. His triumphant return to in-ring action in WWE served as a testament to his unwavering dedication to the sport and his enduring connection with fans across the globe. Through his resilience and commitment, Edge continues to captivate audiences, solidifying his place as a beloved icon in the world of sports entertainment.

Meet Ruby Ever Copeland’s Mother: Beth Phoenix

ruby ever copeland

Beth Phoenix, formerly known as Elizabeth Kocianski, stands tall as a retired professional wrestler who has left an indelible mark on the world of WWE. Born on November 24, 1980, in Elmira, New York, USA, Beth’s journey to wrestling greatness began with her unwavering determination and unparalleled skill. Throughout her tenure in WWE from 2006 to 2012, she emerged as one of the most formidable female competitors in the history of the sport.

During her illustrious WWE career, Beth Phoenix earned the moniker “The Glamazon” for her awe-inspiring dominance in the women’s division. Her remarkable achievements include capturing the WWE Women’s Championship and holding the title of WWE Divas Champion three times over. Renowned for her unparalleled strength, exceptional athleticism, and technical prowess, Beth Phoenix commanded respect and admiration from fans and peers alike.

Following her retirement from in-ring competition, Beth Phoenix seamlessly transitioned into a role as a commentator and analyst for WWE programming. Her insightful commentary and wealth of knowledge further solidify her status as a respected figure in the realm of professional wrestling. With a legacy that continues to resonate throughout the industry, Beth Phoenix’s contributions have forever shaped the landscape of women’s wrestling, leaving an enduring impact that will be celebrated for generations to come.

How many Siblings Does Ruby Ever Copeland have?

ruby ever copeland

Lyric Rose Copeland, the eldest daughter of Adam Joseph Copeland and Beth Phoenix, holds a special place within the Copeland family dynamic. Born on December 12, 2013, Lyric takes on the role of not only Ruby’s older sister but also her steadfast companion and confidante. At 9 years old, Lyric embodies the essence of sisterhood, nurturing a bond with Ruby that transcends mere sibling ties.

Within the loving embrace of their parents, Edge and Beth Phoenix, Lyric and Ruby thrive in a close-knit family environment. Together, they navigate the joys and challenges of childhood, supported by the unwavering love and guidance of their doting parents. As the older sister, Lyric plays an integral role in shaping Ruby’s upbringing, fostering a sense of camaraderie and kinship that strengthens their familial bond. In the warm embrace of their family unit, Lyric and Ruby find solace and companionship, laying the foundation for a lifetime of cherished memories and shared experiences.

Ruby Ever Copeland’s Heartwarming WWE Debut alongside Father Edge

Although Ruby Ever Copeland has yet to step into the professional wrestling ring herself, she has already left a heartwarming mark on the WWE world. In a poignant moment at the 2019 WWE SummerSlam event, Ruby accompanied her father, Edge, as he made his triumphant return to the ring after nine years of retirement due to a neck injury. This event not only marked a significant milestone in Edge’s career but also showcased the special bond shared between father and daughter.

Captured in the WWE Network documentary series, “Edge: The Second Mountain,” this touching father-daughter moment provided fans with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their relationship. Ruby’s presence alongside her iconic father underscored the profound impact of family support and love, adding an extra layer of emotion to Edge’s comeback story. As Ruby continues to grow, her connection to the wrestling world and her cherished moments with her father serve as a testament to the enduring power of familial bonds within the realm of sports entertainment.

Ruby Ever Copeland Relationship Status

At this tender stage of her life, Ruby Ever Copeland is happily uninvolved in any romantic relationships, as her attention remains steadfastly directed towards her studies and personal development. With a youthful zest for learning and exploration, Ruby’s journey is guided by a desire for self-discovery and the simple joys of childhood.

As of now, there are no details available regarding Ruby’s dating life, as she navigates the adventures of growing up with a focus on education and self-enrichment. Her days are filled with the excitement of discovery and the pursuit of knowledge, allowing her to savour the innocence and wonder of youth while laying the groundwork for a bright and fulfilling future.

Ruby Ever Copeland Height and Physical Appearance

Hair ColourBlonde
Eye ColourBlue

Ruby Ever Copeland on Social Media

ruby ever copeland

As a young child, Ruby Ever Copeland maintains a low profile on social media platforms, as her parents opt to shield her from the public eye. Instead of actively engaging on these platforms, Ruby’s upbringing is centred on privacy and enjoying her childhood away from the digital spotlight.

Meanwhile, her father, Edge, embraces social media as a means of connecting with his dedicated fan base. Through platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, Edge shares glimpses of his family life, occasionally featuring photos of Ruby and her sister. This thoughtful approach allows Edge’s followers to catch a glimpse of his personal world while safeguarding Ruby’s privacy and ensuring she can grow up in a more private and protected environment.

Ruby Ever Copeland Parents Net Worth

As Ruby Ever Copeland continues her journey as a young student, her personal net worth remains a mystery, understandably so given her age and focus on education. However, her family’s financial success within the world of professional wrestling is well-documented. Ruby’s father, Edge, has accumulated an estimated net worth of approximately $14 million throughout his illustrious career in WWE. His accomplishments in the ring have not only solidified his status as a wrestling icon but have also contributed significantly to his financial prosperity.

Similarly, Ruby’s mother, Beth Phoenix, has carved out her own impressive legacy in the wrestling industry, boasting a net worth estimated at $4 million. Beth’s achievements in WWE, including her reign as a Women’s Champion, have not only garnered her acclaim but have also contributed to her financial stability. With such successful and financially savvy parents, Ruby is undoubtedly surrounded by strong role models who can provide valuable guidance and insight as she navigates her own path toward financial success in the future.

While Ruby’s net worth remains undisclosed at this time, her family’s achievements serve as a testament to their dedication and hard work within the wrestling world. As she continues to grow and pursue her dreams, Ruby can draw inspiration from her parents’ accomplishments, knowing that she has a solid foundation upon which to build her own financial future. With the support and guidance of her family, Ruby is poised to chart a course toward success in whatever endeavours she chooses to pursue.

Quick Facts

  • Ruby Ever Copeland, born on May 31, 2016, is the daughter of former WWE Superstar Adam Joseph Copeland, known as Edge, and his wife Beth Phoenix, a former WWE Women’s Champion.
  • Ruby’s upbringing is deeply rooted in the world of professional wrestling, being the younger sister to Lyric Rose Copeland, adding to the family’s wrestling legacy.
  • Despite her young age, Ruby has already made a heartwarming appearance in the WWE world, accompanying her father, Edge, at the 2019 WWE SummerSlam event.
  • Edge, Ruby’s father, is widely recognized as one of wrestling’s all-time greats, boasting an estimated net worth of $14 million from his successful WWE career.
  • Similarly, Ruby’s mother, Beth Phoenix, has left her mark in the wrestling industry, with a net worth estimated at $4 million, earned through her accomplishments as a WWE Women’s Champion.
  • Ruby Ever Copeland maintains a low profile on social media, as her parents prioritise shielding her from the public eye, while her father, Edge, shares glimpses of family life on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • At the age of 7, Ruby proudly holds American nationality, reflecting her connection to the diverse tapestry of cultures within the United States.
  • Ruby’s educational journey is carefully guarded by her parents, who prioritise creating a nurturing environment where she can focus on her studies and personal growth away from the spotlight.


In conclusion, Ruby Ever Copeland emerges as a young figure with a promising future, born into the legendary world of professional wrestling. With a supportive family, including renowned parents Edge and Beth Phoenix, Ruby navigates her childhood with a blend of warmth, privacy, and occasional glimpses into the spotlight. While her net worth remains undisclosed, Ruby is surrounded by strong role models who have achieved remarkable success in the wrestling industry. As she continues her journey, Ruby’s upbringing emphasises the importance of family, education, and privacy, laying the groundwork for a bright and fulfilling future ahead.

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