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singer grande
singer grande


Ariana Grande (born June 26, 1993, Boca Raton, Florida, U.S.) American pop singer and actress who burst onto the pop music scene in the early 2010s and became one of the genre’s most successful performers, known for her four-octave range. Grande began singing and acting when she was young.

Singer Grande

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Who Is Ariana Grande?

Ariana Grande began performing onstage when she was a child. Her involvement in a Broadway play at age 15, followed by some small TV parts, helped her land the role of Cat on TV’s Victorious. She followed that with the spinoff Sam & Cat and then dove headfirst into a chart-topping musical career, releasing five albums: Yours Truly (2013), My Everything (2014), Dangerous Woman (2016), Sweetener (2018) and Thank U, Next (2019).


Ariana Grande was born Ariana Grande-Butera on June 26, 1993 in Boca Raton, Florida to Joan Grande, a chief executive officer for Hose-McCann Communications & Edward Butera, a graphic designer, photographer, artist and Ibi Designs Inc. owner/founder. She starred in the 2008 musical, 13 before becoming a household name through her roles on Nickelodeon. She appeared as Cat Valentine in the network’s sitcoms Victorious (2010) and Sam & Cat (2013), lent her voice to the character Diaspro in Nickelodeon’s revival of Winx Club (2004), and was part of the main cast for the Nick TV movie “Swindle”. She has since appeared in other theatre and television roles.

Early Years

In the realms of Boca Raton, Florida, on the auspicious day of June 26, 1993, Grande graced the world with her presence. She emerged into existence as a scion of the entrepreneurial Joan Grande and the artistic virtuoso, Edward Butera. Her early foray into the realms of performance and melodic resonance commenced at a tender age, imprinting her presence in the annals of the local theatrical domain long before adolescence claimed her. 

The nascent age of fifteen marked the inception of her prodigious journey when the spotlight sought her out, casting her as Charlotte in the Broadway rendition of “13” in 2008 – an artistic narrative delving into the tapestry of adolescence within the confines of the concrete jungle, New York City. The early role led to accolades, and Grande won a National Youth Theatre Association Award.

Two years later, she appeared in the musical Cuba Libre and had a small role on a TV show called The Battery’s Down.


Ariana has a half-brother called Frankie Grande, a dancer, actor, entertainer, producer and YouTube star, and the pair are incredibly close friends. After he appeared on the 16th series of Big Brother in the US in 2014, Frankie appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK in 2016, finishing in 6th place.


Born on June 26, 1993, Ariana Grande is currently thirty years old and has the sign of Cancer as her star sign.

Giving us all a total cuteness-overload, Ari shared a now-deleted, sweet throwback pic in 2023. Thankfully she has a habit of doing that, and in 2022, Ariana delighted fans as she shared a truly adorable throwback video to her Instagram page, showing her younger self saying to the camera

Personal Life

Grande said that she was seeing Mac Miller, her co-star on “The Way,” in August of 2016. Despite dating for almost two years, their relationship terminated in May 2018. Grande showed her unwavering love and respect for Miller on Instagram, despite the changes in their relationship dynamics and the unknowns that lie ahead.

In June 2018, following a few weeks of courtship, Grande and Saturday Night Live actor Davidson confirmed their engagement. Social media users were drawn to their public shows of devotion, but when video of Davidson making jokes about the Manchester concert bombing months earlier surfaced, uproar followed.

The passing of Miller in September 2018 due to an accidental drug overdose deeply affected Grande, possibly influencing her relationship with Davidson. By October 2018, the singer and comedian had parted ways.


In the realm of musical performance, Ariana Grande, accompanied by her erstwhile romantic companion Mac Miller, orchestrated a poignant recital at the One Love Manchester concert. Harmoniously, they presented the collaborative opus crafted in the annals of 2013, titled ‘The Path.’

 They urged everyone to respect their need for privacy during this challenging time while commemorating Mac Miller as a significant presence in their lives – a shining star extinguished too soon.

 The circumstances enveloping his demise remain shrouded in ambiguity.After Mac passed away unexpectedly, Ariana revealed a heartfelt photo on social media that she later deleted.

After Mac passed away unexpectedly, Ariana revealed a heartfelt photo on social media that she later deleted.

 A video featuring him accompanied by the caption, ‘i adored you from the day i met you when i was nineteen and i always will. i can’t believe you aren’t here anymore. i really can’t wrap my head around it,’ further manifested the depths of her grief.

Social Media

Together with her brother Frankie Grande, Grande has created two fragrances, “Ari by Ariana Grande” and “Frankie by Ariana Grande,” in addition to her acting and music endeavors.

The pop icon contributes money for charities in the South Florida area through her co-founded organization, Kids Who Care, among other philanthropic causes that she supports when she is not performing. In addition, she has built a significant social media following on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Time magazine, where she was listed as one of “The 100 Most Influential People” in 2016.


Among her many accolades, Grande has won six iHeartRadio Music Awards, five MTV Video Music Awards and three American Music Awards. She has also earned 12 Grammy nominations and one win.


In the waning month of December 2011, Grande unveiled her inaugural musical creation, “Place Your Affections Aloft,” conceived for a prospective youthful-centered melodic compilation that never saw the light of day. She subsequently disavowed the composition for its effervescent pop resonance, professing her disinterest in crafting music within that particular genre. The track eventually earned the coveted Gold certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). As part of the ensemble cast for the extended play “Victorious 2.0,” released on June 5, 2012, Grande lent her vocal prowess to the tune “5 Fingaz to the Face.”

The trilogy culminated with the release of “Victorious 3.0” on November 6, 2012, featuring a collaborative performance by Grande and Victoria Justice, titled “L.A. Boyz,” accompanied by an expeditious release of a complementary music video. In December of that same year, Grande collaborated on the single iteration of “Populous Melody,” a harmonious duet featuring British vocalist and lyricist Mika.

The final season of “Victorious” concluded in February 2013, with the show’s demise already determined after four seasons. In a highly theatrical adaptation of “A Snow White Christmas,” Grande played the role of Snow White at the Pasadena Playhouse, sharing the stage with Charlene Tilton and Neil Patrick Harris. When Grande portrayed Amanda Benson in the 2013 movie “Swindle,” which was based on the same-titled children’s book, it demonstrated her versatility.

Additionally, Nickelodeon created the spinoff “Sam & Cat,” starring Jennette McCurdy and Grande, which blended characters from “iCarly” and “Victorious.”

 The two returned to their respective roles as Sam Puckett and Cat Valentine, living out the story of roommates who become after-school caregivers.

 Premiering on June 8, 2013, the network promptly extended the show’s initial 20-episode order for season one, metamorphosing it into a prodigious 40-episode endeavor. Despite commendable viewership ratings, the series met an untimely demise after 35 episodes, culminating with the broadcast of the ultimate installment on July 17, 2014.

Net worth

Pop sensation Ariana Grande has recently sealed the deal on a residence in the Hollywood Hills, making a substantial $8.9 million investment. This real estate venture marks another significant property acquisition for the songstress, who previously made headlines with a $6.7 million purchase of an estate once owned by Ellen Degeneres – a compound featuring two meticulously reconstructed 1700s English Tudors in Santa Barbara. Additionally, Grande invested $13.7 million in a mansion situated in the same neighbourhood as her most recent acquisition. Notably, she also held a $16 million New York City pad alongside her former fiancé, Pete Davidson.

The undisclosed property deal, reported by The Dirt, was discreetly finalized off the market. While the particulars remain limited due to the confidential nature of the transaction, tax records associated with Grande unveil the essence of her latest acquisition.

Intriguingly, the low-profile cottage had been under the stewardship of its original owners for an extended period before being acquired by investors at a comparatively modest price of $2.3 million – a noteworthy $6 million less than Grande’s investment.

Given the real estate acumen of Ariana Grande’s fiancé, Dalton Gomez, it’s reasonable to surmise that this .74-acre plot holds promise as a sound investment. The curiosity intensifies as observers await potential renovations that could transform this property into Grande’s envisioned dream home.


Birth and Early Years: Ariana Grande was born on June 26, 1993, in Boca Raton, Florida, USA.She began her singing and acting career at a young age.At 15, Grande appeared in a Broadway play, leading to her role as Cat on the TV show “Victorious.”

Family: Ariana’s parents are Joan Grande, a CEO, and Edward Butera, a graphic designer and artist.She has a close relationship with her half-brother, Frankie Grande, a dancer, actor, and YouTube star.

Career Beginnings: Grande’s career took off with Nickelodeon’s “Victorious” and its spinoff “Sam & Cat.”She released her first album, “Yours Truly,” in 2013, followed by several successful albums, showcasing her four-octave range.

Awards and Achievements: Grande has won numerous awards, including iHeartRadio Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and American Music Awards.She has received 12 Grammy nominations and one win.

Personal Life: Grande has been in the public eye for her relationships, notably with Mac Miller and Pete Davidson.She co-founded the organization “Kids Who Care” and supports various philanthropic causes.

Real Estate and Net Worth: Grande has made significant real estate investments, including properties in Hollywood Hills and New York City.Her net worth reflects her success, with recent property acquisitions and ventures.


 Ariana Grande, born in 1993 in Boca Raton, Florida, started her career in entertainment at a young age, gaining fame through Nickelodeon shows like “Victorious” and “Sam & Cat.” Her musical journey began with the release of multiple successful albums, showcasing her impressive vocal range. Grande has achieved numerous awards and accolades, ventured into real estate investments, and actively participates in philanthropy.


What is Ariana Grande’s birthdate and birthplace?

Ariana Grande was born on June 26, 1993, in Boca Raton, Florida, USA.

How did Ariana Grande start her career?

Grande began performing in theater and landed her breakthrough role as Cat in Nickelodeon’s “Victorious” at the age of 15.

What are some of Ariana Grande’s notable achievements?

Grande has won several iHeartRadio Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, American Music Awards, and has received 12 Grammy nominations.

Tell us about Ariana Grande’s family.

Ariana’s parents are Joan Grande, a CEO, and Edward Butera, a graphic designer. She has a close relationship with her half-brother, Frankie Grande.

What philanthropic activities is Ariana Grande involved in?

Grande co-founded “Kids Who Care” and actively supports various charitable causes, particularly in the South Florida area.

How has Ariana Grande contributed to real estate?

Grande has made notable real estate investments, including properties in Hollywood Hills and New York City, reflecting her financial success.

What is Ariana Grande’s net worth?

Ariana Grande has achieved considerable financial success, as evidenced by her recent real estate investments and ventures. However, specific net worth figures may vary and change over time.

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