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teruko nakagami
teruko nakagami


Teruko Nakagami, a renowned American Actor, voice artist, and creative, was born on Apr 06, 1937, in the bustling city of New York, New York, United States. Delve into X’s age, marital status, wealth, physique, stature, profession, lineage, visual documentation, biography & beyond. Access insights into all pivotal feats or triumphs accomplished by Teruko Nakagami.

Who is Teruko Nakagami?

Teruko Nakagami is widely recognized as the spouse of the seasoned actor Billy Dee Williams. Their enduring relationship, spanning more than five decades, serves as a meaningful model for younger married couples. Their union seems serendipitous, having previously been married to others before finding love with each other.

Teruko Nakagami holds the distinction of being Billy Dee Williams’ third wife. However, their journey together has not been without challenges. Following a period of misunderstandings, the couple even initiated divorce proceedings in 1993. Ultimately, they reconciled and chose to continue their marital journey as Mr. and Mrs. Williams.

Teruko Nakagami Biography

Billy Dee’s third wife is a Japanese American, born on August 26, 1967, in California, USA, making her 56 years old currently. While she holds American nationality due to her birthplace, it’s lesser-known that she also possesses Japanese citizenship inherited from her native parents.

Known publicly as Teruko Nakagami, her birth name is Irene Nakagami. Records show she was raised alongside her twin sister on a fruit farm in the Delano Valley. However, their family was relocated from the farm to a crowded camp in Arkansas when she was just 3 years old, part of the unfortunate history of Japanese American internment camps.

Reflecting on those times, Teruko describes a challenging environment marked by strict security, cramped living conditions, and limited privacy. Meals were communal affairs in a bustling hall, with tardiness resulting in missed opportunities. Despite these hardships, playing games with her sister and other children provided moments of solace.

In terms of education, she attended Hyde Park High School after her family moved to Chicago, later pursuing studies at an IBM school.

Full nameTeruko Irene Nakagami
NicknameBilly Dee Williams’ wife
Date of birth1946
Age77 years old (as of January 2024)
Place of birthChicago, United States of America
Current residenceUnited States of America
Height in feet5’5″
Height in centimetres167
Hair colourBlack
Eye colourDark brown
Marital statusMarried
HusbandBilly Dee Williams
Ex-husbandWayne Shorter
SchoolHyde Park High School
College/UniversityTokyo University of the Arts
ProfessionModel and actress

Teruko Nakagami Early Life

In 1946, Teruko Nakagami was born in Chicago, Illinois. The details of her birth, including the precise time and location, are still unknown.

There is little information in the public domain concerning Teruko’s parents or upbringing, and her early years are fully obscured.

Though her past is little known to the public, Nakagami has provided tidbits of information, saying that she was raised in a quiet Chicago neighborhood.

However, the tranquility of her childhood shattered when Teruko reached the age of six. She and her twin sister were relocated to a Japanese-American internment camp in California during that time.

While the exact conditions of the camp remain unclear, one can speculate that it was a challenging and unpleasant period for Nakagami and her family.

Following their time in the camp, the trajectory of Teruko’s life becomes somewhat unclear. Some sources suggest she returned to Chicago, while others indicate a possible return to Japan.

Teruko Nakagami Education

Information regarding Teruko’s educational endeavors remains undisclosed. Nevertheless, considering her resilience and accomplishments, it is reasonable to assume that she received a comprehensive and substantial education.

Teruko Nakagami Age

As of 2024, Teruko Nakagami is 78 years old. Her longevity underscores a life rich with experiences and wisdom gained over the years. Additionally, her age positions her as a witness to significant historical events and societal changes, adding depth to her life story and perspectives.

Teruko Nakagami Physical Attributes

Teruko stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches, complemented by her striking black hair and deep brown eyes. While her specific body measurements remain undisclosed, her distinctive features contribute to her unique appearance and presence.

Teruko Nakagami’s Career

Teruko has maintained silence regarding her educational background in public discussions. While media speculations suggest that revisiting her past may be challenging for Nakagami, she has not confirmed this notion.

Moreover, it appears that Teruko did not pursue a professional career outside her role as a devoted mother to her children. Her dedication to nurturing her kids reflects her priorities and values in life.

Teruko Nakagami Net Worth

Although specific details about Teruko Nakagami’s personal net worth are not publicly disclosed, her husband, Billy Dee Williams, has amassed a net worth of $9 million as of 2021, primarily from his successful and esteemed acting career.

Teruko Nakagami’s First Marriage

Contrary to popular belief, Williams wasn’t Teruko’s initial spouse. Before her connection with the acting luminary, Nakagami was married to the renowned jazz saxophonist and composer, Wayne Shorter.

Their acquaintance took place in the early 1960s, sparking an instant connection akin to legendary romances.

During this era, Shorter’s star ascended rapidly as he joined the Jazz Messengers band, eventually becoming its primary composer. His contributions propelled him to success and secured his position in the Jazz Hall of Fame, all while nurturing a fervent love affair with Teruko.

The union between Shorter and Teruko occurred in 1961, a period marked by Shorter’s heartfelt musical tributes to Nakagami, such as Native Dancer and Speak No Evil.

In his 1966 album, Shorter likened Teruko to the Japanese Audrey Hepburn, a testament to his adoration and admiration.

Their familial bond extended with the birth of their daughter, Miyako, in 1961, shortly after their marriage. Shorter’s affection for his daughter was evident in compositions like Miyako and Infant Eyes, reflecting a blend of personal and artistic devotion.

Teruko Nakagami and Billy Dee Williams Relationships

Following her separation from Wayne, Teruko remained single for a considerable period, dedicating her time to raising Miyako while maintaining a low profile.

However, when Billy Dee Williams made his marriage to Teruko public in 1972, everything abruptly changed. A small wedding ceremony with only close friends and relatives was chosen by the couple. Many were taken aback by this news because there had been no prior reports of their courtship.

Fans and well-wishers rejoiced at the union, glad that the two had found happiness together, despite the first shock. Hanako Williams, Teruko and Billy’s daughter, was born shortly after they were married.

For more than twenty years, the couple seemed to have the perfect life. But they surprised a lot of people in 1993 when they announced their divorce, with neither party giving any explanation for their choice.

Fortunately, the story takes a positive turn. Approximately four years post-divorce, Billy and Teruko reconciled and remarried. Today, they have surpassed five decades together, a testament to their enduring bond and resilience.


Full Name: Teruko Irene Nakagami

Birth Year: 1946

Age (as of 2024): 78 years old

Place of Birth: Chicago, United States of America

Nationality: Japanese-American

Ethnicity: Asian

Marital Status: Married

Spouse: Billy Dee Williams

Ex-husband: Wayne Shorter

Children: 2 (including Hanako Williams)

Education: Details undisclosed, likely comprehensive

Profession: Model and actress


Teruko Nakagami, born in Chicago in 1946, is known as the wife of legendary actor Billy Dee Williams. Her life’s journey includes a childhood marked by the challenges of relocation to a Japanese-American internment camp. Although information regarding her upbringing and schooling is still unknown, she has always been a devoted wife and mother. Teruko and Billy Dee Williams’ marriage has faced difficulties, such as a brief separation, but they eventually made up and got married again, demonstrating their unwavering love and devotion.


What is Teruko Nakagami’s age in 2024? 

Teruko Nakagami is 77 years old as of January 2024.

Where was Teruko Nakagami born? 

Teruko Nakagami was born in Chicago, United States of America.

What is Teruko Nakagami’s nationality? 

Teruko Nakagami holds Japanese-American nationality.

Who are Teruko Nakagami’s children? 

Teruko Nakagami has two children, including Hanako Williams.

What is Teruko Nakagami’s profession?

 Teruko Nakagami is known as a model and actress.

Who was Teruko Nakagami’s first husband? 

Teruko Nakagami’s first husband was the renowned jazz saxophonist and composer, Wayne Shorter.

When did Teruko Nakagami marry Billy Dee Williams? 

Teruko Nakagami married Billy Dee Williams in 1972 after a period of being single following her first marriage.

How long have Teruko Nakagami and Billy Dee Williams been married? 

Teruko Nakagami and Billy Dee Williams have been married for over five decades, showcasing their enduring bond and commitment.

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