Vince Neil Net Worth, Bio, Career, Family & More

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Vince Neil Net Worth, Bio, Career, Family & More

Vince Neil Net Worth

$50 Million

Vince Neil net worth estimated 2024 in $50 million, demonstrating his music industry success. Neil has established himself as a music legend with his amazing performances. His career began in 1981 when he joined Mötley Crüe as an occasional rhythm guitarist. Neil’s unique talents and explosive live persona helped the band climb to stardom from 1981 to 1992. After a brief sabbatical, Neil rejoined Mötley Crüe in 1996, impressing audiences worldwide with his spectacular performances. He dedicated himself to Mötley Crüe until 2015, ending a distinguished career.

What Is Vince Neil’s Net Worth?

What Is Vince Neil’s Net Worth?

Vince Neil net worth estimated 2024 in $50 million. Neil is most known as Mötley Crüe’s lead singer, although he has also succeeded as a solo artist. Neil’s life has been tainted by legal issues beyond his music. These problems notwithstanding, Neil’s impact on the music industry has solidified his stature as a rock star who transcends the stage.

Profile Summary

Real NameVincent Neil Wharton
Nick NameVince Neil
Birth PlaceHollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States
Date Of Birth8 February 1961
Age62 years old
HeightIn Centimetres – 175 cmIn Feet and Inches – 5’9”
WeightIn Kilograms – 76 KgIn Pounds – 180 lbs
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourDyed Blonde
EducationCharter Oak High School, Royal Oak High School
Zodiac SignAquarius
Sexual OrientationStraight
Kids/Children NameSkylar Lynnae Neil, Elizabeth Ashley Wharton, Neil Jason Wharton
ProfessionAmerican musician

Early Life

Vincent Neil Wharton was born in Hollywood, California, on February 8, 1961. His family moved about California in his childhood, eventually settling in Glendora. Vince loved music and played many sports in high school. His dual origin, including Mexican and Native American roots, lends intrigue to his persona.

Personal Life

Vince Multi-married Neil has had a turbulent personal life, like his rockstar career. His 1981 marriage to Beth Lynn ended in divorce after four years, but they had two children, Elizabeth Ashley and Neil Jason Wharton. After Elizabeth Ashley died of cancer in 1995, Neil donated heavily to cancer charities in her honor.

Neil married Sharise Ruddell in 1987 after divorcing Beth Lynn. Skylar Lynnae, their four-year-old daughter, died of cancer. Neil’s grief over Skylar’s death inspired him to support the Skylar Neil Memorial Foundation, which helps children with cancer.

Personal Life

After his loss, Neil married Heidi Mark in 2000 and Lia Gerardini in 2005. However, both marriages ended in divorce, complicating Neil’s life. Beyond relationships, Neil’s financial decisions are affected by his personal experiences. Real estate purchases in California and Las Vegas have increased his riches. He also supports children’s welfare and veterans’ issues beyond cancer charities. Through his highs and lows, Vince Neil’s personal life and professional accomplishments have shaped him into a multidimensional person.

Beth Lynn (divorced)Elizabeth Ashley and Neil Jason
Sharise Ruddell (divorced)Skylar Neil
Heidi Mark (divorced)None
Lia Gerardini (divorced)None
Rain HannahNone

Music Career and Success

Music Career and Success

Mötley Crüe

Neil became famous after being found performing with Rock Candy. He was discovered by Mötley Crüe in 1981 when searching for a lead singer. After seeing his spectacular live performance, Tommy Lee, the band’s drummer, and Neil’s high school friend, suggested him. Mötley Crüe quickly hired Neil since he fit the new band’s image. Mötley Crüe released their 1981 debut album “Too Fast for Love” with Neil at the helm. The 1983 album “Shout at the Devil” elevated Mötley Crüe to international recognition, solidifying their rock music dominance. The band reigned in the 1980s with hits including “Theatre of Pain,” “Girls, Girls, Girls,” and “Dr. Feelgood.” Despite their popularity, producer Tom Werman has said that Neil focused more on performance than creativity.


Neil’s relationship with Mötley Crüe soured after the band’s 1991 greatest hits album Decade of Decadence 81–91. Neil’s drunkenness began to affect his performance, culminating in a pivotal band rehearsal absence on February 10, 1992. This absence led Sixx, Lee, and Mars to realize that Neil’s issues were hurting the band’s advancement. The band decided Neil was “holding us back.” Neil was losing interest in music, despite initial attempts to blame his growing race car driving career. Sixx told Neil about their passion for their profession and their unhappiness with his lack of input. Lee specifically accused Neil of disregarding his creative duties, sparking a fight. Four days later, Neil’s dismissal from Mötley Crüe was announced, ending an era and starting a new chapter in his career.

Going solo

In 1993, Vince Neil’s solo album “Exposed” made waves, debuting at #13 on the Billboard charts and showcasing his versatility beyond Mötley Crüe. Collaborating with acclaimed musicians like Steve Stevens, Dave Marshall, Robbie Crane, and Vik Foxx, Neil crafted a captivating musical journey. Touring alongside Van Halen worldwide, Neil and his band delivered electrifying performances. The lead single, “You’re Invited (But Your Friend Can’t Come),” introduced Neil’s solo style with infectious rhythm and memorable hooks, bolstered by a music video featuring Pauly Shore in the film “Encino Man.” Tracks like “Sister of Pain,” featuring Janine Lindemulder in the video, further established Neil’s solo identity. Singles like “Can’t Change Me” and “Can’t Have Your Cake,” featuring Pamela Anderson and Neil’s son Neil Wharton, respectively, added a personal touch to the album’s promotional campaign.

Carved in Stone

Vince Neil released “Carved in Stone” in September 1995 despite personal issues. Neil’s industrial-inspired album, produced by the Dust Brothers, showed his musical growth and desire to experiment. The album’s release was delayed after Neil’s daughter Skylar became ill, highlighting his family commitment. Despite the challenges, “Carved in Stone” reached #139 on the Billboard 200. “Skylar’s Song,” a beautiful homage to his sick daughter, was released with a music video. Neil also promoted “The Crawl” to showcase his wide musical tastes. Neil’s Warner Bros. Records contract ended after the album sold less than 100,000 copies in the US, despite critical acclaim. In 2004, the album was re-released to a new generation of fans, proving its longevity. Neil toured with his solo band, featuring Slaughter’s Jeff Blando, Dana Strum, and Zoltan Chaney, proving his perseverance and passion for his craft.

Reunion with Mötley Crüe

In December 1998, Mötley Crüe experienced a significant resurgence with their Behind the Music episode on VH1, becoming the series’ highest-rated and reigniting interest in the band after a period of relative obscurity. This renewed attention prompted the release of a DVD with additional footage in December 1999, further solidifying their iconic status. Vince Neil rejoined Mötley Crüe in 1997, acknowledging the decline of his solo career and the band’s prospects. Their reunion, alongside the successful debut of “Generation Swine” at #4 on the Billboard charts, marked a return to musical prominence. However, internal conflicts led to Tommy Lee’s departure, and Randy Castillo replaced him for the release of “New Tattoo” in 2000. Tragically, Castillo’s death in 2002 halted the band’s momentum, but their triumphant comeback culminated in the 2008 release of “Saints of Los Angeles,” featuring all original members and solidifying their status as rock legends.


In 2010, Vince Neil released his third solo album, “Tattoos & Tequila.” This was his first solo album since 2003’s “Live at the Whisky: One Night Only”. The record was a companion to his autobiographical book “Tattoos & Tequila: To Hell and Back with One of Rock’s Most Notorious Frontmen,” released simultaneously. A novel idea, each song on the album matched a chapter in Neil’s candid book. Neil released “Tattoos & Tequila,” a single with a fascinating music video that captured his rock persona. Neil covered Japanese rock band L’ArcenCiel’s “Blurry Eyes” for their 2012 tribute album, demonstrating his stylistic diversity.

After Mötley Crüe’s 2014–2015 world tour, Neil stunned fans by announcing their reunion and September 2018 song release. This unexpected change of events piqued fans’ interest in new music from the renowned rock band.

In November 2016, Neil revealed that his band had been invited to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration in Washington, D.C., on January 20, 2017. Neil said, “I don’t know how long I have to play. The Republican Party may not dictate which songs to play or not.” Neil’s surprise move into politics provided a new layer to his complex career, showing his willingness to pursue chances outside of music.

Other Ventures

Business ventures

In 1994, Vince Neil sold his “Bar One” club, changing his entrepreneurial path. Mötley Crüe became a retailer in 1998 with “S’Crüe” on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. In addition to CDs and Mötley Brüe, this boutique sold “Outlaw” and “Bad Bones” clothes by Nikki Sixx and Neil. Despite its early appeal, the store closed in January 1999 and went online.

Neil opened “Vince Neil Ink,” a tattoo parlor on the Las Vegas Strip, in 2006. Neil founded Vince Vineyards to cement his winemaking career. This venture produced award-winning wines like the 2003 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon and Sonoma County Chardonnay. Neil has made a limited-edition Petite Sirah with EOS Estate Winery for oenophiles worldwide.

The 2005 “Off the Strip Poker Tournament” added excitement to the Las Vegas nightlife scene as Neil expanded his entrepreneurial skills. He launched Tres Rios tequila at the 2007 Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival, diversifying his portfolio.

Mötley Crüe members approved Neil’s 2008 West Palm Beach Dr. Feelgood’s Bar and Grill, an homage to his rock ‘n’ roll background. Neil celebrated this initiative with a free concert in downtown West Palm Beach, demonstrating his dedication to giving fans exceptional experiences. Neil later opened Feelgood’s Miami Beach and Las Vegas locations, establishing his hospitality career.

A risk-taker, Neil opened Deja Vu Presents: Vince in 2012, a Gentlemen’s Club. Neil’s Girls Las Vegas has girls. This venture demonstrated his entrepreneurial skills and passion for unusual entertainment.

Neil and business associates Bob Hewko and Mark Daniels bought the Jacksonville Sharks in April 2014, a strategic sports venture. Neil also controlled the Arena Football League’s Las Vegas Outlaws, which the league bought after 14 weeks. These numerous projects demonstrate Neil’s vibrant career outside of music.

Television and film

Lieutenant Moses Hightower (Bubba Smith) protected Vince Neil in Police Academy 6: City Under Siege in 1989. The Neil sequence was filmed but not included.

Neil appeared in The Adventures of Ford Fairlane in 1990 as fictional rock band vocalist Bobby Black. The Carlos Cavazo, Randy Castillo, and Phil Soussan band performed at Red Rocks Amphitheater, with Neil’s character arriving by zip line. Unfortunately, the character dies onstage, and his funeral is tumultuous as his cylindrical plexiglass casket rolls down a hill.

Neil moved to reality TV in 2002, joining The Surreal Life. Remaking Vince Neil, a 2004 show about his solo career revival, included his Desmond Child-produced hit “Promise Me”. Despite appearing on iTunes, a solo album never materialized.

In 2004, Neil played a tattoo artist on the CBS sitcom Still Standing. In 2009, he worked on an A&E reality TV program pilot that showed his family when his parents moved in. His 2010 Skating with the Stars partner was professional ice skater Jennifer Wester.

Neil took flying training in Henderson, Nevada, for The Aviators in 2012. He joined The New Celebrity Apprentice in 2017 and was eliminated in task 7, demonstrating his flexibility in the entertainment industry.

Real Estate and Assets

Real Estate and Assets

Vince True to his rockstar fame, Neil invests in real estate and gives back. The musician’s Las Vegas house was featured on MTV, highlighting his luxury lifestyle. Neil has also donated to many charities, showing his community involvement.

Besides real estate, Neil has engaged in charities, particularly cancer research, prompted by his daughter’s death. His significant gifts to cancer charities have funded research and support. Neil also supports children’s, animal, and veterans’ charities, demonstrating his commitment to making a difference outside the music industry.

Neil’s legacy in rock and roll is beyond his wealth. Neil, Mötley Crüe’s previous main vocalist, helped the band become famous worldwide in the 1980s. He became a rock icon with his powerful voice and explosive stage presence.

Vince Neil’s Top Hits Songs

  • Live Wire Too Fast For Love · (1981)
  • Dr. Feelgood · (1989)
  • Kickstart My Heart Dr. Feelgood ·(1989)
  • Home Sweet Home Theatre of Pain · (1985)
  • Take Me to the Top Too Fast For Love · (1981)
  • Too Young to Fall in Love Shout at the Devil · (1983)
  • Smokin’ In The Boys Room Theatre of Pain · (1985)

Vince Neil’s Solo Discography

He remained loyal to Mötley Crüe despite his solo fame. In 1997, he rejoined the band’s classic lineup after a brief hiatus. This reunification led to new albums, successful tours, and a reputation as a rock music frontman.

Next, we’ll examine Vince Neil’s numerous commercial pursuits and investments outside of music.

AlbumRelease Year
Carved in Stone1995
Tattoos & Tequila2010

Charity work

Charity work

Vince Neil and Sharise Ruddell lost their precious daughter Skylar Neil to cancer at four on August 15, 1995. Neil launched the Skylar Neil Memorial Fund in her honor after their loss, touching many lives. Through the charity, Neil has diligently promoted children’s health, raising awareness and vital funds for numerous childhood ailments.

The Skylar Neil Memorial Foundation gives hope by supporting groups like The T.J. Martell Foundation, which has raised millions for pediatric disease research and treatment.

Neil held Rockin’ the Red Carpet benefits on his tour with Mötley Crüe, Poison, and the New York Dolls in mid-2011. These events entertained fans and raised money for Music for Relief, highlighting Neil’s dedication to making a difference.



Vince Neil has been involved in many controversies throughout his career, frequently related to alcoholism and the law. Neil’s 1984 drunk-driving accident was one of the most notorious. After his car crash killed and injured others, he was charged with manslaughter. Neil was sentenced to 30 days in prison, $2.6 million in damages, and five years of probation.

Neil was arrested again in 2002 for attacking a record producer. He was then accused of raping a sex worker in 2003. Neil was arrested in 2004, 2007, 2010, and 2011 for various reasons, adding to his turbulent past.

Neil’s 2016 arrest for beating a woman at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas capped his controversies. These occurrences have tarnished Neil’s profession and personal life, showcasing his substance misuse and conduct.

Legal issues

Vince Neil and his Mötley Crüe bandmates were renowned for using cocaine, LSD, and heroin in the 1980s. He claimed in a 2015 interview that he used cocaine before joining the band and struggled with heroin and cocaine addiction like Nikki Sixx. Drug abuse led the band to seek rehab.

Neil’s life ended in a drunken car accident in late 1984. Intoxicated, Neil lost control of his car and killed Hanoi Rocks musician Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley and critically injured two others. Neil served a brief jail sentence, paid compensation, and completed probation and community service for vehicular manslaughter and DUI.

He faced assault and battery offenses until the 2000s. He was accused of hitting a record producer in 2002 and a sex prostitute in 2003. DUI, violence, and other charges happened in 2004, 2007, 2010, and 2011.

Neil faced lawsuits and financial issues. He was fined for excessive water use at his Danville home and sued for fraud over a failed investment. Probation, fines, and court fights followed his 2016 misdemeanor battery accusation for attacking a lady outside a Las Vegas casino.


Vince Neil has had many legal issues, with the worst happening in 1984. In a drunk driving accident, Neil killed Hanoi Rocks drummer Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley. Despite jail time and victim payments, Neil’s legal issues lingered. In subsequent years, assault and DUI charges tarnished his reputation and resulted in huge financial fines.

Vince Neil’s Social Media

Vince Neil's Social Media

Vince Neil interacts with fans on social media. His Instagram account @thevinceneil has over 609,000 followers and posts personal photos, music news, and fan interactions. On Twitter, @thevinceneil has over 447,000 followers where he interacts with fans, shares views, and promotes his work. Neil’s Facebook account has almost 555,000 followers, allowing him to interact with fans and share updates. Neil engages with his fans on social media and updates them about his projects.

Instagramhas Almost 750K Followers
Twitterhas Almost 495K Followers
Facebookhas Almost 5.6M Followers

Fun Facts

  • Born February 8, 1961, in Hollywood, California, he grew up in Glendora.
  • Neil’s Mexican and Native American heritage enriches his culture.
  • After his daughter Skylar Neil died of cancer at four, Neil’s personal life has been tragic despite his musical achievements.
  • Neil has had several wives and children.
  • Neil has invested in real estate, tattoo parlors, winemaking, and hospitality in addition to music.
  • He supports cancer causes through the Skylar Neil Memorial Foundation.
  • Neil got into legal issues in 1984, killing Hanoi Rocks musician Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley while drunk driving.
  • Neil has a large following on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook despite the scandals.
  • His lasting impact on the music industry and fortitude in the face of adversity made him a rock icon.

Vince Neil FAQs

How much is Vince Neil net worth?

Vince Neil net worth estimated 2024 in $50 million, mostly from his music career, business interests, and investments.

Vince Neil’s true name?

His real name is Vincent Neil Wharton.

When and where was Vince Neil born?

Vince Neil was born in Hollywood, California, on February 8, 1961.

What are Vince Neil’s musical accomplishments?

He is well known as Mötley Crüe’s main singer. He is a rock music legend after contributing to many big albums and singles.

How many times has Vince Neil married?

Vince Neil married Beth Lynn, Sharise Ruddell, Heidi Mark, and Lia Gerardini. Some of these relationships produced offspring.

What does Vince Neil do for charity?

Vince Neil launched the Skylar Neil Memorial Foundation to honor his daughter Skylar, who died of cancer at an early age.

Does Vince Neil have legal issues?

He has been arrested for DUI, assault, and violence. One such event was a 1984 drunk driving death.

What else has Vince Neil done besides music?

Vince Neil has invested in real estate, tattoo parlors, winemaking, and hospitality in addition to music.

How active is Vince Neil on social media?

Vince Neil interacts with followers, posts career updates, and promotes his work on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Vince Neil net worth estimated 2024 in $50 million. His music career has been marked by great achievements, controversies, and heartbreaking personal tragedies. Neil, the lead singer of Mötley Crüe, achieved rock music legend status. His solo and non-musical projects demonstrate his flexibility and entrepreneurship. Neil’s philanthropy, particularly through the Skylar Neil Memorial Foundation, shows his compassion and dedication to helping others, despite legal issues and personal tragedy. Vince Neil’s $50 million net worth and loyal fanbase transcend musical boundaries, creating an indelible mark on the music industry and beyond.

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